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Kegler's Connection

   October 16, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ Chat with Parker Bohn Wednesday
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PWBA News
     ~ Telecasts This Week
     ~ Williams Wins in Canandaigua
     ~ BallBeat
     ~ Barnes, Shafer, and Duke Lead PBA Stats
     ~ Festival of Bowling Begins Friday; Betty Morris to Throw Out the First Ball
     ~ Cartoon Network Bowling Club Debuts
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ New Show "Ed" Strikes a Hit with Viewers
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes*****
This week we're featuring a special guest chat with Parker Bohn III, the return of BallBeat, telecast times for the week, and much more news from all three tours.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week, George talks about how weight fluctuations can affect your game.

It has happened to most of us at one time or another. From either a change in activity, a medical condition, or just plain eating habits, we have all either lost or gained weight in the past. I am a prime example--in the last 4 months, I have lost 37 pounds (I couldn't fit through the doors to the bowling center, so I knew it was time for a change). I feel much better, but my bowling suffered a bit. Bowling, as with any other sport, requires a certain amount of "muscle memory." This means that the body, when it performs a certain action over and over and over, begins to remember the movements, and stores them in its memory. When the body experiences a dramatic weight gain or loss, it will take a little time for the body to reacquaint itself with its new parameters. Here are some things you can do if you experience such a weight shift.

First, it is important to know that the first place you lose or gain weight is in your hands. Therefore, it may be necessary to either add tape to your finger and thumb holes, if you are losing weight...or take some sandpaper or other such device to widen the holes. It doesn't take much fluctuation to cause your hands to swell or shrink, it doesn't even have to be a weight change. If you walk into a bowling center that is kept very cold, your hands will automatically shrink. If you are bowling in an area that has a high humidity, your hands will swell. So it is important to always have tools to adjust your finger holes to insure you will always fit into your ball well. If the weight changes significant enough, say, due to a pregnancy or a drastic weight loss, make sure to have your specs checked by your pro shop professional, too.

Second, if you are experiencing a dramatic weight fluctuation, you have to realize that it may well affect your game. The important thing is to not let it frustrate you. Practice is the only way to get your muscle memory back, so it is important to keep working on your game. How long it takes to get it back depends on your individual body and the amount of time you spend working on it. It took me over a month, so it is important not to get discouraged, keep working on it.

Hopefully some of these things will help you. With the holiday season approaching, it may be hard for all of us to maintain our weight, but it doesn't have to hurt your game.

Until next time :)

George Freeman

***** Chat with Parker Bohn Wednesday *****
The AOL Grandstand Bowling Forum proudly presents a special chat with the defending PBA Player of the Year Parker Bohn III on Wednesday, October 18th from 9-10 pm ET.

He will be answering YOUR questions for the entire chat. The link to the chat will be available at AOL Keyword: GSBOWLING Wednesday evening. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PWBA News *****
Appearing on Monday's telecast will be
1 Carol Gianotti-Block
2 Wendy Macpherson
3 Cheryl Daniels
4 Marianne DiRupo
5 Kendra Cameron

Please see related story for telecast times.

With Wendy Macpherson's appearance on this week's telecast breaks records for most telecast appearances in one season and puts her over the $1 million mark in career earnings. For more information, visit

***** Telecasts This Week *****
The Columbia 300 Open (PWBA) airs Monday, October 16th 8-9:00 pm ET on ESPN2 and reairs Thursday, October 19th at 1 pm ET on ESPN2.

The Johnny Petraglia Open will air live Tuesday, October 17th 8-9:30 pm ET on ESPN. The Columbia 300 Senior Open will air (tape delayed) on Wednesday, October 18th 1:00 pm ET on ESPN2.

***** Williams Wins in Canandaigua *****
Walter Ray Williams, Jr. won his 31st title last week at the Track Canandaigua Open, putting him within three titles of Mark Roth with 34. The win also extends Williams' winning streak to eight seasons--longest current streak in the PBA. For more information on the Canandaigua Open visit:

***** BallBeat *****
Curious what the pros were throwing at the Canandaigua Open? Get the balls and drillings straight from the ball reps. We thank Billy Yinger, Rick Benoit, Art McKee, Chad Murphy, Hank Boomershine, and Del Ballard for providing this information. Visit:

***** Barnes, Shafer, and Duke Lead PBA Stats *****
Leading every statistical category this year, Chris Barnes, Ryan Shafer, and Norm Duke have been the forces to reckon with on the PBA Tour. From earnings, TV appearances, matchplay appearances, and several other categories, the trio are the men to beat on tour this year. Read more about it at:

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** Festival of Bowling Begins Friday; Betty Morris to Throw Out the First Ball *****
WIBC Hall of Famer Betty Morris will throw out the first ball during opening ceremonies October 20 for the 2000 Festival of Bowling at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV.

The Bowling Forum will converge on Reno the first week of November to bowl in the many events. Our own George Freeman will be defending last year's efforts. Look for details soon on a live chat from Reno.

For more information and up-to-the-minute results on the Festival of Bowling, visit:

***** Cartoon Network Bowling Club Debuts *****
With familiar characters like Scooby Doo and Fred Flintstone along with new favorites like Johnny Bravo and Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory, the Cartoon Network Bowling Club hopes to strike a hit with cartoon fans across the country. The club is sponsored by the Cartoon Network and the Young American Bowling Alliance.

To find a participating center near you, or to learn more about it, visit

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) .25 at 15:49 EDT on 10/13/00.
Brunswick Corp. (BC) 17.50 at 16:00 EDT on 10/13/00.

***** New Show "Ed" Strikes a Hit with Viewers *****
Nearly sixteen million viewers tuned in last Sunday to watch the series premiere of "Ed" on NBC, proving that not only bowlers were watching the quirky hit. The show airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on NBC, but check local listings for exact times.

Read more about "Ed" at:

*** And Finally ***
Thanks for making us the #1 independent weekly source for bowling news. Send us your news and story ideas at [email protected].

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