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Kegler's Connection

   October 9, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ New Chat Schedule Debuts
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PWBA Airs Monday/Thursday
     ~ Honeychurch Named BWAA Bowler of the Month
     ~ PBA Starts Fall in Canandaigua
     ~ PBA Pro Pens New Column
     ~ Workman Wins Senior Stop in Gastonia
     ~ Still Time to Enter Festival of Bowling
     ~ YABA Stars
  * World Team Challenge News
     ~ 2001 Pivotal for WTC
  * World Cup 2000
     ~ World Cup Preview
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ New Show "Ed" Premieres; Features Bowling as the Backdrop
     ~ Bowling Magazines
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes*****
This week's Kegler's Connection covers all news from three pro tours, the Bowling Forum's new chat schedule, news on major changes to the World Team Challenge format, and a preview on the World Cup in Lisbon.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week George talks about dealing with variables beyond your control.

I got an email from a friend yesterday about a situation in her bowling center where the oil machine had not functioned properly and did not oil the league lanes at all. This nearly caused the league to kill the laneman and the manager. If you suspect that the lanes you are bowling on do not meet ABC/WIBC specifications, there are steps you can take to bring it to the attention to the ABC or WIBC. In the meantime, you still have to bowl the set. Whatever anger you have as to be put aside. You do not have access to the oiling machine, nor can you legally harm the manager.

This is not limited to just equipment failure. There are times in league when your entire team cannot throw a strike no matter how well they are hitting the pocket, while the team you are bowling against is getting all the breaks. Getting angry or brooding over what they are doing is not going to help you or your team at all. Bowling is not like baseball or tennis, you cannot directly effect how the other person performs. The only opponents you really have are the 10 pins at the other end of the lane, and the lane itself. Here are some pointers:

1. Bowl your own game. The only person you can directly affect is yourself. Don't worry about what the opponent is doing, you can't affect his shot anyway, short of bonking him on the head, which I do not recommend. There are some bowlers who do not even watch their opponents throw the ball or watch it hit the pins, you see that from time to time on the PBA tour. That's because they are bowling their own game.

2. If something is terribly wrong with your lanes, whether it is scoring problems, lane problems, mechanical delays, or other delays, you still have to bowl. If you suspect something wrong with your lanes, you can call your local representative and inform them of the problem. Your job is to bowl. More likely than not, if the lanes on your pair are that messed up, then all of you are in the same boat anyway, so you just have to put the anger aside and try your best. If you brood to much over the situation, you are going to be cheating yourself on the lanes by not throwing good shots.

Hopefully these things will help you. Just remember that murder is illegal, so don't kill the laneman or the manager. Report them to ABC, but don't kill them. :)

Till next time,
George Freeman

***** New Chat Schedule Debuts *****
The Bowling Forum (AOL Keyword: GSBOWLING) proudly welcomes our very own Hall of Famer, JB300 to our Monday night lineup, and we welcome back College Bowler of the Year, Jeff P (also known as Bundy) to Tuesdays. Join our hosts, new and old, as they talk about various aspects of bowling. The chat schedule is available at Bowling Chat (On AOL Only).

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PWBA to Air Monday/Thursday *****
The N. Myrtle Beach Classic finals will air on Monday, October 9th on ESPN2 at 8:00 pm ET and repeat Thursday, October 12th at 1:00 pm ET. Competing on the telecast for the $11,000 top prize will be
1 Cara Honeychurch
2 Tish Johnson
3 Leanne Barrette
4 Tennelle Grijalva
5 Wendy Macpherson

***** Honeychurch Named Bowler of the Month*****

October 2, 2000 Cara Honeychurch was voted Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Month for September by a select panel of the organization, BWAA President Dan Glus announced today.

Honeychurch, Melbourne, Australia, started September by winning her second Professional Women's Bowling Association title at the Greater Orlando (Fla.) Classic and ended the month by successfully defending her Brunswick Women's World Open championship in Newnan, Ga. The left-hander also placed second at The Foundation Games II in Sebring, Fla.

Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., who captured his third consecutive Oronamin C Japan Cup championship in Tokyo, was runner-up in the BWAA balloting.

Visit BWAA's web site at

***** PBA Starts Fall in Canandaigua *****
The PBA Tour starts its fall swing in Canandaigua, NY this week with a live telecast and a $20,000 first place payday on Tuesday, October 10th from 8-9:30 pm ET on ESPN.

Pros and Pro Reps:'s very popular BallBeat section lets bowlers know what balls were used on PBA/PWBA telecasts and how they were drilled. We welcome each ball company's pros and pro reps to submit this information for inclusion in's BallBeat, at no cost. To participate please send the information to: [email protected].

***** PBA Pro Pens Bowling Column *****
Danny Wiseman is writing a monthly column for the online bowling site, Wiseman aims to write about the personal side of the PBA Tour. His first column is located at

***** Workman Wins Senior Stop in Gastonia *****
Roger Workman moved one step closer to winning PBA Senior Player of the Year honors after capturing his second Senior victory of the year. Workman, Kenova, W. Va., entered the finals as the tournament leader and had no trouble finishing the job by defeating Gary Dickinson in the title match, 266-191. The stepladder finishers were

1., Roger Workman, Kenova, W. Va., 266, (1 game), $8,000
2., Gary Dickinson, Edmond, Okla., 407, (2 games), $4,500
3., Bob Glass, Lawrence, Kan., 441, (2 games), $3,500
4., Gene Stus, Allen Park, Mich., 169, (1 game), $2,500
5., Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 208, (1 game), $2,300
6., Pete Couture, Titusville, Fla., 406, (2 games), $1,600
*7., Dale Eagle, Lewisville, Texas, 152, (1 game), $1,550
8., Tim Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 191, (1 game), $1,470

Read the entire story at

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** Still Time to Enter Festival of Bowling *****
The deadline to enter the Festival of Bowling has been extended to October 15. So if you've been thinking about putting a team together, do it now. The Bowling Forum will be hosting chat live during the first week of November when several members take to the lanes and compete in the Mixed Doubles Championships, doubles, singles, and many other events.

Read about the Festival of Bowling at

***** YABA Stars *****
Leagues have only been bowling about a month, but the juniors are racking up honor scores like they never took a break. Read about young bowlers from your area by visiting

*** World Team Challenge News ***
***** 2001 Pivotal for World Team Challenge *****
The ninth season of the American Bowling Congress/Brunswick World Team Challenge will be a pivotal one as the program strives to increase participation in 2001.

There will be a number of changes in the structure, format, and eligibility rules aimed at helping boost entries and making the event close to self-sustaining.

First, the entry fee will be reduced to $550. The "Second Chance" event will continue to be a part of the event in 2001, however, it will require a $100 entry fee to cover the lineage and prize fund.

Additionally, BWTC host proprietors will be required to guarantee a 60-team field to hold an event. Centers failing to reach 60 teams will pay $100 per team under 60.

Additional changes can be read in the press release found at

*** World Cup 2000 News ***
***** World Cup 2000 Preview *****
The AMF Bowling World Cup kicks off this week in Lisbon, Portugal. Keep aprised of the round-by-round action by visiting

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) .3125 at 15:57 EDT on 10/06/00.
Brunswick Corp. (BC) 18.0625 at 16:00 EDT on 10/06/00.

***** New Show "Ed" Premieres; Features Bowling as Backdrop *****
By Steve Mermelstein
From the writer/producers of "The Late Show with David Letterman" comes this zany story about the quirky life of New York attorney Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh). Ed moves back to his small Midwestern hometown of Stuckeyville after losing his job and dumping his cheating wife. Once there, he's intent on pursuing romance with attractive teacher Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen), the most popular girl in high school when they were classmates years before -- although she barely knew him -- and she's now dating someone else.

Nevertheless, Ed believes he has a chance with Carol, so he buys a bowling alley, begins a law practice there, and moves in with his best friend Mike (Josh Randall), and Mike's wife, Nancy (Jana Marie Hupp), who are new parents. Lesley Boone also stars as Molly, Carol's best friend and co-worker at the school.

"Ed" is produced by NBC Studios in association with Worldwide Pants and Viacom Productions. Written by co-executive producer Jon Beckerman and executive producer Rob. The show will be directed by Jim Frawley.

The show airs Sundays at 8 pm ET. Check local listings. Read all about the show at,946,-0-3259,00.html

***** Bowling Magazines *****
Maybe you want to learn about bowling. Maybe you want the U.S. postal carrier bring you more mail. There are three publications you won't find on the shelves of a newsrack. You can find more about them online and decide which if any is right for you.

Bowler's Journal (monthly)

Bowling This Month (monthly)

Bowling Digest (bimonthly) is available at simply by clicking on the Bowling Digest link on the left hand column.

*** And Finally ***
Thanks for making us the #1 independent weekly source for bowling news. Send us your news and story ideas at [email protected].

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