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   September 20, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Bowlers From All Over the World Unite
       2. Welcome Notes
       3. Tip of the Week
       4. Experiencing Problems Due To Spread of NIMDA Worm
       4. PBA Postponement
       5. Liz Johnson Shoots 300 to Win Second Title in a Row
       6. Telecast Schedule
       7. Tournament Search Feature Debuts on
 Miscellaneous News:
       8. Stock Watch
       9. Cool Topics
       10. And Finally
1. Bowlers From All Over the World Unite

The editors and publishers of Kegler's Connection are attempting to get back to our routines after last week's tragedies as we hope you are able to get back to yours.  Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims of this tragedy, and wanted to share with you kind words that came to our offices from other bowling associations around the world, including in particular this note from including in particular this note from Osvaldas Kupstas of the Lithuanian Bowling Federation, "We express our sympathy. We wish your the strength of spirit."

Many of the other people that we have spoken with since Tuesday have felt both a profound sense of patriotism and pride, coupled with tremendous grief and sorrow.  It is during these very trying times that we must stand with our heads and flags held high, and join together as a country united.

It is in this sprit we bring you a couple links to web sites for various organizations offering support to those people that have been directly affected by this horrific tragedy or are provided as a memorial to those affected:

Red Cross:

United Way:

Honor The Victims:

America Is Strong:
2. Welcome Notes

Welcome to a more somber and somewhat abbreviated edition of Kegler's Connection.  In this issue, you'll read about the one-week postponement of the PBA season, the nontelevised PWBA event, George talks about going through the motions, and why some of our links to may not be working.
3. Tip of the Week

This week George, talks about going through the motions

In our everyday lives, sometimes the most trivial of things seem monumental.  Bowling is one of these things.  In the grand scheme of life, bowling is meaningless and essential at the same time. Meaningless because after Tuesday's tragedy, things like bowling have rightfully taken a backseat to the more important issues in our everyday lives.  It is essential because it represents a normalcy that we need.  The idea behind terrorism is to make you afraid of enjoying the things you love to do, and many of us really didn't feel like bowling after what had happened.  However, leagues still went on in many parts of the world.  The choice of whether or not to bowl is a personal one, and there are no right and wrong answers to it.  There is nothing wrong with just going through the motions in league, even if it is to simply get back some sense of normalcy back into your life.  After all, bowling, as is every other sport, is just a game.  It's most important asset is that it makes us a part of who we are.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives were changed forever on September 11th, 2001.

Take care,
George Freeman

Need help with your Physical & Mental Game? Discuss it with's Volunteers and other knowledgeable bowlers at:
4. Experiencing Problems Due To Spread of NIMDA Worm

Most visitors experienced problems connecting to many web sites, including, yesterday and today.

Originally we thought the problem was related to internal switching issues, but we have learned from UUNET, and other upstream providers, that this was an Internet wide issue caused by a new variant of the Code Red virus called, NIMDA.

Though our servers are not susceptible to being infected by NIMDA, the Code Red virus or it's other variants, is definitely experiencing major issues due to the server load caused by the connection attempts made by the virus in its attempt to propagate itself. Unfortunately, this is causing our servers to crash and reboot without notice leaving visitors facing error pages or connection timed out notices.'s servers are updated regularly to ensure they're not susceptible to being infected with viruses like NIMDA. However, just to play it extra safe we double checked all our servers for signs of it and other viruses and all our servers were clean. We are investigating different methods of blocking the NIMDA connection attempts and hope to have a complete solution in place very soon.

It is believed that NIMDA is "Admin" spelled backwards. Admin is short for Administrator and is often used as the title for the owner of a server.

The new NIMDA worm, a variant of the Code Red virus, sends itself out by email, searches for open network shares, exploits a bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and attempts to copy itself to unpatched Microsoft IIS web servers.

Web servers compromised by this worm apparently attach an infected file to all web pages served and due to an existing bug in Internet Explorer 5, it will automatically execute this file. Users running Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or greater, are advised to install a free patch available from Microsoft to prevent this method of infection:

The e-mails sent by the worm to all addresses in an infected system's address book will have an attachment named, "varies" and may use the icon for an Internet Explorer HTML document or could be named, "readme.exe".

For information on how you can avoid viruses see:

You can find more information on NIMDA at:[email protected]
5. PBA Postponement

While PBA officials originally planned to hold the Wichita Columbia 300 as scheduled from Saturday, September 15th to Tuesday September 18th, the decision was made Thursday to postpone the event.  The players, some who would have been caught in the airline delays, now have more time to spend with their families and ample time to get to the Peoria event, scheduled to begin Friday, September 21.

For more information, visit:
6. Liz Johnson Shoots 300 to Win Second Title in a Row

DAVIE, Fl.  -  Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NewYork, was perfect, literally.  Today at the Don Carter University Lanes, Johnson bowled a 300 in the title match of the Paula Carter Classic to defeat Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, who finished her game with a 226.  The victory marked her second consecutive title and third of the 2001 Professional Women's Bowling Association tour.

"This has been a tough week for all of America," Johnson said.  "I think what makes this performance special for me is that the fans that came today left with smiles on their faces."

"I still can't believe it.  On my last shot, I just wanted to get the ball off my hand.  When I released it, I thought it might edge into the gutter and luckily it came back.  I thought I might pass out when I saw I knocked all the pins down."

Johnson's victory earned her a first-place check for $9,000.  In addition to her first place purse, Johnson will also receive $50,000 courtesy of Travelodge Hotels for bowling a perfect game.

Highlights from the Paula Carter Classic championship will be included during the ESPN2 telecast of the Storm Challenge, airing on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. (EST) and again on Tuesday, September 25 at 2:00 p.m. (EST). PWBA action continues this week as the tour moves to Cape Coral at the Storm Challenge which will take place at the Coral Lanes, September 15-20.

Rounding out the top five are:

2.  Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Texas, 431 - 2 games - $4,800
3.  Karen Stroud, Victoria, Texas, 359 - 2 games - $3,000
4.  Cara Honeychurch, Australia, 171 - 1 game - $2,500
5.  Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, California, 155 - 1 game - $2,200

To see photos of the tournament, visit:
7. Telecast Schedule

Both the PBA and the PWBA are on the road, and the finals are being telecast this month.

PWBA, Storm Challenge, ESPN2, Monday, September 24, 8 pm ET.  Rebroadcast September 25, 2 pm ET. *This event will include highlights of the Paula Carter Classic.

PBA Peoria Open, ESPN, Tuesday, September 25, 08:00-09:30 pm ET.

Be sure to check for any changes and more bowling related shows:
8. Tournament Search Feature Debuts on

Ever want to bowl one weekend, but not know where the tournaments were?  Now has a tournament search feature that allows bowlers to find sanctioned tournaments in their area or for sanctioned tournaments to promote themselves.

For more information, visit:
9. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.05 on 09/19/01 at 15:36 EDT.
Brunswick (BC) 16.30 on 09/19/01 at 16:00 EDT.

Confirm all data with your broker or financial advisor before trading.
10. Cool Topics

The Message Board Community is the ultimate resource for bowling fans thanks to its 1,500 members!

This week we're rerunning last week's Cool Topics because we understand that most didn't have an opportunity to take a look at them because their focus was on the events in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Here is what's hot or makes for interesting discussion this week:

PBA Leveling The Playing Field
Ball reps are now banned from talking/giving assistance to the pros. What's your take on it?

PBA Senor Tour Being Phased OUT!
Post your comments on the discontinuation the PBA Senior Tour.

How About Some Refreshing League Format Ideas?
Bowl in a uniquely formatted league? Have an idea for one, share it.

True League Meeting Stories
Share your most wild league meeting stories.

Best Team Names?
What are the best team names you heard or made up?

Bowling's Savior Or Foe?
Is Sport Bowling going to save Bowling's integrity and attract former bowlers or will it cause more to quit?

Let's Bowl On Comedy Central
What do you think of the new show's portrayal of bowling?

Weird Items?
What is the weirdest thing you keep in your bowling bag or wont go bowling without?

11. And Finally

Next week, you'll see the results from the World Team Challenge event in Melbourne, FL, plus the debut of the PBA's new season.  Send story ideas, press releases, and suggestions for future bowling tips to: [email protected]

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