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Kegler's Connection

   August 11, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
 Right Approach - Editorial
       3. They Are Letting Them Eat Hot Dogs
       4. PBA Western Region Pro Am Features Pros and Celebrities Alike
 BPAA News
       5. BPAA Response to the PWBA Boycott
       6. Mixed Championships Recap
       7. Sport Bowling Makes Its Debut
       8. ABC Masters Changes
 Miscellaneous News:
       9.  Youth Masters
       10. Stock Watch
       11. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

Welcome to the latest edition of Kegler's Connection.  In this issue, you'll read the BPAA response to the PWBA boycott of the US Open, find out new information on 2002 ABC Masters, and George talks about not giving up.
2. Tip of the Week

This week George, discusses not giving up.

If you've been a tournament bowler for any amount of time, there have been tournaments where you were mathematically eliminated from any chance of cashing.  This is not a good feeling, and we all know it.  At a regional this past weekend, I saw a fellow player average about 145 for the first five games, then started goofing around.  Throwing the ball with his opposite hand, throwing it unnaturally hard, basically not trying to score at all.  This is of course his prerogative, but there are better ways to manage your tournament games when you don't have a chance left.

If you get into a situation like this (and you will, because we've all been there), use the frames or games you have left to work on something specific on your game.  Work on your pushaway, or your timing, or anything you felt you needed for the tournament you are now out of.  It is not a good idea to display the antics I described in the above paragraph.  Not only does it not benefit you, you become a distraction to those players that are still in the thick of the competition.  How you handle yourself when things are not going well is more important than when you are bowling well.  Many players, when things start going badly, like after a bad frame or two, go into a kind of funk.  Instead of putting it behind them and moving on, they dwell on the frame they did badly in.  This often leads to another bad frame, and so on.  Working on something constructive while things are going badly will condition your brain to not go into a panic attack when the first bad frame comes along.
Bottom line is, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Use all your games wisely, and there will be fewer bad tournaments for you to experience.

Till next time,
George Freeman

Need help with your Physical & Mental Game? Discuss it with's Volunteers and other knowledgeable bowlers at:
3. They Are Letting Them Eat Hot Dogs
A Special Edition Right Approach Editorial by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez

It's summer. Let's say I'm having a backyard party similar to ones I've had every year for several years. I invite all my friends, and tell them I'm serving hamburgers and hot dogs. The men I've invited come back to me and say, "Hey, we don't like hamburgers and hot dogs. We want steak and lobster." They also don't like my taste in CDs, so they want to hire a band that night. I'm a person of modest means, and while I want to make my guests happy, I'm not able to throw a party of that magnitude.

As the host, I do have options.

I could be offended at the very idea and tell the men to hold their own party somewhere else. It's not necessarily the politically correct thing to do when someone just wants to make the party better.

I can say "Look, I invited you to a picnic, I'm hosting the picnic, and you're welcome to come to my picnic, but you can't change the menu." This is more than likely the response you'd get from Dear Abby. And honestly, if we were just talking about a backyard party, this would be my gut instinct.

Or I could let them men bring their own food, determine the music, let the women eat whatever I put out, and by some miracle, still call it MY party. And if I had a single female friend left after doing this, it would be a incredible. Unfortunately, when the BPAA is hosting the party, and the party is called the U.S. Open, what they've decided to do is (to mangle a famous food quote) to "Let them eat hot dogs."

Last week, the PWBA announced that members would not be bowling the U.S. Open due to the inequity in certain aspects of their participation in the tournament. What the PWBA members are really asking is "Where's the BEEF?" The "meat" of their decision not to bowl lies in the fact they will now be competing for slightly more than half of the men's purse, and the women have no ability to buy their own TV time this late in the game.

I can't argue with the PBA. They had the money, and they took over. They had that right because the BPAA let them.

While the PBA has stepped in with open checkbooks and taken over TV rights and increased the prize funds to $350,000 (the BPAA admits the PBA's involvement is to between $450,000 and $500,000). The BPAA then turned around and turned the U.S. Open into a pot luck and suggested that the women have had equal opportunity to do the same. One has to wonder what part of the party the BPAA is paying for exactly, since they originally had offered to host the U.S. Open with guarantees of $187,500 for each the men and the women, and thanks to the PBA, they don't have to pay anything.

I'm not the BPAA, but if it were my party the solution would be simple:

I would let the men bring the surf and turf and let them hire the band, then use the money I had planned to spend to feed and entertain the guys, and use it to enhance the menu for the women as well. Of course, then I'd still be paying for the party. Since the new PBA has $500,000 to spend on pros and ams alike, then the BPAA could use the money they originally intended to commit to the men's purse and augment the women's event. This truly could have been the party of the century.

Gotta Split,

Share your opinions on the boycott or voice your support for the PWBA in our message boards by visiting:
4. PBA Western Region Pro Am Features Pros and Celebrities Alike

The PBA Western Region is holding a pro am to benefit Special Olympics this weekend in conjunction with its tournament at Rocket Lanes in Chatsworth, California.  Television and film stars bowling in the event Saturday night include Drew Carey, Kristoff St. John, Todd Bridges, and Robert Townsend and will join Tae Bo creator Billy Banks, female boxer Mia St. John.  PWBA greats Tish Johnson and Robin Romeo Mossontte will also appear.  For those who expect a more traditional pro am, PBA touring players including Robert Smith, Eric Forkel, and Tony Reyes are scheduled to bowl.

For more information, prices, and, please contact Rocket Lanes at 818.341.0070.
5. BPAA Responds to PWBA's Public Position on Bowling's 2001 U. S. Open

ARLINGTON, Texas - In response to the Professional Women's Bowling Association's (PWBA) recent announced decision to "sidestep" participation in Bowling's 2001 Women's U. S. Open and the incomplete information that has been communicated to date regarding this matter by all parties, the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA) is releasing the following response to any claim that BPAA has acted in an unfair or discriminatory fashion and that BPAA does not support women sports.

The following highlights should provide an overview of BPAA's position and how BPAA has addressed each of the issues previously raised:

While BPAA has conducted the men's and women's  U. S. Open for many years with varying financial results, BPAA's board of directors decided in 2001 that any projected losses for the 2001 Open should not exceed certain levels, to allow BPAA funds to be spent on other BPAA member projects and benefits, including the broad range of industry marketing programs approved by the BPAA board and its members.

At all times, BPAA has guaranteed equal prize fund amounts of $187,500 to both men and women for the 2001 U. S. Open.

The PBA, in an attempt to raise the image of bowling, requested to increase the men's prize fund to $350,000 and to take on the full responsibility for the entire $350,000.  BPAA agreed to this PBA proposal.

Read the complete story at:

Share your opinions on the boycott or voice your support for the PWBA in our message boards by visiting:
6. Mixed Championships Recap

Greendale, Wis.- The 2001 American Bowling Congress/Women's International Bowling Congress National Mixed Championships concluded August 5 at Castaways Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

More than 1,800 bowlers competed in 28 events at the ABC/WIBC National Mixed Championships for their shot at over $200,000 in estimated prize funds.

The ABC/WIBC National Mixed Championships, which debuted in 1991 before being renamed the Festival of Bowling, returned to its original name this year. The National Mixed Championships made its debut in Las Vegas after three years in Reno, Nev., at the National Bowling Stadium.  

Complete results can be found at:
7. Sport Bowling Makes Its Debut

GREENDALE, Wis.- Bowlers of all abilities officially may step up to the challenge of Sport Bowling, which made its worldwide debut Aug. 1 as a membership option for American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress members.

Developed by ABC and WIBC, the governing bodies of bowling, Sport Bowling is a new level of sanctioned league and tournament competition designed to emphasize bowlers' skill and re-establish credibility of the sport.  Sport Bowlers will compete on challenging lane conditions and rely on their accuracy, ability to read lanes and make adjustments to succeed.

"Think of it as playing the championship tees on a golf course," said ABC/WIBC Director of Research Neil Stremmel.  "Sport Bowling will increase the challenge of a typical house condition just as championship tees make your normal golf course more difficult."   

The cost of Sport Bowling membership will be $9 in addition to the ABC or WIBC local, state/provincial and national dues.

Sport Bowling will have exclusive awards separate from those given in Standard bowling.  Sport awards will feature the new Sport Bowling logo and be available for honor scores (300, 299, 298 games and 800 and 900 series), 11 strikes in a row and special achievements such as 700 series and average-based accomplishments.

Each season the ABC and WIBC bowler with the highest national Sport Bowling average will receive an attractive crystal bowling pin. The pin
also is an award option for Sport Bowling honor scores.

Participation will be voluntary in Sport Bowling, which consists of several components including new enforcement policies and procedures,
rules, recognition and awards programs and a membership fee structure.

For more information about Sport Bowling, visit:

Is sport bowling, bowling's savor or bowling's foe? Post your opinion at:
8. ABC Masters Changes

The American Bowling Congress has announced it will conduct the richest ABC Masters in the event's 52-year history in 2002 when the unique double-elimination match play tournament will guarantee a $350,000 prize fund.

In addition, the Masters will move from its traditional home on the ABC Championships Tournament lanes (scheduled for Billings, Mont., in 2002) and will return to the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., Jan. 16-20, where it will be a part of the Professional Bowlers Association's 20-event 2001-02 series of ESPN-televised events.

As one of the PBA's four major events, ABC will guarantee the record prize fund with $100,000 going to the winner and $50,000 to the runner-up.  The top 100 places will earn a minimum of $1,000.  The other PBA major events are the U.S. Open, PBA World Championship and Brunswick World Tournament of Champions.  Five previous Masters have paid $250,000 prize funds with $40,000 first prizes.

The Masters will continue to be sanctioned and conducted by ABC.  The tournament's unique qualifying and double-elimination match play format will remain unchanged.  It will continue to be open to all professionals and non-professionals who meet the Masters entry requirements.

For more information, including entry info, visit:

Share your thoughts on the changes to the ABC Masters at:
9. Youth Masters Results

Congratulations to Josh Harper, Sean Rash, Patrick Clarke and Marc D'Errico who survived three rounds of matchplay at the Youth Masters in Akron, Ohio.  They will compete in the championships at the Battle at Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

For photos of the top four and other information regarding the tournament, please visit:

Post your congrats to the winners and offer your thoughts on this year's Youth Masters at:
10. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.065 on 08/10/01 at 14:52 EDT.
Brunswick (BC) 21.95 on 08/10/01 at 14:51 EDT.

Confirm all data with your broker or financial advisor before trading.
11. And Finally

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