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   August 03, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
       3. PWBA Touring Players Vote to Sidestep 2001 BPAA U.S. Open
       4. Aleta Sill Honored in Detroit Tricentennial
       5. Cara Honeychurch July's BWAA Bowler of the Month
       6. Mixed Championships Nears End
       7. YABA Membership Increases During 2000-2001 Season
 BPAA News
       8. 2001 Qubica International Family Tournament Results
 Miscellaneous News:
       9. U.S., Canada Win Gold in Maccabiah Games
       10. Stock Watch
       11. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

Welcome to the latest edition of Kegler's Connection.  In this issue, you'll read breaking news on the PWBA boycott of the US Open, read about the first increase in YABA membership in a decade, you'll find results from the Qubica International Family Tournament and the Maccabiah Games, and Diva, in for George, talks about getting your children ready for fall leagues.
2. Tip of the Week

This week, Diva, in for George, discusses Back to School/Back to League

It's August.  Suddenly, "Back to School" sale advertisements are everywhere.  And while many people don't hesitate to spend a bucketload of money for the things their children wear to school that first day, they'll send them back to leagues with the same old ball and shoes from the year before.

During junior leagues, I hand out dozens of rental shoes each weekend.  And children are quick to return when they've outgrown one size and need another.  But for kids who have their own stuff, I'll ask, when was the last time parents checked their child's bowling shoes?  Children who use a house ball can jump up at any time, but did anyone notice that the reason a child palms the ball can be that he *can't* get his thumb in the ball if he wanted to?

Kids grow.  With all that extra sleep and play during the summer months, I'd swear they actually grow like weeds in the sun.   Yet I see boys regularly bowling with a ball that they've had for two years.  In that time, they've grown almost a head taller and added muscle.  That perfect 10-11-12 lb. ball at age fourteen can be lofted down the lane well beyond the arrows.  And with today's equipment, there is a life span to some of the more high-tech bowling balls, and there's only so much life support through resurfacing a ball can handle.

I always buy my son's bowling shoes a size or two big, but it's easy to forget that they're not going to be too big forever.  I happened to purchase them on vacation, and only recently realized that vacation was a year and a half ago.  So this month we'll be buying new ones.

This advice applies to adults as well, but sometimes if a parent isn't the one using the equipment, it goes unnoticed.  So check with your child (and their coach) and visit the pro shop to have them refitted before league starts.  You'll beat the mad rush the first morning the week that the kids start, and your pro shop will thank you.

Gotta split,

Need help with your Physical & Mental Game? Discuss it with's Volunteers and other knowledgeable bowlers at:
3. PWBA Touring Players Vote to Sidestep 2001 BPAA U.S. Open

ROCKFORD, Ill.  - Following extensive negotiations with the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America ("BPAA") on the prize structure of and broadcast time allocations for the 2001 BPAA U.S. Open, the touring players of the Professional Women's Bowling Association ("PWBA") have voted to not participate in the event, scheduled to be held December 1-9 at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, California.

Bowling's U.S. Open, which is conducted by the BPAA, has been staged as a co-ed event the past three years, with an equal distribution of the prize fund contributed by then-presenting sponsor AMF Bowling Inc. and with equal television for women and men. AMF Bowling's involvement with the U.S. Open ended with the 2000 Bowling's U.S. Open.

Earlier this year, the PWBA was informed by the BPAA that it was entering into a licensing agreement with the Professional Bowlers Association for the U.S. Open that would guarantee the men a purse of $350,000 and all 90 minutes of television coverage allocated for the event, while the women's share for participating at the same venue and with the same competitive format would come to $187,500 or less with no television coverage.  The U.S. Open is considered the most prestigious national championship for amateur and professional female and male bowlers in the country, and all competitors regardless of gender should be treated equally in terms of television exposure, prize funds and on-site amenities.  Despite numerous attempts over the past several weeks to sway BPAA officials to this position, the inequity remains and the 2001 U.S. Open will be conducted within the above-stated parameters.

Read the complete story at:

Share your opinions on the boycott or voice your support for the PWBA in our message boards by visiting:
4. Aleta Sill Honored in Detroit Tricentennial

ROCKFORD, Ill.  - Dearborn, Mich.'s Aleta Sill, the first professional woman bowler to earn $1 million in her career, is one of 10 Detroit-area athletes recognized as the city's greatest ever in connection with "Detroit 300," the city's tricentennial celebration this year.

The 38-year-old lefthander was the only bowler and one of four women named to a "Dream Team" of legendary athletes by the Detroit 300 History Advisors, a select committee affiliated with the official Detroit 300 civic celebrations. "Dream Team" members, announced to the public July 18 prior to the start of the New York Yankees/Detroit Tigers baseball game, were chosen for their ability to serve as role models as well as for athletic prowess.

Sill's "teammates" include such august superstars as speed skater Sheila Young, a triple-medallist at the 1976 Winter Olympic Games; Dave Bing, an NBA All-Star point guard for the Detroit Pistons; boxing icon Joe Louis, Detroit Lions quarterback Bobby Layne, and all-time hockey great Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings.

Sill, a 31-time pro titlist who has won the Triple Crown of women's bowling twice (WIBC Queens, U.S. Open, Sam's Town Invitational), was overwhelmed to learn of her selection. "I'm speechless; I can't believe I was included with people like Joe Louis, Bobby Layne and Gordie Howe. And to be the only bowler named from the bowling capital of the world-it's a real honor
for our sport and especially for women's bowling."

"Aleta's been known for her passion for bowling since she started at age six," said Detroit 300 Recognition Program Manager Addell Austin Anderson. "It was such a tough choice, given all the great bowlers that have come from Detroit; but I think what impressed the History Advisors the most was that she really persevered in her desire to break away from her environs and become the great athlete she dreamed of being."
5. Cara Honeychurch July's BWAA Bowler of the Month

August 2, 2001 Cara Honeychurch unanimously was selected Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Month for July by voting members of a select panel of the organization, BWAA President Fran Deken announced today.

Honeychurch, a 33-year-old lefthander from Australia, last month won her fifth and sixth Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA) career championships at the Sport Bowling Challenge in St. Clair Shores, Mich., and the Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute (Ind.) Open, respectively.  She also qualified for the championship round in two other events, placing second in Lexington, Ky., and fourth in Danville, Va.

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of North Richland Hills, Tex., who captured her third consecutive (and 15th career) PWBA title at the Southern Virginia Open in Danville, was runner-up in the balloting.

Visit BWAA's web site at:
6. Mixed Championships Nears End

With just one more weekend until the close of the event, the 2001 ABC/WIBC Mixed Championships nears its end. For up-to-the-minute results check:
7. YABA Membership Increases During 2000-2001 Season

GREENDALE, Wis. - For the first time in nearly 10 years, the membership decline in sanctioned bowling, at the youth level, has been halted.  The Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA), the premier international youth membership organization in the sport of tenpin bowling has announced an increase in membership for the 2000-2001 season.

As of Aug. 1, YABA has surpassed last season's total of 409,465 by almost 2,000 members.  This is the first increase in membership from the previous year for YABA since the 1991-92 season.

"YABA is very excited to announce an increase in membership," said YABA Executive Director Jim Zebehazy.  "It's a testament to the hard work of a lot of people, the success of many new programs and a renewed interest in youth bowling throughout the bowling industry."

Read more about it at:
8. 2001 Qubica International Family Tournament Results

Grapevine, Texas - Becky and Kelly Clapper, Anchorage, Alaska, and Connie and Abbi Powless, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, withstood very close final matches to claim the Parent/Youth and Parent/Teen division titles, respectively, at the 2001 Qubica International Family Tournament held July 27-28 at The Main Event Entertainment Center in Grapevine, Texas.  Both first-place teams each won $3,000 scholarships to go towards their college education.  $33,100 in scholarships was given overall.  34 teams from different states, Puerto Rico and Canada competed in each division.  Each division's top 8 teams after Friday's competition advanced to a match play final round on Saturday morning.  The top three teams in each division then competed in the stepladder finals to decide the titles Saturday afternoon.

In the Parent/Youth division, the Clappers survived a very close match against Martha Smith and Courtney McCabe, Phillipsburg, Mo., 231-229.  "I didn't want to know the score," noted Becky Clapper.  "I knew it must be close and their two strikes in the tenth put added pressure on me to pick up my spare.  We feel very fortunate to have won such a close match."  This was nine-year-old Kelly Clapper's first international tournament victory.

In the Parent/Teen division, Connie and Abbi Powless narrowly defeated Patti and Ricky Dixon, Mustang, Okla., 230-229 in the final match.  Connie Powless left the door open when she failed to pick up a spare, but withstood the Dixon's final push to claim the one-pin victory.  "This is an awesome feeling," remarked Connie Powless.  "Since the match was so close and then after not picking up that spare in the tenth frame, I really got nervous.  It's almost like a fairy tale to us.  I don't think it is even sunk in that we won yet."  A lover of sports and, in particular, field lacrosse, 15 year-old Abbi is setting her sights on attending a Florida college.  Abbi began five-pin bowling at the age of 4 and then moved up to ten-pin at the age of seven.

In addition to the regular competition, additional scholarships of $1000 each were awarded to Matt Robinson, Richmond, Calif. and Anastasia Kisner, Denver, Colo. for bowling the highest 6 scratch series during qualifying for boys and girls.  Matt totaled 1,272 pins while Anastasia compiled 1,134.

For the second year, Nickelodeon Games and Sports (GAS) Network plans to air taped portions of the tournament and the AMF sponsored pro-bowling clinic where guests such as bowling legend Dick Weber along with, Cheryl Daniels, Norm Duke, Bob Learn Jr., and Brian Boss will give tips.  Excerpts from the Qubica International Family Tournament will air to over 77 million U.S. households. Check your local listings to verify dates/times.
Full final standings are available by visiting
9. U.S., Canada Turn in Strong Performances during Maccabiah Games in Israel

Members of the United States and Canadian contingents fared extremely well during the 16th Maccabiah Games which ended July 22 at the National Bowling Center in Netanya, Israel.

Fran Deken of Reno, Nev., and Adrienne Oshman of Yorktown Heights, N.Y., led the U.S. with gold medals in women's singles and Masters, respectively, as well as joining Cynthia Bevans of Valancia, Calif., in winning women's trios. Canada's Hirsh Schnayer, Luis Strum, Larry Beaver, Tony Selcer and Howard Dinetz captured their country's lone gold medal in the men's team competition.

Former TEAM USA member Marc Skier of Frederick, Md., was the lone U.S. men's medal winner, taking silver in Masters and bronze in all events. Deken, Oshman, Bevans, Meryl Romeu, Cooper City, Fla., and Romeu's sister, Rona Pottel, Montreal, earned the other U.S. medal, a silver in the team event.

Oshman, the top women's qualifier for the Masters stepladder finals, watched as Israel's Yonit Cohen defeated Canada's Fran Yamron 209-160 in the semifinal. Oshman then beat Cohen 376-337 in the two-game title match.

Skier, a member of TEAM USA 1990, lost to Israel's Noam Hanaor 384-380 in the two-game men's Masters title match. Hanaor rolled a strike to open the final frame after top qualifier Skier chopped the 6 pin from a 6-10 leave in his 10th frame. Hanaor beat Schnayer 219-159 in the stepladder semifinal.

Schnayer, Strum and Beaver combined for a bronze medal in men's trios while Schnayer added a bronze medal in men's Masters. Teammate Fran Yamron added bronze in women's Masters and singles and Lisa Abush picked up bronze in women's all events.

"It was the experience of a lifetime," said Deken, 57, an executive with the former Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour and two-time Association of College Unions International champion while at the University of Iowa. "It was very exciting considering I was the youngest in the field. I believe my experience and knowledge helped as well as my spare shooting. I think I was the only one to bring a spare ball."

The event for Jewish athletes featured 32 men and 30 women from the United States, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Sweden, Venezuela, South Africa and Great Britain.
10. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.075 on 08/03/01 at 15:45 EDT.
Brunswick (BC) 22.40 on 08/03/01 at 16:01 EDT.

Confirm all data with your broker or financial advisor before trading.
11. And Finally

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