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Kegler's Connection

   July 24, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ GSTDs' Hoinke and Take in Cincy
     ~ Chat Links
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PBA Recaps 2000, Highlights RoY and PoY Races
     ~ PBA Insider Report
  * World Team Challenge News
     ~ Snapple Fire Burns Up the Competition
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes *****

It's a quiet week on the bowling front--all three tours are on hiatus. The folks at Kegler's Connection hope you're enjoying summer vacation as well. If you have story ideas or breaking news you'd like us to know about, email us at [email protected].

***** Tip of the Week *****

This week's tip comes from our GSTD with his nose in law books. The folks at Kegler's Connection ask you to join us in wishing Jeff P. well on his bar exam this week.

As the summer season begins to wind down, bowlers tend to use this time to get ready for the winter league season. Some bowlers will buy new equipment: balls, shoes, bags. Bowlers will take a lesson or two, hoping to learn a bit extra to tack onto the practice he or she has been doing diligently throughout the summer. And of course, some bowlers will pick up their bowling balls for the first time since May, hoping to shake off the rust one gets from not bowling all summer.

One thing that many bowlers will neglect to do is care for the equipment they already have. This can mean lots of things. Some bowlers take all the tape out of the holes, clean the hole out with rubbing alcohol to get all the glue out and put brand new tape in the holes. Other bowlers will replace all the finger grips in their equipment, looking for that "new ball feel" that only inserts that aren't worn out can provide. Still other bowlers will take all their balls and give them a good cleaning and/or resurfacing. They will either sand them down or shine them up in trying to get that new ball reaction back.

Any way you cut it, the important thing is that the bowler is putting him or herself in a fresh state of mind for the new season. There is a clean slate to work from and the past season is long forgotten. This is an important part of the mental game that is overlooked by many. If you commonly have a slow start to the new season, you might want to pay attention to your preseason routine and see if there's anything you can do now that will help you down the road. In some cases, just starting to get ready 4 weeks in advance can help the body already be in a rhythm by the time September rolls around, and any head start may prove to be the difference between first place and fifth place.

***** GSTDs' Hoinke and Take in Cincy*****
In defense of their $17.40 checks from the previous year, GSTDs Rage, Diva, and Spurs made the trek to Cincinnati. The Hoinke is a tournament that runs from January through November at Western Bowl in Cincy. While the GSTDs didn't exactly build on their win from last year ($17.40 checks), they look forward to making this an annual stop.

While Rage and Diva bowled with family and friends in team event, Spurs bowled in singles. After the team and singles, there was a break to re-fuel their bodies. The lunch of choice by several was legendary French onion soup and grilled cheese. The group then broke into doubles formation. In the feature match, Spurs edged Diva out in the "Battle for the Spurs."

The Hoinke is the largest nonprofessional, privately owned tournament in the world, with events including team, doubles, and singles. The events feature a "break the bank" strike jackpot and the "just for the fun of it" which awards bowlers for dubious distinctions like leaving the head pin by itself, leaving the Greek church, or leaving the sour apple.

For more information on the tournament or hotels, please visit

***** Chat Links *****
For those of you who like a direct approach, you can enter the Ten in the Pit chat room by saving this keyword link: aol://4344:601.b01xxx02.6456894.577657019 (On AOL only)

If you need a reminder of the chat schedule, times are listed in the lobby, located at aol://4344:601.gschbowl.590396.613371819 (On AOL only)

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PBA Recaps 2000, Highlights RoY and PoY Races *****
With the Summer Tour complete, the PBA recaps the Winter and Summer swings and looks forward to the Fall Tour. Read who's leading for Player of the Year and Rookie of the year honors at

***** PBA Insider Report *****
Rick Benoit presents another interesting view on the Summer Tour. To read his Insider Report, visit

*** World Team Challenge News ***
***** Snapple Fire Burns Up the Competition *****
Snapple Fire of Rochester, New York, started and finished well on its way to victory in the American Bowling Congress/Brunswick World Team Challenge qualifier July 16 at Plaza Lanes in suburban Pittsburgh.

For a recap visit,

Kegler's Connection will have highlights of the July 22-23, North Brunswick, New Jersey WTC next week, or as soon as results are available.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 0 11/16 at 15:57 EDT on 07/22/2000
Brunswick (BC) 18 3/4 at 16:01 EDT on 07/22/2000

*** And Finally ***
In upcoming issues, Rick Benoit will have highlights of his summer swing, including the High Roller, Senior Slam, and the US Open. We'll also be letting you know the dates for our chats with Team USA.

If you have any press releases or story ideas you'd like us to consider for Kegler's Connection, email us at [email protected].

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