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Kegler's Connection

   July 16, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ GSTDs' Lilac Experience Recounted
  * US Open News
     ~ SoCal Pros Sweep US Open
     ~ BallBeat
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Pro Tour Apparel Available Online
     ~ Junior Olympic Gold National Tournament Results
     ~ ABC and WIBC to Launch National Newsletters
     ~ WIBC to Send Checks by August 8
     ~ Youth Honor Scores
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes *****
Welcome back to the latest edition of Kegler's Connection, your weekly source of independent information for virtually all the acronyms of bowling. In future weeks we'll be announcing dates for two Team USA special guest chats and gearing you up for fall leagues.

***** Tip of the Week *****
Diva brings you a suggestion on simplicity.

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart
People often look to "different" bowlers and think if one bowler is successful with a particular style, then that alone gives them permission to try to do the same. We regularly get mail from people who see, say, Mike Miller bowling thumbless, and say that they, too, have experimented with a thumbless delivery and are asking for help perfecting it.

Before you decide to take a path less traveled think of this: Mike Miller is one professional bowler. There are hundreds that DO use their thumb. Mike Miller is successful, but there are many more who are successful WITH a more conventional style.

When you get off-track, it's a LOT easier to fix problems with your game when you have less things in your approach that can go wrong. You *might* discover some exotic new way to bowl, but the game *is* over 100 years old and if there was a better mousetrap it *probably* would have already been built.

Best of luck,

***** GSTDs' Lilac Experience Recounted *****
by HOST GSTD Pizza

Early in June, GSTDs Rage, Maroon, and Rerack journeyed to Rochester, NY to join Pizza in his hometown for the Lilac City Tournament, along with a side trip to the Western & Central Tournament.

The group bowled the team, doubles, and singles events at the Lilac, and two trios events at the Western & Central. Let us simply say that none of us covered ourselves with glory. However, while we all want to do well, the reason for attending these events is the friendship and camaraderie that comes from bowling with friends that we do not get the chance to see very often.

After the bowling was completed on Sunday afternoon, all who did not have to travel home immediately came to Pizza's house for what was supposed to be a nice summer barbecue. Unfortunately, it was about 50 degrees and raining. Welcome to Rochester! Being the free spirits that we are, we moved the party inside and still managed to have a great time.

The Lilac City Tournament is conducted in Rochester every year from late March to late June. In 1999, the Lilac paid out over $1.25 million dollars. A companion tournament, the Western & Central, runs from mid-April to late June. Information on both tournaments can be obtained at website, or by calling 1-800-36-LILAC. There are a number of other tourneys conducted in the Rochester area during this time, making Rochester a premier destination for late spring/early summer tournament action.

*** US Open News ***
***** SoCal Pros Sweep US Open *****
Robert Smith and Tennelle Grijalva, both of Southern California and former Team USA members, won their first professional titles and the $35,000 first place money in Phoenix Saturday at Bowling's US Open. Grijalva, seeded fourth, narrowly escaped Carol Gianotti-Block and Liz Johnson before going on to defeat Team USA member, Kelly Kulick. Smith, top seed, faced Norm Duke, after Duke defeated Jeff Lizzi and Paul Fleming with a nearly perfect 279 game.

The PBA players now take a break until September when the top bowlers compete in the Japan Cup. Actual telecasts won't begin until October. The PWBA will take a week off before resuming competition.

Final standings and pictures of the winners can be found at

***** BallBeat *****
To find out what the pros were throwing on the telecast, visit

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Pro Tour Apparel Available Online *****
If you want to show your fan support of the PBA Tour, you can visit PBA Tour Gear.
Their URL is

PWBA fans should visit

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** Junior Olympic Gold National Tournament Results *****
Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, and Nathan Bohr, Austin, TX, rolled through match-play competition to win the titles at the 2000 USA Junior Olympic Gold National Championships at the Showboat Bowling Center in Las Vegas. The pair will lead the 12-member 2001 Junior TEAM USA.

Pluhowsky repeated her 1999 National Championship-winning performance by defeating Diandra Hyman, Dyer, IN, in the 46th and final game of the week 257-198. Hyman had led Pluhowsky by one pin entering the final game.

Bohr placed second at the 1999 Championships and used that as motivation on his way to a 9-7 match-play record, 9,860 final score and the lead following each day of the tournament. He outdistanced the competition on his way to earning a $5,000 scholarship, including second-place finisher Chris Loschetter, West Melbourne, FL.

Other members of the 2001 Junior TEAM USA are Andrew Cain, Glendale, AZ; Mike Bronsart, Lake Havusa City, AZ; Rhino Page, San Diego; Chris Jones, Marion, IN.; Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, CA; Maggie Smith, Lenexa, KS.; Amber Lester, North Pole, AK; and Jennifer Petrick, North Canton, OH.

The Junior Olympic Gold National Championships, conducted by the Young American Bowling Alliance and USA Bowling, featured 779 athletes from 43 states, four Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico competing for $50,000 in scholarships, individual national titles and berths for the top six boys and six girls on the 2001 USA Junior Olympic Bowling/TEAM USA.

The USA Junior Olympic Bowling/TEAM USA represents the United States in international youth competition in the year 2001. This team is designed to be part of a feeder system for the U.S. national amateur team.

The entire story can be found at

Round-by-round results from Junior Olympic Gold are available at

***** ABC and WIBC to Launch Newsletters *****
ABC and WIBC are launching two newsletters aimed at communicating with members directly. ABC's American Bowler will ship in August to 900,000 members whose associations submitted their information via the WinLABS program. WIBC's Frames & Lanes will be sent to members in August.

The entire story can be found at

***** WIBC to Send Checks by August 8 *****
According to their website, the WIBC Tournament staff is preparing the final rankings and "low to cash" reports. Average and membership verification forms are still being received, thus delaying results.

The "Final Standings" and prize money will be posted by August 8, 2000. Prize checks will also be sent by August 8, 2000, to the team captains.

When results are available, they will be posted at

***** Youth Honor Scores *****
YABA's bimonthly feature appears at

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 0 11/16 at 15:58 EDT on 07/15/2000
Brunswick (BC) 18 3/4 at 16:01 EDT on 07/15/2000

*** And Finally ***
Welcome to the dog days of summer. Hope you're keeping cool inside a nicely air conditioned bowling center. If you're outside enjoying summer, just remember, fall leagues start in some parts of the country in just about a month. Now's the time to get practicing.

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