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Kegler's Connection

   July 8, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ Grandstand Sports Pages New Home
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PBA MSN Open Top Eight
     ~ PBA Seniors
     ~ PBA Ball Beat Debuts on
     ~ BPAA Bowler of the Month
     ~ WIBC Tournament Concludes
     ~ ABC/WIBC Super Drawing Held
     ~ Strike Ten, Post Cereal, and Cartoon Network Create National Bowling Promotion
     ~ Nickelodeon GASes up Bowling Partnership
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes *****
While we're not as hotly anticipated as the latest Harry Potter novel, Kegler's Connection is back with a special summer double issue this weekend.

Gotta Split,

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week, George has suggestions for overcoming the stress of mechanical breakdowns and delay of game.

Dealing with Delays

In modern times, you don't see the pinboy working feverishly to move all the fallen pins out of the way, put the ball back through the ball return, then hop up on his little bench before the next shot comes through. We have automated pinsetters, automated ball returns, even automated scoring. All this automation means that more things can break down. Usually the broken part or the dead wood can be cleaned up in a matter of seconds. But, every now and then, something goes on one of these beasts that can grind play to a halt for 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes at a time. If you're in a groove, or if you have a good game going, you don't want to be tied down with delays. However, Life is rarely perfect, and these things happen. Here are some things to remember when this happens to you:

It is important to not get too worked up about it. The situation is nothing you can control, so you need to relax and go with the flow. Going up and screaming at the Manager or desk guy isn't going to make the mechanic work any faster.

Try to keep limber. Sooner or later, you're going to bowl again. It's important to not get too cold waiting for the problem to right itself. You could wind up pulling a muscle and getting hurt. Try knee bends, and work your shoulders in a circle to keep them loose.

Use mental imagery. Actually, this is good for anytime you aren't physically bowling. If you're in a good rhythm, you want to keep it. Just see in your mind throwing the ball correctly. Let your mind remember the movements necessary to carry out the tasks each muscle has to perform. Remember the feel of a good shot. Keep this going in your head when you are waiting.

This is a good start. Hopefully this will not happen to you, but it has happened to all of us at some point or another. Try to make the best of it.

George Freeman

***** Bowling Sports Pages Find New Home *****
The Bowling Sports Pages have moved to a new URL. Top bowling picks from AOL's Hometown, as well as links to columns by the Bowln Diva, and links to other AOL exclusive areas within the Bowling Forum. The picture is of our mascot and honorary GSTD, Pokemonbowler.

The Bowling Sport Pages can be found at

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PBA MSN Open *****
The top eight qualifiers will compete for the first-place check of $20,000 and the title in the finals Saturday, July 8. FOX Sports Net will broadcast the eight-man finals Saturday, July 8. Check local listings for times. Appearing on the show will be

1, Chris Barnes
2, Patrick Healey, Jr.
3, Bob Learn, Jr.
4, Norm Duke
5, Tim Criss
6, Randy Pedersen
7, Tommy Delutz, Jr.
8, Ryan Shafer

***** PBA Seniors *****
BRENTWOOD, Calif. -- Lauri Karppala won his first-career Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Senior Tour title in the Northern California PBA Senior Classic at Harvest Park Bowl Thursday evening.

Karppala, Sacramento, Calif., was able to defeat Larry Laub, Reno, Nev., in the title match, 257-199, to claim the title and $8,500 first-place check. "This has been a dream of mine since the 1970's," said Karppala. "I've always known that I've had the ability. Everything just fell into place for me this week."

The entire story can be found at

***** PBA BallBeat Debuts on *****
Ever wonder what the pros were throwing? BallBeat gives fans access to exactly which bowling balls the pros were throwing and how the equipment was drilled and prepared for the telecasts. thanks the ball reps who provide this information.

BallBeat can be found at

***** BPAA Bowler of the Month *****
July 5, 2000 -- Mika Koivuniemi was voted Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Month for June by a select panel of the organization, BWAA President Dan Glus announced today.

Koivuniemi, 33, a native of Tampere, Finland, edged Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Pete Weber of St. Ann, Mo., 236-235 in the championship contest of the American Bowling Congress Masters in Albuquerque, N.M., to capture his first PBA title.

Kim Adler of Cocoa, Fla., who won the Professional Women's Bowling Association St. Clair Classic in Fairview Heights, Ill., and placed second in the Clabber Girl Open in Terre Haute, Ind., was runner-up in the balloting.

Visit BWAA's web site at It is maintained by President Glus - [email protected]

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** WIBC Tournament Concludes This Weekend *****
Angel anxiously awaits the conclusion of the WIBC Championship Tournament in Reno this weekend, as she's watched herself fall from 30th to approximately 150th in the Classic Division Singles. While she's no George Freeman, she's very relieved to finally cash in a national tournament.

To see how other bowlers finished, visit

As soon as WIBC publishes the low to cash scores, Kegler's Connection will bring them to you.

***** ABC/WIBC Super Drawing Held ****
The winners of the final super drawing (part of the promotion involving the now tabled tiered membership) have been announced. If you were part of the test, and hope to be a winner, look for your name at

***** Strike Ten, Post Cereal, and Cartoon Network Create National Bowling Promotion *****
Strike Ten Entertainment has entered into a cross-promotional deal with Post Cereal and the Cartoon Network to inspire children to sign up for short-season youth leagues. A free bowling game coupon will be printed on specially marked packages. The Cartoon Network will provide the cartoon characters to create a Cartoon Network Bowling Club for youth bowlers.

For more information, visit

***** Nickelodeon GASes up Bowling Partnership *****
Look for more bowling-themed specials after the installation of a bowling lane in The Garage, a Nickelodeon studio. The partnership includes alliances with the PBA, YABA, BPAA, and AMF bowling.

For more information, please visit

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 0 11/16 at 15:47 EDT on 07/08/2000
Brunswick (BC) 17 5/8 at 16:00 EDT on 07/08/2000

*** And Finally ***
Angel will be live from the U.S. Open with updates. In upcoming issues, Rick Benoit returns with an article on his recent weeks in Las Vegas working both the Senior Slam and the High Roller, and the GSTDs will share their experiences at the Lilac and Hoinke tournaments.

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