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Kegler's Connection

   June 18, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Note
     ~ Tip of the Week
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PWBA Clabber Girl Open
     ~ PBA Ball Beat
     ~ ABC Masters
     ~ WIBC Friendship Squad
     ~ Coaching Information
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Note ******
We have a lot of information from the ABC Masters this week. While the ABC Masters is not run by the PBA, for all intents and purposes, the PBA considers it a PBA title win (over the years, PBA players predominantly outdo nonpros). But the Masters is an ABC event. By that token, Pete Weber, currently on suspension through the remainder of 2000 with the PBA was allowed to participate, as he will be allowed to participate in the BPAA US
Open as well.

The biggest trick for us here at Kegler's Connection is deciding *where* to put all the information. So to be fair, we broke it up. The actual box scores are in the ABC section, and the PBA Ball Beat section written by the PBA ball reps are under the PBA heading.

On that note, we'll let you get to the good stuff.

***** Tip of the Week *****
No Muscling

When bowling, it is easy to try to put all your strength into your shot, especially if it is a crucial moment in the game. Fact is, the power in bowling does not come from the arms, but from the legs. Getting into a good leverage position is essential for a good shot, that means keeping your center of gravity as low as possible and centered over your shoulders. If you get the shoulders over to much, or if you "stand up" on release, you will probably put unneeded muscle strength into your bowling arm, causing an errant shot.

Bowling depends a large part upon "muscle memory." Your muscles get accustomed to a specific movement, and over time, they even get used to how you move for a particular activity. They "remember" and therefore can make repeating shots much easier. If you throw extra variables into the mix, like tensing muscles, or changing your center of gravity, the muscle memory gets confused, and that means you might pull your shot, send it wide, or any number of other maladies.

Try to keep your armswing as loose as you can. The less muscle you have in your swing, the easier the muscle memory is going to be. A good way to do this is when you push the ball away from your body, just let gravity take over, don't try to help the ball in your backswing. Letting the bowling ball act as a dead weight will give you a consistent swing every time, as the mass of your bowling ball never changes (at least I hope not).

Good bowling to all.
George Freeman

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PWBA Clabber Girl Open *****
Mark your calendars for Monday, June 19 at 9 PM ET (with a 1 PM ET, Thursday, June 22 rebroadcast) for the PWBA Clabber Girl Open. Appearing on the telecast will be

1 Kim Adler
2 Carol Gianotti-Block
3 Wendy Macpherson
4 Marianne DiRupo
5 Cara Honeychurch

The PWBA then takes a three-week hiatus before returning with the US Open in Phoenix, AZ.

***** PBA Ball Beat *****
Even though the ABC Masters isn't truly a PBA event, the pros turn out in force, and so do their ball reps and coaches. Special thanks to Art McKee of Brunswick., Steve Kloempken of Storm, and Chad Murphy of Columbia300 for their help with the drillings for the players who made the telecast. We can't make this a weekly feature without their help, so thanks go out to them.

Art McKee writes:
Chris Barnes
Mike Aulby MVP
Pin 5 1/4" from axis - above fingers
Heavy spot 2" from axis
Extra hole 3/4" past axis
Chris' axis point is 4 7/8" over and 1/2" up
Surface - 600 grit wet sanded

Steve Kloempken writes:
Hello to everyone!
On the telecast today for the ABC Masters in Albuquerque, NM, Storm had two staff players on the show: Pete Weber and Paul Fleming.

Pete was using 2 La Ninas: both with the similar layouts, but with two different surfaces and two different weight hole locations. The ball he used on the left lane, the hooking lane, had a 5" pin from axis, mass bias in the strong position, and extra hole 2 1/2 inches from his PAP, and located on his axis midplane. On the right lane we also went with a 5" strong layout, but this one had the extra hole only 1" from his PAP on his axis midplane. The ball on the left lane had 600 surface, a green scotch-brite pad, while the ball on the right lane had a 800 surface, which is a grey scotch-brite pad. We actually used the ball that went a little longer on the tighter lane because Pete felt this ball recovered harder down the lane, which helped him give more hook where he needed it. He ended up shooting 235, but fell one lousy pin short!

Paul Fleming nearly shot a perfect game in match 2, leaving a 4 pin in the ninth frame. Paul used an Eraser with a 4" pin from axis and mass bias located on his axis midplane, with an extra hole located 2" off his axis point. He selected a surface of 400, as his release allows for good length and the heavy oil pattern had most players struggling to get the ball into a roll. It was no surprise that all five players on the telecast were players with above average roll and revolutions on the ball!

Thanks to Angel for posting this information! Look for more information to be posted by Hank Boomershine, Storm's new Tour Rep. on the men's and ladies' professional tours.

Chad Murphy writes:
Jason Duran used a Cuda/C 2000 with a 1inch and a 1/4 hole down from his axis. We also had about 600 grit on it. White dot for spares.

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** ABC Masters Results*****
Mika Koivuniemi won his first career Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) title in the American Bowling Congress (ABC) Masters at the Albuquerque Convention Center Saturday afternoon.

Koivuniemi, Finland, seized a narrow victory over PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber in the title match, 236-235, and collected the $35,000 first-place check. Pete's PBA suspension had no jurisdiction over an ABC event, and he will be allowed to participate

Pos. Name, City & State Total/Money Amount
1. Mika Koivuniemi, Finland 482 (2 games) $35,000
2. Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo. 235 (1 game) $19,000
3. Paul Fleming, Bedford, Texas 514 (2 games) $13,000
4. Jason Duran, Wichita, Kan. 452 (2 games) $ 9,000
5. Chris Barnes, Wichita, Kan. 222 (1 game) $ 7,000

PWBA player Dana Miller-Mackie became the first woman to make the 64-person double elimination bracket round, finishing tied for 17th through 24th place.

Complete details can be found on a number of websites, including the official ABC Tournament site, the ABC site, and the PBA site,

The next televised PBA event comes from the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where the Seniors will be participating in the Brunswick Senior Slam. The Fox Sports Net telecast featuring the eight-man shoot-out finals will air Saturday, June 24 (check for local times).

The "junior" PBA Tour takes a week off before the Wichita Open. The event will be contested June 27 - July 8. FOX Sports Net will televise the finals Saturday, July 1.

***** WIBC Friendship Squad *****
An entire squad of eager bowlers floored during the Friendship Squad at the WIBC Championship Tournament. But unlike other teams, they didn't know their teammates. Driven by numerous requests to help bowlers match up with women in similar situations, WIBC has been pairing teams and doubles partners since the 1997 Tournament in Reno.

For the entire story, log on to

***** Coaching Information *****
In time for the 2000 National Coaching Convention, we ask have you ever wanted to help a bowler and didn't know exactly where to begin?

Sure, you've been bowling forever, but you have you had the urge to convey that knowledge to the pint-sized set? YABA offers classes for Youth Bowling instruction. To find out more, visit the Youth Coaching page at The daylong seminars can help you give back to the sport, while fostering a love of bowling among another generation.

If helping other adults is more your speed, then visit and learn about the Bronze and Silver level coaching classes offered through USA Bowling.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 3/4 at 16:12 EDT on 06/16/2000
Brunswick (BC) 17 11/16 at 17:51 EDT on 06/16/2000

*** And Finally ***
In the next coming weeks, we'll have stories on the GSTDs trips to the Lilac. And the GSTDs will be making a special guest appearance at the Hoinke over the Fourth of July weekend. Rick Benoit will have updates from the Brunswick Senior Slam and the High Roller.

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