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Kegler's Connection

   June 05, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
       3. Message Board Community Open House
       4. Albuquerque Open TV Top Five
       5. BWAA Names May Bowler of the Month
       6. Telecast Schedule
       7.  Single Membership Organization Update
       8.  ABC Low to Cash
 Miscellaneous News:
       9. Stock Watch
       10. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

Welcome to a slightly abbreviated edition of Kegler's Connection.  This week we're coming to you from Reno and the ABC Championships Tournament.  In this issue, you'll read about the low-to-cash scores from ABC, you'll find out who the Bowling Writers chose as bowler of the month for May, and George talks about maintaining your equipment.
2. Tip of the Week

This week, George talks about maintaining your equipment.

During the course of an entire league season, variables in your equipment can and will change.  Some of the changes will make your time easier, some will make it tougher. Bowling equipment is like anything else, wear and tear is simply a fact.  Here are some tips to maintaining your equipment.  Some of these things I have discussed in previous tips, but they bear repeating.

1. Have a wire brush in your bag of tricks.  The soles of bowling shoes are a magnet for all kinds of substances that do not belong there.  Having something handy that can clean the surface of your soles will ensure you a proper footing for when you go out onto the lanes.

2. Fitting in your ball.  Numerous things affect how well you fit into your bowling ball. Weather, what you had to eat that day, the time of day, etc.  Some people naturally have swelling in their hands first thing in the morning, and it is hard to be able to fit into their thumbholes.  If you eat salty foods before you go out to bowl, the salt can cause water retention and cause swelling in the hands as well.  A good trick when your hands are slightly puffy for any reason is to grab a regular paper napkin, place it over your thumbhole, and work your thumb into your thumbhole, this will cause the excess swelling to leave your hand, and will let you fit into the ball much better.  On the other hand, things like cold weather can cause hands to shrink, in which case it is imperative to have tape handy to fit into your holes.  White tape is generally a bit thicker and more textured than black tape, so it is a matter of personal preference as to which one you use for your ball.  It is also a good idea to have some kind of cleaning solution (ABC approved of course), such as rubbing alcohol to clean out the gunkiness that can occur when taking out tape from your thumbhole.

3. Finger inserts.  This is probably one of the most neglected parts of bowlers equipment (at least the ones who use them).  Finger inserts are not made to last forever, and the more they wear down the less lift and turn you will be able to apply to the bowling ball.  The frequency you replace your grips is dependent on how much you bowl with the bowling ball.  As a rule of thumb, if you start to see the lip of the insert going away, it is getting time to replace it.  Many times a bowler thinks his ball is losing its punch and will pay for a resurfacing when in fact his inserts are not letting him or her put the proper lift on the ball.

4. Resurfacing.  That being said, it IS important to make certain the surface of your ball is as clean as you can make it.  Oil and dirt attach themselves to the surface of your bowling ball, especially the tacky reactive resins that are currently on the market.  They love to grab oil.  If you have access to a spinner and the appropriate tools, you would want to do it at regular intervals in conjuncture with how often you bowl.  If you only bowl 3 games a week, you won't have to do it as often as one who bowls 20 games a week, etc.  Even if you have a personal spinner, it is a good idea to get advice from your qualified pro shop operator as to how to go about doing it.  Personally, I would recommend having it done at a pro shop, as that is part of what they do for a living, and therefore are extremely proficient at it.

Hopefully this will give you a head start on managing your equipment. Having your equipment in good working order will help you in the long run.

Till next time :)
George Freeman

Need help with your Physical & Mental Game? Discuss it with's Volunteers and other knowledgeable bowlers at:
3. Message Board Community Open House

We are proud to announce that we recently surpassed our initial objective of having 1000 registered members to the's Message Board Community. To celebrate the achievement of this goal we are having an open house, through June 18, 2001.

During the open house nonmembers will be able to access The Community and read all the topics in the forums without registering. If a nonmember should want to reply to an existing topic or start a new one, they must first register and be granted membership. But don't let that stop you because registration and membership to The Community is completely free!

The Message Board Community is the place to exchange your bowling stories, knowledge, and ideas with other bowlers; or get tips and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What are you waiting for? Check out the community today!
4. Albuquerque Open TV Top Five

On Monday's telecast Carolyn Dorin-Ballard leads from Albuquerque.  The TV top five will be
 1 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
 2 Lisa Bishop
 3 Cara Honeychurch
 4 Wendy Macpherson
 5 Liz Johnson

In keeping with Kegler's Connection policy, we don't publish results before a telecast.  To find out the winner, visit:
5. BWAA Names May Bowler of the Month

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard was selected Bowling Writers

Association of America Bowler of the Month for May by a select panel of the organization, BWAA President Fran Deken announced today.

Dorin-Ballard won two titles last month—the Women's International Bowling Congress Queens Tournament in Sunrise Fla., and the Albuquerque (N.M.) Open, which was her 12th career Professional Women's Bowling Association championship. The 36-year-old right-hander from North Richland Hills, Tex., also had third-place finishes in Omaha, Neb., and Fairview Heights, Ill.

Bob Glass of Lawrence, Kan., who captured his fourth and fifth Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour titles in consecutive weeks in Syracuse, N.Y., and Reading, Pa., respectively, was runner-up in the balloting.

Visit BWAA's web site at:
6. Telecast Schedule

PBA, Seattle PBA Open, ESPN, (tape delay) Sunday, June 3, 12:30 pm ET
PWBA, Albuquerque Open, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, June 4, 9:00 pm ET and Tuesday, June 5, at 3:00 pm ET.
PBA, Northwest PBA Senior Classic, ESPN, (tape delay) Sunday, June 10, 12:30 pm ET
PWBA, Wheelchair Awareness Classic, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, June 11, 10:30 pm ET and Sunday, June 17, at 3:00 *am* ET.
ABC Masters/PBA, ESPN, (tape delay) Sunday, June 17, 12:30 pm ET
PWBA, Greater San Diego Open, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, June 18, 9 pm ET and Thursday, June 21, at 1:00 pm ET
PBA, The Orleans Casino PBA Senior Open, ESPN, (tape delay) Sunday, June 24, 12:30 pm ET
PWBA, Fort Worth Classic, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, June 25, 9 pm ET and Thursday, June 28, at 1:00 pm ET

Keep up to date on every bowling telecast by visiting:
7. Single Membership Organization Update

GREENDALE, Wis.-Acknowledging that revisions are needed, both American Bowling Congress (ABC) and Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC) Boards of Directors agreed the Single Membership Organization (SMO) concept study will continue. The decision came following the recent ABC convention and WIBC annual meeting. During those conventions, those in attendance were clear. Change is necessary and a structure different from zones and regions needs to be considered.

"Leadership of both organizations heard that message loud and clear at their conventions this spring," said WIBC President Joyce Deitch. As a result, the leadership will restructure the original task force with two ad hoc committees.

One of the new committees will develop the organizational and governance structure. That committee will be asked to focus its work on developing a plan that emphasizes state and local structures in its formation. To provide focus for the committee, the working name "United States Bowling Association" (USBA) rather than SMO will be used.

The second ad hoc committee will concentrate its efforts on identifying all legal and tax ramifications at every level of the consolidation.

"Leadership is extremely grateful to the original task force members who not only developed a high level concept, but also determined that a SMO is feasible and necessary for bowling," Executive Director Roger Dalkin said. "Now everyone involved recognizes the depth of information that is needed for us to move forward. Quite frankly, expecting one task force to come up with all the answers is unrealistic." Separating the work into two distinct functions will streamline the process and get to the detail, he added.

While committee members have yet to be announced, it is known that some of the original task force members will be retained on both committees and grassroot representatives will be added to the study teams.

Information about the concept of forming the USBA will be shared with local and state associations during summer jamborees and
state/provincial workshops. Leadership of ABC, WIBC and Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA), as well as the ad hoc committees, expect to obtain quantifiable feedback about the SMO concept during these meetings. Recommendations will be collected and evaluated so that necessary revisions to the plan can be made in preparation for presenting a final document to the boards for review at their fall meetings.

Should the boards approve the concept, action would be taken by delegates at the 2002 ABC Convention and WIBC Annual Meeting. The corporate laws for each organization require a two-thirds vote to approve the action. No decision has been made how many of the five affected organizations must approve the action for the initiative to
move forward.

The SMO feasibility study was initiated in January 2000 by the membership leaders of ABC, WIBC and YABA to consolidate their
organizations as well as USA Bowling and Bowling Inc.  Recommendations to the concept can be directed to: Therese Abair, Project Manager, Single Membership Organization, P.O. Box 221304, West Palm Beach, FL 33422, Fax: (801) 751-1561, E-mail: [email protected].

Read what others have to say about the SMO and give your opinion at:
8. ABC Low to Cash

As the ABC Championships Tournament comes into its final weeks, the number crunchers have posted the low scores to cash.  The estimated scores needed to earn a check in Reno are as follows:

Current as of 6/1/01
           Reg.    Classified
Team        2,737    2,562
Doubles    1,118    1,019
Singles    573    520
All Events    1,742    1,564
9. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.085 on 06/05/01 at 15:55 EDT.
Brunswick (BC) 23.89 on 06/05/01 at 16:01 EDT.
10. And Finally

We're looking for bowling news!  We accept for consideration any news, story ideas, and press releases, or anything else you think we should know.  Just email: [email protected]

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