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Kegler's Connection

   April 28, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Kegler's Connection off to WIBC Convention
     ~ Scrambler Chat Winners
     ~ Tip of the Week
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PWBA from Mesa (Bowl for Blindness Classic)
     ~ Web Ball Declared Un-Approved
     ~ Massage Therapist Makes "Lane" Call
  * Team USA/College Bowling
     ~ Collegiate Bowlers of the Year Named
     ~ 2000 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Kegler's Connection off to WIBC Convention *****
We're wishing bowlers a safe trip to Reno, and lots of great scores. HOST GSTDs Diva and Maroon will be representing the Bowling Forum in the tournament. So if you see a different host during chat this week, know the ladies aren't slacking, they're doing their best to support their sport.

***** Scrambler Chat Winners *****
1st Place: KR822 - 148 points
2nd Place: BAzzGazM - 136 points
3rd Place: Kentucky Lucky 1 - 126 points

For a list of all the scheduled chats, visit Keyword: GS Bowling and click on the chat button. You're bound to find a time and a host that's right up your alley.

***** Tip of the Week *****
Keeping a Clear Head
By George Freeman

In any type of bowling competition, there are always comments from other players. They range from playful and funny to downright nasty. Sometimes a bowler is not doing well, and has to put all the other players down in order to make themselves feel good. I've watched this type of negative behavior take other bowlers right out of their games. They think too much about what the person is saying, or get so annoyed at the person that they lose sight of what their job is: knock down pins. Keeping a clear head will allow you to focus on the job at hand.

Think of your mind as a pool of water. When you look into the water, you see your reflection. The water is still, the mind is clear. Now imagine a pebble representing some kind of negative thought. When the pebble is dropped into the water, it causes ripples, which distort your reflection. Too many pebbles in the water, and you can see yourself anymore. Same goes with bowling, if you keep your mind clear of the negative stuff, you'll have a clear picture.

When someone is acting out or being obnoxious, let whatever they are saying go in one ear and out the other. What they are doing is not your concern. Don't dwell on what they say, or even pay any credence to it. More often than not, they want to take other people out of their game so that they will not bowl as well. Don't let them get you!!!

Good luck and high scores :)

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
**** PWBA from Mesa (Bowl for Blindness Classic) *****
Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y., will be the top seed during Friday's TV finals at Country Club Bowl in Mesa, Ariz., for the PWBA Bowl For Blindness Classic. Feldman powered her way into the lead averaging 221.02. The telecast airs Wednesday, May 3, at 1 PM ET on ESPN2.

Wendy Macpherson made a dramatic move, starting the final round in 12th place, 105 pins from 5th place. Macpherson bowled a 299, 235, and a 241 her last three games, helping her to climb into 5th.

Rounding out the top five are Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, in second place; Dana Miller-Mackie in third and rookie Tennelle Grijalva, making her first TV appearance as a professional.

(A special note to the ball companies: help us tell our readers what the PWBA pros were throwing. Email [email protected])

Check for round-by-round updates from the PWBA next stop in San Diego in The Pro Tours message folder at AOL Keyword: GSBowling or visit

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** Web Ball Declared Un-Approved *****
For months now rumors were rampant that the plastic Brunswick Web Ball was being disallowed for use at national tournaments as the ABC/WIBC ruled the ball does not meet ABC/WIBC specifications. After receiving several inquiries's staff attempted to reach the ABC/WIBC for comment several times over the past few months, however, our requests have gone unanswered.

The balls were sold with the ABC/WIBC approval logo on the box. No statement was made to pro shops by Brunswick or its distributors that the ball's approval was in question until now.

In a letter dated April 21, 2000 to Brunswick Dealers, J.T. McDonald, General Manager Consumer Products of Brunswick Indoor Recreation Group announced that Brunswick has "...been unable to secure ABC approval for the Web Ball." He further stated that Brunswick would replace any pro shop inventory of Web balls with a new ball "...up to the value of an Attack Zone M.R."

For complete details, visit

***** Massage Therapist Makes "Lane" Call *****
Bowlers competing in Albuquerque during the ABC Tournament might have noticed the Tao massage therapist inside the lobby of the convention center. Several bowlers during our visit took advantage of the services provided. But the therapist made a lane call on Monday, April 24 to tend to an injured bowler.

For the entire story, visit

*** Team USA/College Bowling ***
***** Collegiate Bowlers of the Year Named*****
Bowling Forum Chat Host, tip writer extraordinaire, and University of Miami Bowling Team Coach, Jeff Piroozshad and Jessica DeCrescente of Morehead State University have been named the 2000 Collegiate Bowlers of the Year by the Bowling Writers Association of America. The Collegiate Bowlers of the year will receive a $1000 scholarship compliments of Columbia 300 and Ebonite International.

Robin Crawford and Joy Esterson from Morehead State, Amy Rocco and Mike Bronsart from Arizona State, Jackie Edwards from Fresno State, Ian Lan of St. Johns, Don Pyle of Delaware, and Brian Hatcher of Wichita State will be awarded Honorable Mention and each will receive a $500 scholarship.

The awards will be presented at the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships at Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas on April 26 thru April 29. The National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association All-America Teams are also expected to be announced during the tournament.

***** 2000 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships *****
The 2000 Intercollegiate Championships are being held in Wichita. For daily results visit or

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 1 15/16 at 15:56 EDT on 4/28/2000
Brunswick (BC) 19 3/16 at 16:01 EDT on 4/28/2000

*** And Finally ***
As soon as WIBC convention is over, we'll be bringing you details on issues that concern every bowler like sanction increases and other proposed amendments. For live coverage of the event, you can visit

Send your story ideas and suggestions to [email protected]. Have a great week!

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