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Kegler's Connection

   April 26, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
       3. Telecast Schedule
       4. WIBC Convention Notes
       5. Bowling Ball Specifications Tightened
 College News
       6.  Nebraska and Western Illinois Win Intercollegiate Bowling Championships
       7. Freshmen Win BWAA's Collegiate Bowler-of-the-Year Awards
 BPAA News
       8. Maryland Duo Wins Tequila Rose Finals
 World Team Challenge News
       9. Lake Worth, Florida Results
 World Bowling Masters News
       10. Kulick, Hoffman Represent U.S. in Abu Dabai
 Miscellaneous News:
       11. Stock Watch
       12. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

Welcome to the latest edition of Kegler's Connection.  It's Secretary's Day, so be sure to thank your bowling secretary for all he or she does for your leagues.  In this issue, find out what's happening at the WIBC Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, get the summer PBA schedule (including ABC Masters), and read George's suggestions on getting the most out of your equipment.
2. Tip of the Week

This week, George talks about getting the most out of your equipment

Today's high powered equipment is made for big hook and lots of punch on the pins.  But ever notice that after a certain amount of time, the ball doesn't hook as much, or hit as hard?  Usually, this is the result of oil being soaked into the bowling ball.  Today's resin and proactive bowling balls "track out" much more quickly the equipment of the past.  There are steps you can take to lengthen the lifespan of your bowling ball.

Be mindful of how your ball reacts on a consistent basis.  When you see the reaction slipping, it may be time to get it resurfaced by a pro shop professional.  This will take much of the oil that has been soaked into the ball over extended use and restore some of the factory finish that it had when it first came out of the box.  The frequency you do this is solely dependent on how much you use the ball, but a good baseline number is every 45-50 games or so.  It will differ with each bowling ball, as not all balls are made the same.

If you use finger inserts, make sure they are replaced when they start to wear down.  When they wear down, they change the way you release the ball, which will in turn affect how your ball rolls down the lane.  Again, this is dependent on how much you bowl, so change the inserts as needed.  If you start feeling more play inside the holes, take it to your pro shop operator, and he can get you replacements.

It's always a good idea to keep rubbing alcohol in your bag of tricks for cleaning purposes.  Some clean their equipment after every session to keep the oil from soaking all the way in the ball, some use it to get rid of grease marks that sometimes end up on bowling balls.  Acetone is not a legal substance for equipment, so do not use it while you are bowling, or your ball could get disqualified.  The American Bowling Congress has a list of chemicals cleared for use in competition.

A new bowling ball is a lot like a new car.  If you change the oil and fluids at the proper times, your car will last you for years.  Same goes for a bowling ball, proper maintenance will prolong the life of your equipment.

Till next time,
George Freeman

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3. Telecast Schedule

PWBA, WIBC Queens, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, May 14, 9:00 pm ET and Thursday, May 17th, at 1:00 pm ET.
PWBA, St. Clair Classic, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, May 21, 9:00 pm ET and Wednesday, May 23, at 1:00 pm ET

Keep up to date on every PBA, PWBA, and other bowling telecasts by visiting:
4. WIBC Convention Notes

Tulsa, Oklahoma will host the 2005 WIBC Championship Tournament and Annual Meeting.  Delegates considered 17 amendments to WIBC, heard information from the Single Membership Organization Task Force, and learned that Joyce Deitch will not run for reelection as WIBC President when her term ends next year.

Get a complete wrap-up of the 2001 Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at:
5. Bowling Ball Specifications Tightened

The American Bowling Congress/Womenís International Bowling Congress Equipment Specifications Committee has approved the revision of two important specifications on all bowling balls.

The committee approved the tightening of the upper average (from 0.327 to 0.290) and upper limit (from 0.390 to 0.320) specifications of the coefficient of friction (COF) of bowling balls.

This revision is effective immediately and applies to any new ball or the remanufacture of any previously approved ball. Any bowling ball currently approved will remain on the approved ball list.

The new specifications were implemented for several reasons. One underlying intention of updating these specifications is the ABC/WIBC Sport Bowling program.

Read more about it at:

Comment on the changes at:
6. Nebraska and Western Illinois Win Intercollegiate Bowling Championships
by Jeff Piroozshad, Guest Writer

Grand Rapids, MI -- Two years ago, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln women's bowling team and the Western Illinois University men's bowling team were on top of the world, crowned as the 1999 Intercollegiate Bowling Champions.  After two years of waiting, both schools regained their past glory, taking the 2001 IBC's at Spectrum Lanes in Grand Rapids, MI.

Read more about the IBCs at:

Congratulate your favorite teams and players at:
7. Freshmen Win BWAA's Collegiate Bowler-of-the-Year Awards

Shannon Pluhowsky, a freshman at the University of Nebraska and Bill O'Neill, a freshman at Saginaw Valley State University, were named the 2001 Collegiate Bowlers of the Year by the Bowling Writers Association of America. In addition, these bowlers will receive a $1,000 scholarship, compliments of Columbia 300 (Women's Division) and Ebonite International (Men's Division).

Read the entire story at:

Congratulate the winners and the runners up by visiting:
8. Maryland Duo Wins Tequila Rose Finals

The $20,000 prize and the National Tequila Rose Mixed Doubles Tournament title left with Marcus Whitley a 31-year-old electrician and Tommie Jones a 32-year-old security officer of Temple Hills, Md.

For a complete tournament wrapup, visit:
9. Lake Worth, Florida World Team Challenge Results

Cassat Batt Bowl of Jacksonville Beach, FL, rode the perfect performance of anchorman Stan Sprow in the championship match April 22 to win the seventh ABC/Brunswick World Team Challenge qualifying event of 2001 at Don Carter Lanes in Lake Worth, Florida.

Read all about the Lake Worth event and find out about future qualifiers by visiting:
10. Kulick, Hoffman Represent U.S. in Abu Dabai

Kelly Kulick and Bill Hoffman are representing the United States as U.S. Amateur Champions in the World Bowling Masters tournament in Abu Dabai.

Check their progress at:
11. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.10 on 4/26/01 at 12:41 EDT
Brunswick (BC) 20.59 on 4/26/01 at 12:50 EDT
12. And Finally

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