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   April 02, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
       3. Chris Barnes Photo in this Week's SI
 Hollywood News:
       4. Malcolm in the Middle Bowling Episode Aired Sunday
       5. Bob Summerville Dead at 54
       6. 87 Year Old Shoots 300
       7. Sport Bowling Nears Fruition
 World Team Challenge News
       8. Pennsylvania Team Wins Windsor Locks WTC
 Miscellaneous News:
       9. Stock Watch
       10. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

As we "spring forward," we welcome you to the latest edition of Kegler's Connection .  This week's we bring you news on the passing of Bob Summerville, World Team Challenge news, and George talks about practicing smart .
2. Tip of the Week

This week, George talks about practicing smart.

As with just about any sport, practice is essential to maintaining a solid game.  However, the way you approach your practice sessions will determine how much you get out of them. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "You play like you practice," and it's true.  If you go into the bowling center to practice thinking, "Geez, I have to go in and practice," like it's a prison sentence or something, then chances are you aren't going to get a whole lot out of the session.  Your attitude towards practice will define how well you perform.  In short, you have to want to be there.

When you've decided you want to be there, you then have to determine what it is you want to work on.  Does your timing need work?  Your swing?  Your pushaway?  If you need to work on one of these things, then pick one and work at it.  Don't worry too much about where the ball is going, just concentrate on what it is you are working on.  For instance, if you want to work on making your pushaway more consistent, then work on just that.  Don't try to work on your pushaway at the same time you want to work on other things.  You could end up putting too much thought into your shot..."ok, make sure my knees are bent and my pushaway is good and my swing is right and my head is steady and my....."  You'll end up looking like the robot from Lost in Space with all those variables running around in your head.  Pick one thing, work on it, let everything else go.  Your shots will be much more fluid and give you a better idea if your practice is paying off.

Don't just play the track area of your home center.  Like I've said many times before, house conditions are usually the same in any particular house.  Chances are you already know how to play it, so try somewhere else on the lane.  If the house shot is outside, try playing the middle of the lane.  You may not need it in league, but if you go bowl a tournament and the outside shot isn't there, you'll have a better chance of doing well inside if you've practiced it.

Occasionally it is good to bowl for score in practice.  When you do this, try to imagine yourself in different situations.  If you got a halfway decent imagination, this won't be too hard.  In your tenth frame, imagine yourself needing a double to win the game for your team.  Try to feel the emotions that would be present in a real situation like that.  Then, do your best to execute.  There is an endless number of scenarios you can imagine for yourself.  Being familiar with the emotions of certain situations will better prepare you for them when they come, and can give you the edge you need to come out on top.

And finally, no matter what, try to have fun.  Each of us started in this sport because we enjoyed it, so don't forget to enjoy yourself.  As I mentioned before, sometimes we go into a practice session, or even a league or tournament for that matter, thinking it's a chore.  These kind of thoughts will lead to negative emotions going into a league or practice session, putting a damper on your performance before you even put your bowling shoes on.  Remember to think positive; if you don't bowl well in the practice session or the league, there will not be a firing squad waiting for you in the parking lot.  Honest.

Well, hopefully this will give you a starting blueprint for your practice, good luck!!!!!

Till next week :)

George Freeman

Discuss your issues with the Physical & Mental Game at:
3. Chris Barnes Photo in this Week's SI

Bowlers opening the April 2 edition of Sports Illustrated will find a two-page photo of Chris Barnes bowling during the Villages outdoor telecast.

If you are a fan of Chris Barnes check out his official fan club at:
4. Malcolm in the Middle Bowling Episode Aired Sunday

It wasn't an April Fool's joke, bowling was featured prominently in this week's episode of Malcolm in the Middle.  While the show hardly presents the Ozzie and Harriet or Brady Bunch lifestyle, bowlers have had mixed reactions to the episode.  Malcolm in the Middle, Fox Network's quirky comedy, airs Sundays at 8:30 pm EDT.

How did the episode "strike" you?  Did it hit the mark?  Share your comments on the episode by visiting:
5. Bob Summerville Dead at 54

Bob Summerville, Publisher of Bowling This Month and creator of the Super School, passed away at about 3:30 EST Monday afternoon at his home in San Marcos, Texas after a long battle with cancer.

Bob was a wonderful person, a loving husband, a good father, and a great asset to the bowling industry. He will be miss him dearly by anyone who knew him.

Share your condolences at:
6. 87-Year-Old Shoots 300

Berry Thomas of Nashville, Tenn., became the oldest person to roll a 300 game March 26 when he achieved the feat 12 days short of his 88th birthday.

Thomas rolled the perfect game in the Monday Senior League at AMF Pla-Mor Lanes. At age 87 years, 11 months old, he beat the previous oldest 300 shooter, Joe Dean, who was 87 years, 6 months old when he had 300 in Columbus, Ohio, on June 15, 1999.

For more information, visit:
7. Sport Bowling Nears Fruition

Final approval by the WIBC Convention delegates is the only thing standing between Sport Bowling being a formally recognized option for ABC and WIBC leagues.  Bowlers will pay an additional $9 sanction fee in addition to their regular sanction fees and be eligible for special Sport Bowling logoed honor score awards for games bowled on the special, more challenging lane conditions.

Read more about Sport Bowling at:
8.  Pennsylvania Team Wins Windsor Locks WTC  

Starting and finishing strong, members of Bixler's Pro Shop of Reading, Pa., captured the fifth event of the 2001 American Bowling Congress/Brunswick World Team Challenge series March 25.

Glenn Dunkelberger, Paul Woerner, Heath Brightbill, Troy Lint and Mike Bixler combined to beat Columbia 300 Rock Stars of Broad Brook, Conn., 493-411 in the two-game title match at Bradley Bowl in Windsor Locks, Conn. The event featured a sold-out field of 84 teams

Read more about it at:
9. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.135 on 04/02/01 at 11:47 EDT.
Brunswick (BC) 19.60 on 04/02/01 at 16:01 EDT.
10. And Finally

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