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Kegler's Connection

   March 12, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
       3. ABC Convention Carried Live
       4. Corpus Christie Gets ABC 2006
       5. Single Membership Organization FAQ
       6. YABA Stars
 College Bowling News:
       7. 2001 IBC Sectionals
 World Team Challenge News:
       8. Richland, Washington Event
 Miscellaneous News:
       9. Stock Watch
     10. And Finally

1. Welcome Notes

In this week's edition of Kegler's Connection you'll read who won the Washington World Team Challenge, you'll read where ABC will be bowling in 2006, and George talks about progressing from fun leagues to more serious ones.
2. Tip of the Week

This week, George talks about progressing as a player.

One of the things that makes the sport of bowling so popular is that it literally has something for everyone.  From youth bumper leagues to adult scratch "sport condition" money leagues, and everything in between, there is a league for everyone.  But how do you know when to go from one level to the next?  Basically, it is personal preference.  One factor is how far you are willing to go as a bowler.  If you just want to go and have a good time with friends and family, then a mixed handicap fun league is probably for you: They are relatively inexpensive, and most are not very serious. This would be a good place for any beginning bowler to start out, because for the most part, there is little pressure to do well, the handicap is based on your average, which makes scoring more even across the board.

However, if you are looking to become a more talented player, then handicap leagues will lose their luster for you as you progress, because the handicap will work against you as your average increases.  Plus, for many bowlers, the better the competition that surrounds them, the better they get.  So you'll want to be with bowlers with similar goals.  It also depends on how much time you are willing to devote to becoming a more talented player.  It won't do you much good to bowl in the big money leagues if all you bowl is three games a week, because your chances of maintaining any consistency in your game is severely lowered unless you are doing it over and over again.

There is nothing wrong with being either the fun handicap bowler or the serious scratch money league bowler or anywhere in between.  Each group has a place in this sport, but to get the most enjoyment out of your league night, decide for yourself which is right for you, then do the necessary things to make it happen.  You'll have a lot more fun in the long term.

Till next time,
George Freeman

Discuss your issues with the Physical & Mental Game at:
3. ABC Convention Carried Live will carry the 110th ABC Convention live Friday, March 16 including votes on the proposed amendments and convention week highlights.  To find out what's going on in Reno this week, visit

What rules do you think the ABC/WIBC should adopt or drop?
4. Corpus Christie Gets ABC 2006

The 2006 American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament has
been awarded to Corpus Christi, Texas, making its second visit to the south Texas resort town.  Corpus Christi hosted its first ABC Championships in 1992 and again also will host the ABC Convention as part of the bid.

For more information on Corpus Christie and the ABC Championships Tournament, visit:

Discuss this at:
5. Single Membership Organization FAQ

The Single Membership Organization Task Force has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for members of ABC, WIBC, and YABA to understand the implications of any proposed merger.  

For a list of the FAQ and a proposed timeline toward implementation of a single membership organization, please visit:

Give your opinion:
6. YABA Stars

YABA bowlers from across the nation continue to put up numbers that are worth mentioning.  Congratulations to 16-year-old David Matthews for his 827 series.  

For a list of all the honor scores, visit:

Post your high scores and achievements at:
7. Intercollegiate Bowling Championships Sectionals to Begin

The 2001 IBC Sectionals will include 66 men's teams and 57 women's teams competing in Downington, PA; Lexington, KY; Kansas City, MO; and Avondale, AZ.

For a calendar of events during sectionals, visit:

For in-depth information on the college teams, visit:
8.  Washington World Team Challenge

Rallying from the last match play spot, members of Flat Earth Society of Spokane, Wash., captured the fourth qualifier in the 2001 American Bowling Congress/Brunswick World Team Challenge series March 11
at Fiesta Bowl in Richland, Wash.

Lance Steggell, Rob Cline, Mike Hanson, Mike Saville, and Sean Heath combined for a 415-391 two-game Baker System victory over a BWTC veteran Contour Grips team from Everett, Wash. The victory earned Flat Earth Society a spot in the BWTC Grand Championships this fall at a place and time to be announced.
9.  Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) .13 at 15:07 EST on 03/12/01
Brunswick (BC) 22.23 at 16:01 EST on 03/12/01
10. And Finally

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