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   February 28, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Grandstand Sports Pages Debut
     ~ Rick's Report--Timing is Everything
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship
     ~ Balls Used on the PBA National Championship Telecast
     ~ Did You Know?
     ~ ABC Tournament News
     ~ Richest Ever Prize Fund for Reno's WIBC 2000
     ~ Scott Norton Named Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow
  * WTC/Team USA News
     ~ Indianapolis Results Announced
     ~ Team USA Simplifies Qualifiers
  * College Bowling
     ~ Poll Winners Announced
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Bowling Cards Available Online
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Grandstand Sports Pages Debut *****
The Grandstand has created a "forum" for all the web sites and submissions, including bowling. It's an easy place to access The Right Approach column, as well as Bowling Forum news. Stop by and see what other bowling "league sheet" web sites can look like at Grandstand Sports Pages (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Rick's Report--Timing Is Everything *****
In the sport of bowling, there are few things as important as timing. Timing is also one of the most confusing parts of the game. Picture timing as being the synchronization of gears. There are various types of timing and the gears will operate with either, but imagine the inconsistency of a machine that has gears with poor synchronization. The most important issue when discussing timing is consistency. You will find that instructors tend to favor a specific timing based on their experiences. In my opinion there are two types of timing: approach timing and release timing. This can become a real problem if the instructor does not have the ability to separate approach timing and release timing. Once the two have been separated and understood, we need to bring them together so there is a feeling of leverage and freedom of motion.

I believe in separating them, so it is easier to understand the purpose and importance of each. I prefer to start at the foul line and work backwards. How a bowler gets to the foul line has proven to be as varied as the type of balls being used on the lane. Once the bowler gets to the foul line you start to see a lot of similarities among the elite bowlers. I believe that the release timing is the key factor while approach timing allows the bowler to get to that position easier and more fluidly. It is not my intention to try and change a bowler's timing but understanding each will help you make a decision.

Let's start with release timing. Release timing is basically the position of the ball in relation to the body leverage at the foul line. It all starts with body leverage. Imagine the body being in the perfect leverage position. When the body is in perfect leverage position, the force of the ball weight and motion will actually pull the body into the floor through the slide ankle. This will lock or secure the body and allow all the energy being applied through the swing motion to be transferred to the ball at release. Any variance of this body leverage is taking away from the energy transfer. If you do not understand body position at the foul line refer back to Tip entitled Preparing the Mind and Body to Bowl.

Imagine a machine of any type placed at the foul line. Attach to one side of this machine an arm that swings, make sure that there is a weight attached to this arm equal to that of a bowling ball. Now pull the arm back as far as you like and let it go. It is quite obvious what will happen. Now increase the weight of the object and increase the height of the swing, and just because, add a little extra push to get the ball started faster. You will find the balance of the machine to be directly related to the weight and the swing force. Now picture how far away from the base of the machine the arm is located and the direction the arm is swung. You can imagine that the further away from the base the arm is then the more unstable the machine will be. At the same time imagine the direction this arm is swinging. This direction has a tremendous effect on the base as well.

I hope this paints a good picture of what is going on at the foul line with your body. Your ankle is the base and you are applying the ball weight and swing force. Your machine will be as stable as your leverage and swing force permit. The greater the swing force, the greater the need for proper leverage. The closer the swing force is to the base (ankle) the greater the stability. When the stability is increased the greater the transfer of energy from the machine (body) to the ball.

Now since we understand body leverage, understand the purpose of an approach. Ask yourself why we have an approach in bowling? I promise you it has nothing to do with consistency and accuracy. The reason we have an approach is because the pins are 60 feet away. We use the approach to create the momentum we need to provide the optimal energy at the pins. I bring this up because it is not a constant. Lets use the extreme examples here to paint a picture. If we were bowling on dirt and the pins were 60 feet away imagine the type of force it would take to get a ball to skid-roll-hook. That would be humanly impossible. Now imagine bowling on an ice rink.
The pins are still 60 feet away try and get that ball to skid-roll-hook. These are the extremes and we do not see that wide a range in a bowling environment but I guarantee you that it can seem that extreme. If the surface friction was as low as it is in an ice rink we would not need an approach at all. As a matter of fact we would benefit by having less build up of momentum. And just the opposite on dirt or grass.

This is how and where most bowlers develop release styles and timing synchronizations. If the emphasis is on speed and revs a bowler develops a certain style, If the desire is less speed and revs we have another and if revs are not ideal you will see another style to match the speed. I prefer to look at things as not right or wrong but relative to what you are bowling on. If you are competing on a given condition it is quite often to adapt your game to fit those conditions with no concern about others. If you are going to compete on a wide variety of conditions I think a bowler should learn a more versatile timing synchronization that allows a higher degree of tolerance.

To be continued next week

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship *****
The telecast airs LIVE Sunday 12:30 to 2 PM ET on ESPN with a rebroadcast Thursday, March 2, 1-2 p.m. (ET), on ESPN2

1, Pete Weber
2, Ryan Shafer
3, Eric Forkel
4, Patrick Healey, Jr.
5, Danny Wiseman
6, Bryon Smith
7, Jeff Lizzi
8, Dennis Horan

*****Balls Used During the PBA National Championship Open *****
Justin Hromek threw a Mass Chaos label drilling 5 by 5 with 80 grit sandpaper.

Norm Duke used an AMF Night Hawk Torque
Leveraged Pin 3 3/8 by 4 with 1 1/16 hole 5 3/4 from his midline 1 inch down
to create more flare in the backend. Surface was 400 grit sanded.

Special thanks to Paul Figliomeni, AMF Pro Staff Tour Rep and Chad Murphy, Columbia Tour Rep for this information.

***** Did You Know? *****
Pete Weber uses 15 lb. equipment as he feels his carry is better than with 16 lbs.


Thus far in 2000, the pros have converted an impressive 172 of the 173 single-pin spares left on TV (99.42%). The pros have also left 23 splits on TV in 2000, and have managed to convert only two (8.69%). In 1999, the single-pin conversion rate on TV was 95.32% and the split conversion rate was 9.9%.

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** ABC Tournament News *****
For the latest tournament news visit:

***** Richest Ever Prize Fund for Reno's WIBC 2000 *****
Bowlers participating this spring in Reno's WIBC 2000 National Tournament will be competing for the largest prize fund ever. For details, visit

***** Scott Norton Named Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow *****
Scott Norton of Cypress, CA was named 2000 ABC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow by the American Bowling Congress. Norton, 18, is not only an exceptional bowler with a 234 high average. But also maintains a 4.27 cumulative GPA based on a 4.0 scale. Norton has been on the honor roll for his entire high school career, and was twice named Scholar of the Quarter by his school. Norton will receive a $1,000 scholarship for the award. For the full story, go to

***WTC/Team USA News***
*****Indianapolis Results Announced *****
Milwaulkee's Columbia Chaos Team captured the latest World Team Challenge event held at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis. Columbia Chaos earned the victory with a win over Neo Tac Ball Activators of New City, NY 384-375.

Also at Woodland Bowl, Team Brunswick of Lake Forest, IL won the women's only event of the World Team Challenge. Team Brunswick won with a score of 7,520 for six regular and eight Baker System matches. For the complete story go to

***** Team USA Simplifies Qualifiers *****
Team USA announced a simpler method for qualifying. Complete details can be read at

*** College Bowling ***
***** Polls Announced *****
The women's team of the University of Nebraska and the men's team of Saginaw Valley State University were the top vote-getters in the second of three Bowling Writers Association of America Polls for the 1999-2000 season. For a complete list, go to

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 2 13/16
Brunswick (BC) 17 3/4

***** Bowling Cards Available Online *****
Tired of searching for online cards with a bowling theme? now offers free e-cards with bowling designs.

Send a card from

*** And Finally ***
For those folks visiting Albuquerque for the ABC tournament, we wish you well. The Bowling Forum folks begin bowling next week, so look for details on the boards, as well as special chats live from Albuquerque.

If you have any suggestions for this newsletter, make sure to write Bowling GSTDs. Have a great week!

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