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Kegler's Connection

   February 20, 2001

  Kegler's Connection News:
      1. Welcome Notes
      2. Tip of the Week
  PBA/PWBA News:
      3. Tarheel Open Results
      4. Telecast Schedule
      5. Aulby Voted in to "Battle"
      6. Joe Norris Dead at 93
      7. Five-Man Team Game and Series Broken in Five-Day Span
      8. YABA Top Stars
  Miscellaneous News:
      9. Launches
      10. Stock Watch
      11. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend. In this week's issue, you'll read about the death of bowling legend Joe Norris, you'll find out who won the Tarheel Open, and George talks about spare balls.
2. Tip of the Week

This week George talks about using a spare ball.

Yes, all bowling balls are round, but not all bowling balls were created equal. Some hook, some don't. Some hook early, some hook late. Each bowling ball in your arsenal should be designed to do something a little different. However, one thing that is sometimes overlooked is the use of a spare ball. In other words, a ball that goes relatively straight, so as to eliminate guesswork in hooking the ball into spares. In my own opinion (others will dispute this, and it really is a matter of personal preference), the less ground a bowling ball has to cover going down the lane, the better chance the ball will have in finding its intended target.

Generally, a spare ball is something every bowler should consider having in their arsenal. Hooking the ball into spares can be a tricky business, especially on lanes that are "spotty." The ball will go from oil to dry to oil, and it will make spare shooting difficult. As I'm sure a math major once said, "The quickest way between two points is a straight line." In bowling, it is also the easiest way.

Plastic bowling balls don't have to be boring either. You can find plastic balls that are rainbow colored and ones with skulls, beer bottles, and any number of other designs in them as well. So you can be creative.

Having a spare ball in your bag isn't a necessity per se, but it is something you should definitely consider.

Till next time,

George Freeman
3. Tarheel Open Results

1. Ricky Ward, $20,000
2. Jason Couch, $10,000
3. Parker Bohn III, $7,000
4. Mike Aulby, $5,000
5. Eric Forkel, $4,000

The PBA next rolls into Florida for the outdoor Villages Sun Bowl.

To find out the balls and drillings of what the pros were using on the telecast, visit:
4. Telecast Schedule

Sunday, February 25, 12:30 pm ET, ESPN, The Villages Sun Bowl
Sunday, March 4, 2:00 pm ET, ESPN, Battle at Little Creek

The PBA then takes a hiatus, and the PWBA doesn't begin until May. Stay up-to-date by reading Kegler's Connection or visiting:
5. Aulby Voted in to Battle

With Mike Aulby's success this swing, it's little surprise he was the landslide victor of the thirty-second and final slot in the Battle at Little Creek PBA event to be contested March 1 through March 4. The 32 players are seeded like an NCAA basketball bracket, with the sixteen winners of the first matches moving on, and the losers being eliminated. The final four players will battle Sunday, March 4th, at 2 pm ET on ESPN.

To see the entire bracket of 32 bowlers set to bowl in the Battle of Little Creek, visit:
6. Joe Norris Dead at 93

SAN DIEGO, CALIF - Bowling legend Joseph John (Joe) Norris, who was schedule to compete in a record 72nd American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament on March 12, died Monday in San Diego after a two-week bout with pneumonia. Norris turned 93 on Feb. 10.

Read more about Joe Norris' bowling accomplishments at:

And offer your memories and tributes at:
7. Five-Man Team Game and Series Broken in Five-Day Span

Two teams, Print Mark Industries and O.T. Hill's, made history five days apart this week by breaking the American Bowling Congress records for five-player series and five-player game, respectively.

Print Mark Industries, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., shattered the five-player series mark Feb. 10 with 3,905 at Chacko's Family Bowling Center, eclipsing the former record of 3,870 set May 1, 1999 by Just Us Tree Service in Toledo, Ohio. A member of the Empire Arcades/Chacko's League, Print Mark Industries rolled 1,322, 1,290 and 1,293 games.

The team game record was broken Feb. 15 when O.T. Hill's fired a 1,413 in the Major City League at St. Charles (Mo.) Lanes. That edged the former record of 1,410 formerly held by Golden Harvest No. 4 of Springfield, Ill., on May 1, 1993.

Read more about these incredible events at:
8. YABA Top Stars

Congratulations to the youth bowlers like Leroy F. Anderson, who during a two-week period fired off two 300 games and a 299 game, and to Tyler G. Jensen who in the same time period shot 809 and 801.

See more great YABA bowling by visiting:
9. CDE Software Announces The Launch Of

In an effort to provide interactive standings and statistics, CDE Software launched a new site called This site uses some of the latest web technology in harmony with CDE Software's popular products.

Read more about the new web site at:
10. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) .161 at 11:48 EST on 02/20/01
Brunswick (BC) 20.86 at 12:14 EST on 02/20/01
11. And Finally

As we roll toward March, look for more tournament and convention news coming from Reno.

Help us share the news with the bowling world. We accept for consideration any news, story ideas, and press releases, or anything else you think we should know. Just email: [email protected]

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