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   February 19, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ GSTDBundy ACU-I Regional Champ
     ~ Mental Bowling Tips
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ Scrambler Returns Monday
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PBA National Championship Open Top 8
     ~ PBA Announces Summer Swing
     ~ Chuck Pezzano Honored as Ambassador of Bowling
     ~ Bryon Smith Wins Shootout in Latham
     ~ Balls Used on the PBIII Empire Open Telecast
     ~ PWBA Offers Membership FAQ
     ~ ABC Tournament News
     ~ Becker Bests Own Record at ABC Opening
     ~ MacPherson Named "Captain" of WIBC All-America Squad
     ~ Numbers in for 2000 WIBC in Reno
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** GSTDBundy ACU-I Regional Champ *****
Congratulations to our own GSTDBundy, Jeff Piroozshad for winning the Association of College Unions-International (ACU-I). Jeff shot 2055 for 9 games to qualify to bowl the ACU-I Nationals in Reno May 11-14.

Jeff is currently the team captain as well as bowling coach for the University of Miami bowling team and a Ritger's instructor. He'll be bringing chat to you soon, so congrats to Jeff and help us welcome him aboard.

***** Mental Bowling Tips*****
This tip comes from Tom Blasco, coach and mentor of our very own GSTDMaul. Tom's credentials include the following:

Pro Shop Owner of Bowler's Corner in Satellite Beach, FL
Certified under IBPSIA
Member of Sr. PBA
USA Bowling Silver Level Instructor

Mental Bowling

We constantly hear, as players, about the mental part of the game. USA Bowling along with the US Olympic Training Facility have devoted pages of material and data on preparing Team USA mentally to compete internationally. Dick Ritgers Bowling Academy has devoted large segments of its material on preparing the athlete mentally to compete. I personally have devoted hours, months and years and even printed volumes of material dedicated to the mentality of play. So much so, that someday I hope to publish a book about it which has lead to my returning to school to enhance my education in sports psychology. So without writing a term paper or a paperback book, let's look at a simple form of the Psychology of Play.

The Psychology of Play

What is your Psychology of Play? Is it grip it and rip it? Is it terrorize your opponent and the pins? Is it coast to coast every time--regardless? Or, is it stay in the pocket, maintain a routine, minimize panic syndrome, remain focused to the task at hand and stay the course with the skills you've learned?

A thoughtful approach to your psychology of play. Every player has some sort of game plan (mentally)--beginner and pro alike. Beginners may have an approach just to do the best they can at a given moment because they are playing with friends, better players, or trying to impress their girlfriend.

Good players, on the other hand, develop a game plan for practice that takes what they've learned into league, tournament, and tour play. Good players create scenarios, they create situations, they create the event or circumstance while they are practicing. They learned their natural tendencies and what their respond would be to a particular situation, make their physical or internal adjustment and let it go.

Good players are always attempting to:

* repeat shots, especially great shots. They know repetition is not thinking about a physical movement but recognize the feeling of the great shot and attempt to repeat it.

* repeat good thought processes, especially emphasizing the elimination of negative feedback or vibes.

* maintain their focus and concentration to the task at hand, thereby minimizing distractions.

* hit the pocket and not be extremely critical on a fortunate carry (strike).

* use the skills they've learned to their advantage and not criticizing themselves if it doesn't always work.

* make good decisions. If it's a poor decision, then it's a poor decision--not a disaster. There will always be tomorrow.

The Psychology of Play could be an endless list of affirmations. The whole point behind it is for the player to have a designated game plan between their ears. You don't have to brag about it or tell all your friends about it, just have it and use it to be a successful player and champion.

***** Tip of the Week *****
When shooting at spares, especially single pin spares, have you ever seen a player hook the entire lane to convert it? While this is fun to watch, it is not practical for good play. You want to use as little of the lane as is absolutely necessary, therefore limiting your odds of making a bad shot at your spare. Try breaking your wrist back, causing an end-over-end roll for your ball, making it go straighter. This will help you make single pin spares and certain 2 pin spares. But remember, there ARE times when hooking at a spare is beneficial, such as when there is double wood in your spare, like the 3-6-9-10, going straight at that spare could cause the ball to deflect away from the 9 pin, so you need to hook it into the 3-6 so it carries into the 9. Many players even have a plastic or other tamer bowling ball to decrease the hook potential at their spares. Just remember, straight is great at spares.

***** Scrambler Returns Monday *****
Join HOST GSTD SteveM for the return of Scrambler Chat. Contestants compete to unscramble bowling-related words and names. You can find the schedule for Scrambler and other hosted chats here: Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PBA National Championship Open Top 8*****
The telecast airs Sunday 12:30 to 2 PM ET.

1, Jason Couch, Clermont, Fla., 28-19-1, 15,155
2, Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., 31-17 15,144
3, Jess Stayrook, San Diego, 30-17-1, 14,985
4, Chris Barnes, Wichita, Kan., 35-13, 14,979
5, Justin Hromek, Andover, Kan., 28-19-1, 14,921
6, Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 30-18, 14,902
7, Roger Bowker, Ocala, Fla., 28-19-1, 14,873
8, Eric Forkel, Northridge, Calif., 29-18-1, 14,811

***** PBA Announces Summer Swing *****
The PBA announced this week a televised summer tour swing on Fox Sports Net, including the ABC Masters, the Wichita Open, the Tucson Open, and the US Open.

For dates and times, visit

***** Chuck Pezzano Honored as Ambassador of Bowling *****
Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Hall of Famer Chuck Pezzano has been selected as the recipient of this year's Eddie Elias Ambassador of Bowling Award. Pezzano, Clifton, NJ, will receive the award Sunday, Feb. 20, during the second annual PBA Awards Dinner at Tangier Restaurant in Akron, Ohio. Pezzano joins Elias, Dick Weber, the late Darold Dobs and Chris Schenkel as recipients of the award.

For more info, read

***** Bryon Smith Wins Shootout in Latham *****
Bryon Smith was the "last man standing" and earned $5,000 as 30 PBA players participated in the Budweiser World Class Shootout at Bowler's Club in Latham, NY, Monday, Feb. 7. The shootout was contested as a prelude to the PBA Tour's Parker Bohn III Empire State Open. In a shootout format that has previously been used at PBA stops in Wichita, KS., and North Brunswick, NJ, 30 players began the competition by throwing one shot. Players with the lowest pinfall (and ties) were eliminated. This process continued (14 rounds) until only Smith and Mike Miller remained. In round 15, Smith threw a strike while Miller was only able to get nine (he left the 6-pin standing), giving the $5,000 prize to Smith.

For more PBA Tour Spare Shots, visit

***** Balls Used on the PBIII Empire Open Telecast *****
Pete Weber--Storm El Nino 2000-- Layout; Pin 5 1/2'' from PAP with MB in the mid-plane position, extra hole on the axis

Brian Himmler--Storm El Nino 2000--Layout; Pin 5 1/4'' from PAP with MB in the mid-plane position, extra hole (small) on the axis.

Ryan Shafer--Ebonite Matrix--$5,000

Jason Hurd--Track Enforcer--
                          O O
Brian Voss--AMF Night Hawk Torque--The layout was a simple pin above the fingers with the cg shifted 2 inches on his midplane, and a hole 5 inches across and 1 inch down. The surface was 600 sandpaper and polished. We chose this because we felt that he would be able to get the proper length he needed and just enough kick on the back end.

Rick Steelsmith--Mass Chaos--5-inch pin with a 4 1/2 CG--basically a skid flip drilling in a weaker TEC cover ball--$3,500

Jeff Lizzi--Enforcer
                         O O
                               cg      xh
Steve Wilson--Enforcer
                            O O
Special thanks to Billy Yinger, Chad Murphy, Paul and Bill Supper for this information.

***** PWBA Offers Membership FAQ *****
If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to become a member of the Professional Women's Bowling Association, take note. The PWBA has published a list of frequently asked questions and guidelines along with their membership requirements. For information, please visit

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** ABC Tournament News *****

For the latest tournament news visit: or

***** Becker Bests Own Record at ABC Opening *****
Guinness World Record holder Thomas Becker of Littleton, CO, surpassed his own marathon record by bowling for 30 hours and 48 minutes as he helped open the 2000 American Bowling Congress/Sandia Casino Championships Tournament at the Albuquerque (NM) Convention Center on February 11-12.

Becker, whose previous mark of 30 hours, 2 minutes was surpassed, began his quest at 1:27 p.m. on Friday, February 11 on the Brunswick "Get in the Zone" satellite lanes.

Read the entire story here

***** MacPherson Named "Captain" of WIBC All-America Squad *****
Another stellar year by Wendy MacPherson resulted in her returning to the top of the Women's International Bowling Congress All-America team. The Henderson, NV, right-hander led the voting in the 26th annual selections to earn her second honorary "captain" role in three years and third in four years.

MacPherson received 63 of a possible 65 first-team votes, plus one second-place choice from writers, broadcasters and WIBC officials. Her 190 point total (three votes for first, one for second) allowed her to edge Leanne Barrette of Pleasanton, Calif., by five points and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of North Richland Hills, Texas, by seven points.

First Team members:
Wendy MacPherson
Leanne Barrette
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
Kim Adler
Kim Canady

Second Team:
Kelly Kulick
Dana Miller-Mackie
Marianne DiRupo
Cathy Dorin
Cara Honeychurch

The entire article can be seen at

***** Numbers in for 2000 WIBC in Reno *****
Over 14,300 WIBC teams will compete in Reno for the 2000 WIBC Championship Tournament, making it the fourth largest in history. The event kicks off March 11 and runs through June.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 2 3/4
Brunswick (BC) 18 1/2

*** And Finally ***
For those enjoying a long weekend, pick up a ball. Tournament season is fast approaching and we want you to be at the top of your game. Remember, we're only an email away at Bowling GSTDs. We're always eager to hear story ideas, comments, and your questions.

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