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Kegler's Connection

   February 14, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Chris Barnes Chat Available
     ~ Rick's Report
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PBIII Empire Open Top 8/Balls Used
     ~ Old is New Again as PWBA Names New Tournament Director
     ~ Balls Used on the Chattanooga Open Telecast
     ~ ABC Nationals Open Saturday
     ~ Pennsylvania Girl Breaks YABA Record
     ~ Youth Honor Scores Listed
  * Team USA
     ~ USA Bowling's Need for Restructuring Addressed
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ BPAA Hires New Head
     ~ Super Bowl High Roller Results
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chris Barnes Chat Available *****
The chat log from the Chris Barnes chat is now available in the Bowling Forum library for download, and on for reading. Barnes answered questions from chatters for 90 minutes on his career, his recent injury and his miraculous bowling this swing despite the injury, and talked about his new fan club. The large turnout broke records for the Bowling Forum.

AOL members can download a copy of the chat log at (LOG) Chat w/ Chris Barnes (Available to AOL Members Only) and the chat is also available at

***** Rick's Report *****
This week, Rick talks about how to target specific areas.

   Lower body strength - Once you know how to identify the two bases of your style. Simply get in front of a mirror and position yourself so that your lower base and your upper base are positioned accordingly. Now go down and up, keeping the two bases in line -- this is the ultimate exercise for the strength you need to maximize your bowling potential. This not only strengthens the leg but it also teaches the muscle memory the proper position. There should be a subconscious ability to get into this position because no matter what style you are using the two bases need to be aligned on top of one another. If you cannot obtain this position repeatedly it is impossible to repeat leverage and swing direction.

     Flexibility is much more important than bowlers realize. Much of the inability to repeat shots has to do with flexibility issues. There is no part of the body that should be left unattended to as far a flexibility is concerned but I will try and narrow down the areas I feel are the most important.

     Legs, thigh, hamstring, knees, calves, and ankle - Each of these areas should have complete freedom of motion. The stronger and more flexible you are in these areas the easier it is going to be to get the lower body in a strong leverage position. Keep in mind that it all starts at the base -- the foot and ankle. The knee follows the ankle, the hips follow the knee, and the shoulders follow the hips. They are all related, do not expect maximum performance if you cannot keep them in shape.

     Midsection - The lower back needs strength and flexibility, you will find that the lower back is greatly effected by the stomach muscles as well. One area that is often a weak point for bowlers is the hip and the tail bone. The trailing leg is swung around behind the slide leg and this motion throws the tail bone towards the hip bone and when this happens excessively the pain starts in the upper rear end of the slide bun (haha) and transfers down to the slide knee. Many times you will think it is your knee, when actually it is because of the tail bone being thrown over to the hip bone. Proper stretching is essential to help in this area. Stretching the lower back and buns can prove very beneficial in pain prevention.

     Chest and shoulders - If the chest and shoulders get tight, the swing plane is going to be effected. As the ball swings back, it will swing and when the chest and shoulder have reached their limit of flexibility the upper body begins to rotate as well, when that happens the swing plane is redirected and in trying to realign it many things including hand position and release are effected.

     Arms and neck - Improper stretching of these areas is a sure way to injure yourself sometime in your career as a bowler. When I am talking about the arms, I am talking about all the way down to the fingers. There is a lot of strain exerted as the ball is released, and if the arm is not ready and pliable, things can snap. Most injuries occur when a bowler is throwing hard at a spare or bowling before the body is ready.

     As far as the exercises you do to accomplish these effects, I will leave that up to you. There are many and you might know some that I do not. I do not think it is as important as to which exercises you do but I do know that your bowling will improve and you will have fewer injuries if you take the time to prepare your body.      Do not underestimate the importance of strength and flexibility in the sport of bowling. Take the time to think of the motion and the muscles being used and how one effects the other.

This is the fourth and final installment of Rick's article. Let Rick know how you felt about the article by writing to him at [email protected]. You can read his article in its entirety at

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PBIII Empire Open Top 8*****
Pete Weber--Storm El Nino 2000--$15,000
Brian Himmler--Storm El Nino 2000--$8,000
Ryan Shafer--Ebonite Matrix--$5,000
Jason Hurd--Track Enforcer--$4,500
Brian Voss--AMF ??--$4,000
Rick Steelsmith--Mass Chaos--5-inch pin with a 4 1/2 CG--basically a skid Flip drilling in a weaker TEC cover ball--$3,500
Jeff Lizzi--$3,000
Steve Wilson--$2,500

The pros are now in Toledo, OH for the PBA National Championship. The telecast airs Sunday, February 20, 12:30--2 PM ET.

***** Old is New Again as PWBA Names New Tournament Director *****

The PWBA named a new national tournament director, but the name is a familiar one to the tour. Wyatt Slaughter has returned as National Director, after two stints with the lady professionals in the mid-1970s and in the first year of the LPBT (1981-1982)

For more info, read

***** Balls Used on the Chattanooga Open Telecast *****
From the Insider's Report (

Parker Bohn III--PBIII MVP, highly polished, it was drilled with the pin 4" from the axis point and an extra hole 2 5/8" off the axis straight down.
John May--regional Brunswick Staff--PBIII MVP ball, pin 4" from the axis above the ring finger, small extra hole off the axis, and the surface scuffed with burgundy ScotchBrite

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** 97th ABC National Championship Begins in Albuquerque *****
The 97th American Bowling Congress annual tournament kicked off this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Opening ceremonies included the beginning of Xtreme bowler Thomas Becker's attempt to top his 1999 Guiness Book of World Records mark for extreme bowling of 30 hours and 2 minutes. Becker's world record attempt is an effort to raise money for, a benefit to fight Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Along with Becker will be other dignitaries and local media personalities.

The ABC Tournament website can be reached at

***** Pennsylvania Girl Breaks YABA Record *****
Sixteen-year-old Emily Snyder of Perkiomenville, PA broke a six-year-old record when she bowled games of 266, 278, and 299 for an 843 series, topping Kellie Renniger who shot 838 in November 1994. The 843 is the highest set ever thrown by a YABA female. The male YABA record is held by Brennt Arcenment of Kenner, LA with an 888 shot in 1990.

Read the entire story at

***** Youth Honor Scores Listed *****
YABA bowlers are shooting honor scores at an impressive pace. YABA lists the scores every two weeks to give these star shooters their due.

Read all the junior honor scores at

*** Team USA ***
***** USA Bowling's Need for Restructuring Addressed *****
A briefing from USA Bowling Executive Director Jerry Koenig on USA Bowling's need for restructuring to meet compliance requirements mandated by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the Ted Stevens Olympic & Amateur Sports Act was among the highlights of the Bowling Inc. Board of Directors quarterly business meeting Jan. 12-13 in Orlando, FL.

Included in the meetings were executives from BI's business partners who form the Business Partners Advisory Team -- WIBC, ABC, BPAA, YABA and USA Bowling.

Recent correspondence from the USOC to USA Bowling expressed concern that its organizational structure does not meet compliance standards. "A national governing body shall be autonomous in the governance of its sport, shall independently decide and control all matters central to its governance and shall be free from outside restraint," stated the USOC. "In simple terms, there must be one organization that is responsible for the sport and that is in control of all matters affecting the governance of the sport."

Additionally, USA Bowling plans to put added emphasis into its coaching Certification Program in hopes of generating increased income.

The story can be found at

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 3 1/16
Brunswick (BC) 18 1/2

***** BPAA Hires New Head *****
John P. (Jack) Kelly, a highly respected sports marketing executive, has been named Chief Executive Officer of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA).

For more information, read

*****Super Bowl High Roller *****
Congratulations go out to 34-year-old Brad Kiszewski as the winner of the Super Bowl High Roller in Las Vegas, beating Kerry Kreft 227-196 for the $100,000 payday. Kreft's second place finish earned him $50,000.

The High Roller extravaganza eclipsed its own record setting pace of the pre-millennium era as more than $1.6 million was disbursed to 1,972 entrants.

Other finishers included
Richard Renollet--3rd place--$25,000.
John Palmer--4th place--$12,500

In the 40 & Over Classic
Ken Racette--1st--$20,000
Mal Cowen--2nd--$10,000
Jim Moran and Ron Mohr each picked up $5,000 prizes for their semi-finals appearance.

Read about the High Roller tournaments at

*** And Finally ***
The Bowling Forum wishes a Happy Valentine's Day to our readers. Let us know how we're doing by emailing us at Bowling GSTDs. Story ideas are always welcome, as well.

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