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Kegler's Connection

   February 7, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Chat with the Pros--Chris Barnes Live Monday
     ~ Rick's Report
     ~ Grandstand Bowling Pages
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Chattanooga Open Top 8
     ~ Insider's Report Returns to PBA Tour site
     ~ Balls Used on the Don Carter Classic Telecast
     ~ BPAA Bowler of the Month
     ~ What is the Answer? Get it on
     ~ WIBC 2004 to Visit Wichita
  * World Team Challenge
     ~ Upcoming Events in Indy
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chat with the Pros--Chris Barnes Live Monday *****
Mark your calendars for Monday, February 7, at 10 PM ET. Chris Barnes, one of the rising stars on the PBA Tour will be making a special appearance.

He'll be there to talk about the accident that broke his toe, his incredible swing despite that injury that includes two television appearances and a high cash, and his new fan club.

Bring your questions, and join the Bowling Forum as we welcome the 1998 Rookie of the Year, Chris Barnes. The chat can be found from the Bowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only) mainpage located at Keyword: GS Bowling.

For more information on the Chris Barnes Fan Club, visit

NOTE: This week's Scrambler Chat will be canceled to make way for Chat with the Pros.

***** Rick's Report *****
Rick has identified different types of bowlers, and how they differ. Now he talks about conditioning of the mind.

We can discuss different styles and tips at another time, right now the important thing is to prepare your mind and body for the desires you have. I believe that one of these days we will see the perfect bowler and to me that is the bowler who can do it all from both sides of the lane. That may sound ridiculous to you but the athleticism of the bowlers is getting greater just as it is in other sports. Presently there are bowlers who have wide ranges of styles, but there is room for improvement. If you think that bowling is all about repetition and accuracy, you are behind the times. That is only part of the equation, bowling is not darts and the more exposure you have to different environments the more you understand that.

An organized mind is a very valuable asset in bowling. Never think you know it all, and sponge up all the knowledge you can, someday it will pay off. Consider your mind part of your game; it is as much a style of yours as your armswing. I have always felt there is a mental process that is not understood or used by many bowlers that could speed up the learning curve.

There is no way information can hurt any bowler as long as they know how to gather and sort it. First of all you have to open your mind watch, read, and listen -- this is the gathering process. A closed mind does not gather information very well.

Second, you have to sort or process this information, try and figure out if this is important to you and sort it accordingly. There is a lot of information, but processing it is a tool that few know how to use. Not all the information you gather is going to be useful but be sure to take the time to think about the information you have gathered. If you think it can help you, file it away in your mind or someplace where you know you can find it when you need it. It is not unusual to find that information you once thought was incorrect or improper can become a usable tool. Trust your own judgment and trash that which does not fit. A bowler with an ego or know-it-all attitude does not sort information very well, they tend to throw out everything that is not their idea.

     Third, there is a big difference between those that know how to gather and sort information and those that know how to use it. Confusion is one of the biggest challenges in our sport. There is no right or wrong way unless it effects how many pins you knock down. When a mind is not prepared and focused it will race through the information banks it has. Many times those with more knowledge become confused because they do not know how to prepare and focus their mind. A game plan is as essential in bowling as it is in any other sport. If you do not do the proper planning, I guarantee your mind will be full of confusion unless you just happen into a familiar environment. A good game plan can but you way ahead of your competition.

Too many bowlers take their mental side of the game for granted. I happen to think that it is the biggest difference between the upper level of bowlers and others is practicing good mental techniques at which ever level they are at will carry them to the next level.

Once the mind is organized and has a clue on its direction you must prepare the vehicle of execution, the body. Bowling requires unique physical strengths and conditioning. Think about the motion and execution of a properly executed shot and tell me another sport or activity that is similar. The type of exercises you choose may vary, but there are certain physical attributes that will prove beneficial to all bowlers.

There are two specific areas that I believe in, lower body strength and total flexibility. I see the lower body as the base of a properly executed shot and if the base is not strong than anything on it is weak. The slide ankle is the anchor to the floor, and the bowling shoulder not being a perfect pendulum creates a pivot base somewhere between the shoulder and the base of the neck. With different styles of bowling there is a certain rotation around the spine. Some styles have square shoulders and the arm simply pivots from the shoulder socket, while other styles have the shoulders opening and closing through the swing. When you look at this style you will notice that the spine at the base of the neck has less rotational movement. So depending on the style of bowling, the swing pivot varies but identifying one or the other is important to approach and swing balance.

Most power players should consider their spine at the base of the neck as their swing pivot while the square shoulder stroker should think of their shoulder as their pivot point. Let me take the time to explain this. A bowler with square shoulders to their target and horizontal to the floor will usually incorporate a swing that is at a 90 degree angle to the floor. It appears to be a straight vertical line. On the other side you will notice many of your power players have their swing shoulder lower than their balance shoulder and their swing arm is not vertical or straight. This allows them to get their hand and wrist in the position they need to create the additional rotation they desire. There are other factors associated with it as well and we can discuss that at another time, but you will notice a big difference in how balance and leverage is created between the two. It is important to consider the slide ankle as the lower base and the swing pivot as the upper base. When these two bases are in line with each other the force created because of the weight and swing momentum, secure the bowler to the floor and assuming the swing is not over controlled swing direction will be consistent. When these two bases are not in line, poor balance is observed and the bowler, his swing and his ball will have inconsistent leverage and swing direction. Why is this so important to preparing the body to bowl? Without lower body strength and flexibility it is not possible to get into this position repeatedly.

Next week in the conclusion, Rick will talk about specific areas and how they affect your game.

***** Grandstand Bowling Pages *****
Ever want to surf web pages made by fans like you? Grandstand Bowling Pages celebrates the bowling sites made by ordinary people while keeping you up to date on events in the Bowling Forum. It's accessible to anyone with web access, not just AOL members. Visit it at

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Chattanooga Open Top 8*****
Parker Bohn III won his 23rd title, from the most difficult position--eighth place. But Bohn rose through each match, sometimes handily, to face TV newcomer, John May, Sunday afternoon. If you missed it, unfortunately, this telecast does NOT have a replay on ESPN2.

The final results are:

1. Parker Bohn III $20,000
2. John May $10,500
3, Jason Couch $7,500
4, Jason Hurd $5,500
5, Tim Criss $4,500
6, Ryan Shafer $4,000
7, Norm Duke $3,500
8, Steve Wilson $3,000

The PBA moves on this week to Latham, NY for the Parker Bohn III Empire State Open.

For the entire story, visit

***** Insider's Report Returns to PBA Website *****
After a hiatus the Insider's Report has returned to the PBA website. Art McKee and Rick Benoit will give bowlers the low down on what the Brunswick staffers are using on the Tour. To see their insights after each tournament, visit

***** Balls Used on the Don Carter Classic Telecast *****
Here's what we were able to deduce from various sources.

Duke - AMF - ????
Jaros - Brunswick - an HPD with the pin about 4" from the axis and at 3:00 from the center of the grip, with a fairly large extra hole 3" down from the axis.
Scroggins - Track - Enforcer
Barnes - Brunswick - Purple Power Blitz. The Power Blitz was laid out with the pin 4" from the axis, and a large extra hole on the axis,
Hoskins - Track - Enforcer
McCordi - Storm - La Nina
Webb - Brunswick - Started with the Mike Aulby MVP (pin 4" from the axis with the extra hole 2" from the axis) on TV, and then switched to the HPD (with the both the pin and the extra hole 3" from the axis) after about 4 frames,
Forkel - Storm - La Nina

We're very interested in receiving this information directly from the ball companies or the ball reps to share with our readers. If you can help, please let us know at Bowling GSTDs.

***** BPAA Bowlers of the Month *****
Dave Soutar and Ryan Shafer shared honors as Bowling Writers Association of America Bowlers of the Month for January, BWAA President Tina M. Gohr announced today. The voting was conducted by a select panel of the organization.

Soutar, a 59-year-old right-hander from Bradenton, Fla., joined fellow Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Dick Weber as the only players to have won PBA titles in five different decades when Soutar defeated Donald Breihan, Columbia, SC, in the championship match of the American Bowling Congress Senior Masters in Reno, Nev. Soutar also became the first person to win both the ABC Masters (1973) and the ABC Senior Masters.

Meanwhile, Shafer, a 33-year-old right-hander from Elmira, NY, won his first national PBA title by defeating Mike Aulby in the deciding contest of the Orleans Casino Open in Las Vegas. Shafer, a 14-year tour veteran, previously held the record for most career earnings without a title ($522,164).

Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., who earned his 17th PBA championship at the Brunswick ProSource Don Carter Classic in Dallas with a stunning 267-266 conquest of Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, Ill., came within two votes of Soutar and Shafer in the BWAA balloting.

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** What Is The Answer? Get it on *****
"What is the Answer" is a set of frequently asked questions answered by WIBC, ABC, and YABA. Now the book is published online and includes answers to questions ranging from absentee scores to etiquette guidelines. To reach the table of contents, visit

***** WIBC 2004 to Visit Wichita *****
Wichita, Kansas, a city rich in bowling history, has been awarded the 2004 WIBC National Tournament. The formal announcement will be made during the WIBC annual meeting in Reno, Nevada, May 1-3.

With the National Tournament, Wichita will also play host to the 2004 WIBC Queens tournament as well as the annual meeting of the WIBC. For full details go to

*** World Team Challenge ***
***** Upcoming Events *****
Indianapolis, IN will be the next stop for the World Team Challenge tournament series. Bowling at Woodland Bowl over the weekend of February 19 and 20, teams will compete. Also that weekend will be the only women's only event of the season, contested at Southern Bowl in Indianapolis.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 3 1/4
Brunswick (BC) 18 3/8

*** And Finally ***
So concludes another edition of Kegler's Connection. Send us your comments and critiques (as well as your suggestions) at Bowling GSTDs. We won't spam you, so you know what to do. Subscribe and tell your friends to subscribe at or on AOL at Bowling Forum Newsletter Subscription (Available to AOL Members Only).

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