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Kegler's Connection

   January 25, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Scrambler Chat This Monday
     ~ New Names, Same GSTDs
     ~ Tip of the Week/Rick's Report
     ~ Orleans Casino Open Report
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Shafer Wins In Las Vegas
     ~ Equipment Used on Telecast
     ~ PBA Membership authorizes
     ~ Pro Am League Debuts on
     ~ FAQ 20 questions
     ~ABC 2000 in Albuquerque Largest Tournament Outside Reno
     ~First 300 in 2000 Announced
     ~ Queens Entries Still Available
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Largest Ever High Roller
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Scrambler Chat Winners *****
Congrats to the winner's of this week's Scrambler. Join HOST GSTD SteveM every first and third Monday for Scrambler.
1st Halobb - 317
2nd Yorkilvr - 229
3rd Hutson915 -163
4th JT Tam - 106.

***** New Names, Same GSTDs *****
As you're perusing through the Bowling Forum you might see some new prefixes. Don't worry, the folks behind the GSTD prefixes are the same, they merely have an additional prefix. Soon all volunteers in chats all across AOL will have the designation HOST, and those who do other jobs will have prefixes beginning with LDRS. The only exception is that if you're looking for GSTDHammer, you'll find her under her new name of HOST GSTD Diva. And we have several new GSTDs coming up through the ranks, so if you see them making their way through chat, welcome them.

Please note that the Kegler's Connection will soon be arriving from [email protected] If you are filtering mail please make the necessary changes to your mail settings to continue receiving the Kegler's Connection.

***** Tip of the Week/Rick's Report *****
This week, Rick Benoit is giving us a tip on preparing the mind and body to compete.

I will start my tips with this subject because I think it is neglected way too much. When I am talking about preparing the body and mind to bowl, I am not referring to recreational bowling. I am referring to competitive bowling. When you think it is time to evolve from a recreational bowler to a competitive bowler, you have to organize your thoughts and intentions. This is valuable in speeding up the learning curve to reach your desired goal. The goals will be different, so should the learning process. You may want to have the highest average in your league, you might want to beat the other housewives, you might want to make money in the local tournaments around town, or you might want to compete against the best bowlers in the world.

Most bowlers tend to just start bowling and end up where ever they end up without organized thoughts or plans. This is one of the biggest reasons for fundamental flaws in many bowlers' games today. They start out with recreation in mind and after realizing some success at that level, they continue their competitive desires with the same fundamental flaws. When they try to fix them in the middle of the stream, they drown. I think that when any person decides to become competitive about his or her game, they should immediately seek educated assistance. I say educated because any bowler who has recognized success at some level considers themselves knowledgeable and able to help. I have seen so much confusion in our sport, much of which can be associated with lack of education and experience. Much of the educational material that is out there is based upon a belief in a certain style of game, most notably the perfect timing of a stroker type of game. Today's game is all about matching up and with the variety of conditions, I feel it is a huge advantage to have more physical tools in your bag than the next guy. This can only happen through education or years of experience, and if you wait on the years of experience, the learning curve will be much more costly.

Preparing the mind has to be the first priority. Without going to the bowling center, think about what it is you want out of the sport. Once you have identified your desires you can choose a direction. Most of the time, success at one level leads to a desire to attain success at the next level. If you are that type of person and expect to follow the familiar path, you need to be wise in your initial stages of planning. The sport of bowling is all about matching up to the environments and conditions you are competing in--scores are relative to those factors. Most bowlers evaluate their skill level by the scores they shoot, and that is the first problem. Proprietors know that bowlers want to score well and many use it as a marketing tool to get bowlers in their center. Because of this, there have become common denominators in most house conditions around the country. You will almost always find either obvious hook or obvious hold on most house conditions around the country, and it is not hard to find them. Once they find out how to attack a certain house condition, bowlers tend to lock into a certain style and the learning curve is slowed. It is great to have the ability to match up, but realization as to how and why is more important. How to judge a bowler's ability becomes an issue and once again it becomes relative to the environment we are competing in.

In following weeks, Rick will identify types of bowlers, and how to prepare your mind and body to compete on each of those levels.

***** Orleans Casino Open Report *****
You can read a firsthand fan's account of the PBA Orleans Casino Open in Diva's The Right Approach column at

***PBA/PWBA News***
***** Shafer Wins in Las Vegas *****
It took 14 years and endless frustration, but Ryan Shafer got into the winner's circle and qualified for the Tournament of Champions by claiming his first PBA title at the Orleans Casino Open at The Orleans Hotel and Casino on Jan. 20th.

Shafer, a 34-year-old right-hander from Elmira, NY, defeated Mike Aulby 211-202 to pocket the $25,000 first place prize. Before the telecast, Shafer had the dubious title of "most earnings without a title" ($522,164). He is also owner of the 1984 Rookie of the Year award.

Twenty-six-time titlest Aulby went home with $13,000 for his 2nd place showing.

Also in the top-eight shootout were Doug Kent and Chris Barnes, who earned $7,500 and $6,000, respectively. Kent and Barnes overcame great personal injury during the week. Kent with a pulled back, and Barnes with a broken toe when a bowling ball fell onto his foot in the paddock before matchplay. Pete Weber finished 5th for $5,000 and Wayne Webb 6th for $4,500

For more information, visit

***** Balls Used *****
Kegler's Connection is hoping to get more of the players and ball reps involved so we can get accurate drilling information

Tryniski -- Mike used Faball's new 4D. According to Jimmy Callahan, the Faball PBA Tour Rep, "It was a 4D." The drilling was "Strong about 4 and a half inch pin, hole at six inches back to 1/4 positive."

Barnes -- According to Barnes, he threw "a 5 x 4 1/2" HPH with the pin over the fingers with the coarsest of the trizact finishes. The Riot Zone was 4 1/2 x 4" with the pin over the fingers and also had mucho surface. He also threw a target zone -- red sparkle -- with 1/2 neg side."

***** PBA Membership Authorizes Negotiation of Possible Sale *****
The 2,800 members of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour have given the PBA Tour Board of Directors the authority to negotiate a purchase and sale agreement of the PBA Tour through a membership vote.

To read the press release and other articles related to the sale of the PBA, visit

***** Pro Am League Debuts on ***** announces the debut of the world's first online Pro Am League. The Internet Invitational V will match up 40 bowlers with 10 Touring Pros (actually 9 touring pros, and our very own Rick Benoit!).

Bowling for bragging rights only, the league was formed nearly three years ago. The bowlers send e-mail "updates" to each other to keep in touch and share their bowling highlights and lowlights. This season the twist comes with the addition of touring PBA pros. Rick Benoit, along with Steve Jaros, Parker Bohn III, Tommy Delutz, Jr., Mike Miller, Patrick Healey, Jr., Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Chris Barnes, Bryon Smith, and Danny Wiseman anchor the ten teams. The league started the week of January 17, and league standing sheets and weekly updates by the pros will be available at

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
*****20 FAQ Available on Dues Increase *****
Roger Dalkin, President of the American Bowling Congress, answers 20 frequently asked questions concerning the forthcoming increase in membership dues, for a complete list, go to

***** ABC 2000 in Albuquerque Largest Tournament Outside Reno*****
ABC 200 will be the third-largest ABC event behind both Reno ABC Tournaments in '95 and '98. With 10,688 teams attending the New Mexico event over 123 days, much revenue will be pumped into the local economy.

For more information, visit

***** First 300 of 2000 Announced *****
Paul Nimitz of Rockford, IL recorded the first perfect game of 2000 at 11:52 AM on Saturday Jan. 1st. For his efforts, he receives a gold 300 ring, a leather jacket, a watch, and an engraved plaque. For more details, go to

***** Queens Entries Still Available *****
WIBC wants you to know that entries are still available for Queens and the Senior Queens. For more information, visit

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch (from Friday's close) *****
AMF (PIN) 2 3/4
Brunswick (BC) 20 3/8

***** Largest Ever High Roller *****
January 22, 2000 -- More than 2,000 amateur bowlers from twelve countries are ready for the 11th annual Super Bowl High Roller coming to Las Vegas' Showboat Hotel, Casino & Bowling Center.

The event is the largest attended megabuck bowling event of the year as more than $1.3 million will be up for grabs. The winner of eleven consecutive match games will win the $100,000 grand prize on Friday, February 4.

Super Bowl High Roller week also features 5 separate Sweepers, eachwith a $10,000 top prize. Many Sweeper contestants will qualify for the Brunswick $50,000 Best Ball Challenge finals, also on February 4.

The January extravaganza kicks off with the "40 & Over" Classic, a 4-game qualifier with a match game finals for amateur bowlers at least 40 years of age.

The site can be reached at starting on Sunday, January 30.

*** And Finally ***
Thanks for reading another edition of Kegler's Connection. We're always looking for more ways to inform you. If you have any comments, story ideas, or press releases you'd like us to consider for inclusion in future issues, send them to Bowling GSTDs.

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