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Wall -
1) The sideboards/kickback
2) A very easy shot
3) A lane condition applied in such a way that a there is a sudden rise of oil within one or two boards and which creates a block that a ball can roll straight along and help guide it to the pocket.

Wall shot -
A strike that is light in the pocket whereby pins are deflected into the kickbacks and return to the pin deck to knock down more pins.

Wash out -
A split with the corner pin (7 or 10) standing; symbolised as "W"; not making the spare is considered a blow or error, not a split. A common right hand washout is the 1-2-4-10.

Waxed lanes -
An improper reference to oiling or conditioning the lanes. Seniors will often still refer to the lane condition (oil) as wax and some unfortunately believe the lanes are still waxed with polish.

Weak hit -
A flat or soft hit leaving a single pin or possible a pocket split.

Weight block -
Traditionally, it is the dense part (s) of material found in the interior of a bowling ball.

Weight hole -
A non-grip hole that is used to achieve a specific imbalance.

Wet/Dry -
Spotty lane conditions that have very wet and very dry areas/boards.

Women's International Bowling Congress; the former governing body for women players, replaced by the USBC.

Wood -
1) The pins; how many you knocked down.
2) how much handicap you are giving or receiving.

Woolworth -
The 5-10 (five and dime) split.

Working ball -
A ball that has action and mix to scramble the pins; a hard charging effective ball.

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