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Pace -
The rhythm of your footwork as you approach the release point.

Pacer -
A pacer bowls as part of a team only for the purpose of keeping the "pace" of the game more even; pacer scores do not count towards the team total.

Pack -
1) A full count of ten.
2) A strike.

Positive Axis Point: Point on the surface of the ball that is the end of the bowlers axis of rotation, on the positive side of the ball.

Parking lot -
1) Horrible conditions that make it nearly impossible to get the ball to the pocket.
2) Where bowlers are sent to smoke.

Part of the building -
An expression used to describe a standing single pin after an apparent perfect hit.

Particle Coverstock -
A bowling ball shell that contains a minute portion of matter like carbide and supposedly produces more traction and grip on oily lanes.

Professional Bowlers Association.

Pearl -
A type of ball surface that is not a solid color, but has a swirling, cloud-like appearance. As a general rule pearlized balls tend to go further down the lane before hooking.

Pearlized -
A type of ball surface that is not a solid color, but has a swirling, cloud-like appearance. As a general rule pearlized balls tend to go further down the lane before hooking.

Pencils -
Very light weight pins.

Perfect game -
The highest single game score achievable in tenpin bowling.

Pétanque -
A form of bowls where the goal is to throw metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (piglet). The game is normally played on hard sand or gravel, but can also be played on grass or any other surface. Similar games are bocce and bowls. Pétanque is generally associated with southern France, particularly Provence, from which it originates.

Pick a cherry -
Missing a spare cluster by taking the front pin or pins only.

Picket fence -
The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10 spares.

Pie -
Easy scoring condition; easy lanes.

Pie chart formula -
Theory that breaks fitting a ball to the bowlers hand in to three parts Span, Pitches and Holesizes. The standard starting percentage being 40% Span, 40% Pitch, and 20% Hole sizes.

Pin -
A small round discoloration on a bowling ball that marks the top of the weight block.

Pins -
Bowling pins are constructed by gluing blocks of hard rock maple wood into the vague shape and then putting it onto a lathe. After the lathe shapes the pin it is coated with a plastic material, painted, and finally covered with a glossy finish.

Pin action -
Is the manner in which the pins react to the collision of the bowling ball.

Pin boy -
Regardless of gender or age, the person charged with setting the pins by hand (before the invention of automatic pinsetters.)

Pin chaser -
An employee of the bowling center that helps with machine calls during play.

Pinching the ball -
Gripping the ball too hard.

Pin count -
The number of pins knocked down in a frame.

Pin deck -
A hard wood or synthetic surface surface of the lane upon which the pins are spotted.

Pine -
The portion of a wood lane beyond the splice and up to the pin deck.

Pinfall -
The number of pins knocked down.

Pin in -
The pin of the ball is located within two inches of the CG, it is an excellent choice for control and less hook

Pin out -
A ball that can be made to hook more and flip more dramatically than pin-in balls.

Pin placement -
A drilling term that is relative to a bowler's track designed purposely for creating more ball dynamics. See "pin in" and "pin out".

Pin shift -
Refers to the process of creating reaction in a bowling ball by displacing the pin from the Axis of rotation or the PAP.

Pinsetter -
Originally a person who would manually reset bowling pins in their correct position, clear fallen pins, and return bowling balls to the players. In 1936 Gottfried Schmidt invented the mechanical pinsetter, which largely did away with pinsetting as a manual profession.

Pit -
The area of the lane behind the pin deck.

Pitch -
Refers to the angle at which a hole is drilled into a bowling ball.

Pitch gauge -
A tool used to measure how much a hole is angled away from the center of the of the bowling ball.

Play the gutter -
Playing a strike angle from the edge of the gutter.

Plug -
To fill a hole with a plastic that hardens so that you can drill the holes in a different area.

Plug dams -
Foam, neoprene, clay or plastic accessory used to coral excess plug to a desired height above the ball.

Plug pumps -
An accessory used to obtain a predetermined amount of ball plug at the proper ratio.

Plug colors -
Liquid coloring used to match plug to the bowling being plugged.

Plus -
In competitive play, the amount of pins (including bonus, if any) that a player is scoring over a 200 average.

Pocket -
Area between 1-2 pins for a lefty and 1-3 pins for a right hander.

Pocket Entry Angel -
The angle at which the ball enters the pocket.

Pocket split -
A split that is left after the ball hits the pocket.

Point -
To aim the ball directly at the pocket.

Polishing the ball -
The process of applying a foreign substance to a ball in order to lessen the friction between the ball and the lane; as the ball becomes shinier/glossier it hooks later and less.

Polyester -
A type of plastic coverstock that was very popular in the 1970's, and is still very popular as either a spare ball.

Portsider -
A lefthanded player.

Position round -
In competition, league or tournaments, in which part of the competition is match play, it is when teams or individuals play each other based upon their standing; i.e., position 1 plays 2; 3 plays 4; etc. The purpose is to give teams a chance to improve their standing directly against their closest competition.

Positive Axis Point (PAP) -
Point on the surface of the ball that is the end of the bowlers axis of rotation, on the positive side of the ball.

Positive balance -
A bowling ball with positive balance may turn into the pins.

Positive weights -
Any imbalance, finger, side or top.

Positive side weight -
Imbalance that effectively makes the Right side of the bowling ball form the center of grip heavier than the left for right handed release player, and left side of the ball heavier than the right for left handed release player.

Pot game -
Competition between two or more individuals in which each player posts a bet or stake and high man takes the pot.

Power player -
Someone who relies more on speed and revolutions than accuracy.

Practice -
The act of bowling with a purpose to either improve a skill or to work on acquiring a new skill.

Preferred spin axis -
Refers to the axis about which the bowling ball wants to rotate.

Preferential spin axis -
Refers to the axis about which the bowling ball wants to rotate.

Puddle -
1) A gutter ball.
2) A spot on the lane that seems to have much more oil than expected.

Pull shot -
An erratic shot that goes off target towards the center or past the headpin.

Pull the ball -
Is when the bowler misses his or her target to the inside of the armswings intended direction.

Pumpkin -
A soft hitting ball.

Punch out -
The act of completing a game with all strikes.

Push away -
Portion of delivery in which the bowler sets the ball in motion.

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