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Label shift -
Refers to the displacement of the label from the center of the grip.

Lane -
The playing surface.

Lane machine -
The machine that conditions and possibly also strips part or the entire lanes at the same time, in one or multiple passes.

Lanes -
A bowling center.

Late 10 -
When the 10 pin is the last to fall, and falls slowly with some hesitation.

Lateral pitches -
Refer to the right and left components of pitch in any drilled hole in a bowling ball.

Late timing -
When your release of the ball occurs slightly after the slide begins (or in the extreme case, when the slide is over or nearly over); often referred as the "plant and throw" release; if your body is "planted" it allows you to use more upper body and arm strength to whip the ball through the release adding more lift and power.

Lay a foundation -
Getting a strike in the 9th frame.

Layout tool -
A tool used to draw the lines necessary to position the holes in the proper place upon a bowling ball.

Lawn Bowling -
Also known as Lawn Bowls or Bowls, is a precision sport where the goal is to roll slightly radially asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closer to a smaller white ball (the "jack" or "kitty") than one's opponent is able to do. It is related to bocce and pétanque. This game is most popular in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and in other UK territories.

Limited distance dressing: A condition in which oil is applied to the front 24 feet or less of the lane, with the remainder dry.

Leadoff -
The first player in the team's lineup.

League -
Organized competition on a weekly basis for team play.

Leaguenight -
1) The same night each week in which a league bowls.
2) Many years ago was used to describe a night where the entire bowling center is closed to the public and lanes are only available to the bowling leagues that are scheduled to bowl that night.

Leave -
Refer to the pins remaining after the first delivery.

Length -
An evaluation of how far a ball will travel before it begins to hook. Length does not include skid produced by lane conditioner, additional fine sanding, or the use of "liquid sandpaper" polishes.

Leverage -
Refers to a balance position at the foul line such that you are able to come through the ball with power.

Leverage drilling -
A method of drilling the ball so that it tends to skid farther and finish harder (go long .. hit hard). A balance hole is needed to bring the ball back into compliance with ABC rules in such a drilling. It is a drilling pattern with both the pin and the cg located 3-3/8" from the bowler's P.A.P., usually requires an extra balance hole.

Leverage point -
A point on the ball surface located 3 3/8" from the bowler's positive axis point (P.A.P.).

Leverage position -
In bowling it is the position at which the bowler is able to use his body to create rotation, speed and momentum on the bowling ball.

Leverage weight -
Refers to a drilling in which the center of the weight block is placed at a 45 degree angle with the axis of rotation.

Lift -
Refers to the vertical component of a bowler's release.

Light -
1) A hit on the pins that is not full
2) Too much right or left of center.

Lights out -
1) When a player shoots incredible high scores.
2) A breakdown in a bowler's game.

Lily -
The 5-7-10 split.

Limited distance dressing -
A condition in which oil is applied to the front 24 feet or less of the lane, with the remainder dry.

Lind's -
Lind Shoe Company; one of the makers of premium bowling shoes.

Line -
Refers to the intended path of the ball down the lane.

Lined up -
In the groove, hitting the pocket consistently.

Linear velocity -
Ball traveling down the lane towards the pins. See also Translational energy.

Logs -
1) Pins that fall with difficulty.
2) Very heavy pins.

Loft -
Is how far the ball travels before actually making contact with the lane surface.

Lofting -
1) Throwing the ball onto the lane well beyond the foul line; can cause damage to the lane if excessive.
2) Used to "shorten" the lane which may help with lanes that hook too much for your normal shot.

Loop -
1) A slow big hook.
2) The act of bringing your throwing hand behind your back in your armswing as it "loops" from out to in.

Looping the ball -
1) A slow big hook.
2) The act of bringing your throwing hand behind your back in your armswing as it "loops" from out to in.

Long oil -
Condition in which the lane conditioner is applied from the foul line farther than normal. There is no magic standard, but 35-40 feet or more of application is often considered long oil. It can be a more difficult condition in that there will be less backend to generate pocket entry angle.

Loose kickback -
There is no rigidity to the sides, this causes the force of the pins to be absorbed easier resulting in less movement/bounce of the pins back onto the pin deck.

Lose the ball -
1) The dropping of the ball off your hand early
2) The ball slipping out of your hand.

Lose the shot -
When you start missing the pocket after several frames of being consistently in the pocket.

Lost -
When a bowler has no clue how to play the lanes.

Low -
Light hit.

Low at the line -
Refers to your body position at the point of release. Many coaches suggest that the optimum body position for balance is to be slightly bent at the waist with a deep knee bend. This puts your body in a well balanced position and aids leverage/power; if you rear up at the line during the release you will lose accuracy and tend to pull the ball too high.

Low track -
A track outside the finger holes and thumb hole, but more than two inches from either.

The defunct Ladies Professional Bowling Tour.

Luck -
The merging of opportunity with preparation.

Luster King -
A machine that applies a wax like substance to the surface of a ball to deter hook. Almost as a rule, they are poorly maintained and should be avoided.

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