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Fade -
1) The act of a ball breaking opposite to its normal hook trajectory.
2) a very slight back up.

Fall back shot -
A type of shot that starts to the opposite side of the normal pocket and then fades back into the pocket; sometimes used on very oily lane conditions.

Fall off -
1) A player losing their balance at the release and they lose their balance off to the side.
2) The act of the ball coming off your hand too quickly, resulting in a very errant or weak hitting shot.
3) Gutter ball as it falls off the lane.

Fast eight -
An apparent good pocket hit that only knocks down 8 pins; typically the right handed players will leave the 4-7 spare and the left handed players the 6-10; usually the ball is a tad high when this happens.

Fast lanes -
1)A fast lane is one that is very oily (as the ball travels fast down the lane).
2) A fast lane hooks a lot (it hooks up quickly).

Feather bowling -
A game played with wooden balls shaped like wheels of cheese. The balls are rolled down a dirt or synthetic alley towards a feather sticking out of the dirt at the other end. The object of the game is to get the ball as close to the feather as possible. Teams take turns rolling 12 balls and may knock their opponent's balls out of the way, similar to Bocce. The team with balls closest to the feather at the end of the game wins. The game has its origins in Belgium. The only place to play the game in the United States is the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit, Michigan; an imitation version, called "Belgian trough bowling" is also available at the Bath City Bistro in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Feel bowling -
The practice of using your instincts to make subconscious adjustments in release as you throw the ball.

Fence posts -
The 7-10 split.

Field goal -
The act of rolling a ball between standing pins on a split, getting none.

Fifth arrow -
The 25th board from the right (right hand player).

Fill -
A spare or strike so that the scoring box is "filled".

Fill ball -
The ball thrown after a spare in the tenth frame.

Finger grips -
Inserts placed into the finger holes of a ball to promote later release and more lift.

Finger tip -
A grip in which the bowler inserts fingers to the first joint, with the combined total of angle of the two joint equals 90 , while placing the entire thumb in the ball.

Finger weight -
Imbalance which effectively makes the side of the ball, divided by the midline, containing the finger holes heavier than the side containing the thumb.

Finish -
1) Your body position after release.
2) The underlying protective coating on the wood, often polyurethane.
3) The lane conditioner and/or pattern.
4) The amount of shine/gloss on the ball.
5) The final "drive" the ball makes toward the pocket.
6) A ball that fails to finish comes up short and leaves (at best) a half-ten, or a bucket.

Finish position -
Your body position after release.

First arrow -
The farthest arrow to the right (for a right handed player); located on the 5th board.

Fit -
1) The act of going between both pins on a baby split.
2) How your ball is measured for your hands.

Five pin bowling -
A bowling variant which is popular in Canada, where many bowling alleys offer it, either alone or in combination with ten-pin bowling. It was devised in the early twentieth century to offer bowlers the chance to play a game during a half-hour lunch break. This goal was achieved by using smaller balls which travel faster than ten-pin balls and which can be thrown in rapid succession.

Flare -
1) The bowling ball changing its axis of rotation during its path down the lane. The result is several different oil rings being visible around the ball.
2) The action of your arm or elbow when it goes away from your body in the armswing or during the release; generally not desirable.

Flat -
1) A ball that deflects too much.
2) Ineffective ball.
3) Few revolutions.
4) A ball comes into the pocket on an apparent good hit but leaves a weak hit such as the 5-7 or 8-10 split.

Flat condition -
A lane oiling pattern that places the same amount of oil across the entire width of the lane. Usually a very challenging condition as there is no block or crown; can be very low scoring if it deteriorates into a reverse block.

Flat gutter -
The normal gutter is shaped somewhat oval so that the ball can roll purely and cleanly to the pit area if it goes into the gutter early...the channel effect; however, at the end of the lanes by the pins, the gutters are flat, not ovaled. The height (from the pin deck to the bottom of the flat gutters) is regulated by the USBC as if the flat gutters are too high, they will allow much better pinfall as pins will deflect off the sideboards and bounce back onto the lane much easier resulting in more pin action.

Flattening the ball -
1) The intentional act of taking power off the ball so it will go straighter.
2) Keeping the wrist behind the ball at the release (no rotation).
3) Even rotating against your normal release to cause the ball to fade or back up.

Flip -
The action of a highly aggressive ball that seems to be going very long down the lane and then takes a sudden violent movement to the pocket.

Fluff shot -
A kill shot, either by design or accident.

Flush -
Being solid in the pocket.

Follow through -
Portion of bowler's delivery after the ball has been released.

Forward pitch -
The center line of the hole is displaced toward the center line of the grip.

Forward roll -
The rotation of a ball that is more towards its full circumference; end over end roll.

Foul -
Touching or going beyond the foul line. When a bowler fouls they recieve zero count for that delivery.

Foul line -
The line that separates the approach area from the beginning of the playing surface.

Foul light -
An electronic indicator/light, often combined with a buzzer noise, that is triggered when a beam of light that transverses the foul line is broken.

Foundation ball -
The ball thrown in the 9th frame.

Foundation frame -
The 9th frame.

Fourth arrow -
The 20th board from the right (right handed player).

Frame -
One-tenth of a game. Each square on score sheet is one frame.

Frames Per Stop -
The industry standard for measuring the maintenance performed on pinsetter machines. Most centers will track the number of frames before the machine needs human intervention to continue running, not including preventative maintenance. An adequate amount is 1,500 frames per stop. Machines that are extremely well taken care of will average upwards of 2,000 frames per stop.

Free hook -
An expression when the lanes are very dry; i.e., "you can throw a hook for free! No work required!"

Fried -
A lane condition where the heads have little or no conditioner remaining, causing early hook; usually not desirable.

Frozen rope -
A ball thrown with more than normal speed, straightly thrown into the pocket.

Full hit -
A ball that is thrown to close to the center of the headpin.

Full rack -
The complete set of pins when set on the pindeck.

Full roller -
A bowler whose track passes between the thumb and fingers and whose track measures the circumference of the ball.

Full span -
Distance from edge of thumb hole nearest to center to edge of finger holes nearest to center, including all inserts and/or grips.

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