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Dead ball -
1) A ball that is ineffective, deflecting badly when hitting the pins
2) A ball is "dead" when the reaction cannot be obtained similar to what it was when new.

Deadwood -
Pins that have fallen down legally; if they remain on the pin deck or in the gutters after the machine has reset the pins, they must be removed before play continues.

Death -
The five pin.

Deck -
Shorthand for "pindeck"; the surface of the lane ends upon which the pins are spotted.

Deep inside line -
A strike line that is popular among the big hook players in which the player stands on a high numbered board and aims for a lower numbered board; for a right handed player, this means that they start their delivery on the far left of the approach.

Deflection -
Amount of displacement incurred in a bowling ball's trajectory after making contact with a headpin.

Degree of oval -
The degree from centerline the oval of a hole will be.

Delivered a message -
A pin or pins came off the kickbacks to take out another pin or pins.

Delivery -
The act of throwing a shot.

Deuce -
A game of 2D00 or more.

Dexter Shoes -
One of the big bowling shoe manufacturers.

Differential -
The difference between the lowest and highest RGs. You compute the high and subtract the low from that and you have the differential.

Dinner bucket -
The 2-4-5-8 for right handers, the 3-5-6-9 for a lefty.

Ditch -
The gutter; the channel.

Dive -
The action of the ball that hooks greatly at the last moments before hitting the pins.

Differential of radius of gyration -
The differences between the RG axes XYZ.

Dots -
1) Series of seven spots on the lanes past the foul line but before the arrows which may be used to assist in targeting and alignment.
2) Spots on the approach which may be used to align your feet in your initial stance.

Dodo -
A legally balanced bowling ball.

Dodo scale -
A balance beam scale system that measures weight and distance. Used to find whether a bowling ball will meet ABC/WIBC guidelines of imbalance for one side to another.

Double -
Two strikes in a row in the same game.

Double gutter -
Two gutter balls in a roll.

Double wood -
Any two pins such that one is directly behind the other; i.e., the 2-8; 3-9; 1-5.

Dove -
The action of the ball that hooks greatly at the last moments before hitting the pins.

Dovetails -
The portion of a wood lane where the maple and pine boards meet.

Down and in -
Refers to a line that is more direct and parallel to the boards; opposite of bellying the ball.

Dressing -
The lane conditioner; the act of applying lane conditioner.

Drift -
The number of boards that you vary from straight in your approach to the foul line.

Drill press/mill Press -
Stationary stabile motorized apparatus with the ability for bit to travel to drill holes.

Drill jig -
A device used to hold a bowling ball stationary, while being drilled. A jig can be either stationary and used on a mill press or have sliding plates to adjust for desired pitch.

Drive -
The power of the ball as it hits the pin.

Dry lanes -
1) A lane that has less conditioner than normal for your game
2) A lane condition that causes earlier and more hook.

Dry lane ball -
A ball that performs better on dry lanes.

Duce -
A 200 game or more.

Duckpin bowling -
A variation of Ten-pin bowling and is popular along the eastern coast of the United States, from Maryland through southern New England, and in Quebec.

Dull -
Refers to the surface of a bowling ball appearing listless. In general a dull bowling ball is one in which the pours are open and clean.

Dummy -
Score allowed for an absent player

Dump -
The practice of dropping the ball at or before the foul line

Durometer -
Device used to measure the hardness of a bowling ball.

Dutch 200 -
A game of exactly 200 made by alternating strikes and spares throughout the entire game.

Dynamic imbalance -
1) Measure of weight in an object in motion.
2) The planned apparent imbalance in balls due to high tech cores and drilling techniques.

Dynamic weights -
Before the use of cores in bowling balls, the center of the ball was, more or less, symmetrical. In today's high tech computer designed ball cores and multiple cores designs, the cores are not evenly balanced and distributed within the center of the ball allowing balls to be drilled and designed in a manner that the apparent "weight" of the ball can shift depending on the drilling pattern;

Dynamics -
The characteristics of the mass inside a bowling ball. This includes Moment of Inertia and Differential of RG, which in turn contribute to the balls preferred spin axis.

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