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American Bowling Congress, former governing body for ten pin bowling and its members. Was founded in 1895 and was dissolved in 2004 when it was replaced on January 1, 2005 by the United States Bowling Congress.

Action -
1) The spin or rotation put on a ball as it is released.
2) Bowling for money.
3) Lots of pin movement that results in a strike or an easy to make spare.

Actual span -
Distance from edge of thumb hole nearest to center to edge of finger holes nearest to center, including all inserts and/or grips.

Adjustment -
Changing part of one's game to be more competitive on the particular lane and/or lane condition they are bowling. This can mean an alignment change, equipment change, or even changes in the physical or mental game.

Address -
The bowler's stance before beginning the approach.

Adult Bumper Bowling -
Used to describe a lane condition or house that is easier that most.

American Junior Bowling Congress; former governing body for junior bowlers.

All Events -
Your combined score for all the events of a given tournament. For example, if someone bowled 3 games each for team, singles and doubles. The total for the 9 games is the "All Events" total and is eligible for additional prizes.

Alley -
May be used to describe an individual bowling lane or to indicate an entire bowling center. The term is not appreciated by most bowling center proprietors as it has a derogatory tone to it.

All the way -
Completing a game with all strikes from any given frame of the game.

American Machine and Foundry was the original name for the acronym. AMF made the first automatic pinsetter and offers a full line of capital equipment and playing equipment for the bowler.

Anchor -
The last player to roll in team competition. May also be used in a derogatory fashion to signify a player that is holding down the team from advancing in placement.

Angle -
The line a player is throwing.

Angle of entry -
Angle, measure parallel to the boards, at which the bowling ball hits the pocket after completing its path down the lane.

Ankle shot -
The unlucky act of hitting ones own ankle with their own ball during their approach or release.

Apple -
A bowling ball.

Approach -
The area at least 15' long, on which the player walks to the foul line. Usually adjacent to the ball returns and has spots embedded in the approach to aid in lining up. May also be used to describe a person's walk and form while bowling.

Approved cleaners -
Liquid ball cleaners which are acceptable for use during competition.

Arc -
Describes a ball path from foul line to headpin that does not have a sharp, defined break point.

Arc reaction -
The hook action of a ball, regardless of amount, when the hooking action is gradual and not violent.

Area -
The number of boards a bowler can hit and still get the ball to the pocket.

Area bowler -
A player that uses their instincts to make subconscious adjustments in release as they throw the ball.

Area Check -
A ball intentionally thrown too wide or too tight to check the lanes to see how much area is available.

Arena bowling -
Tournament finals or entire tournaments held on specially constructed lanes in a special location to accommodate spectators. May also be used to describe very easy lane conditions.

Arid -
A very dry lane surface.

Armswing -
The path a bowler's arm takes from the pushaway to release.

Arrows -
A targeting system on lanes embedded some fifteen feet from the foul line. May also be used to describe the angle or line a player is using.

Arsenal -
The collection of bowling balls owned or used by a bowler.

Axe -
A bowling ball.

Axis -
Most commonly used to describe Postive Axis Point (P.A.P.) which is the point on the ball where the bowler's release creates the initial axis of rotation.

Axis of rotation -
An imaginary line, perpendicular to the track, about which a bowling ball rotates during its path down the lane.

Axis point -
One of two points located on opposite poles marking the endpoints of the axis of rotation.

Axis leverage -
Type of drilling in which the label of center of gravity is placed on the positive axis and the pin is positioned between the positive axis point and the center of grip, usually above the line to the ring finger.

Axis tilt -
Angle between axis of rotation and the horizontal plane.- Caused by the bowler at the release, represents an angle of the axis rotation above a horizontal line through the middle of the ball.

Axis rotation -
Angle between the Translational and rotational energy vectors. The Degree the axis is rotated on the horizontal axis.

Axis weight -
Type of drilling in which the weight block is positioned such that its mass is evenly distributed about the axis of rotation. AKA- Pin on the axis.

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