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Frequently Asked Questions

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-Pro Tours:
  1. How can I become a professional bowler?
    For information on joining the PBA visit

  2. How can I chat with pro bowlers?
    We cannot provide you with contact information for pro bowlers, but, we do host live chats with the pros at different times during the year. You can find out about our future chats with the pros by subscribing to the Kegler's Connection a free e-mail newsletter. To subscribe to our free newsletter fill in your e-mail address in the box on the right of this page and push the OK button.

  3. When and where are bowling tournaments on TV?
    We list all new and repeated scheduled bowling shows on our Telecast Schedule.

    We receive the data directly from the ESPN Networks once a quarter and we also use another listing service (the same service that supplies TV Guide and your local paper!). Unfortunately, on a few occasions the times reported to us have been outright wrong or have been changed due to other programming running long.

    You may also notice from time to time that the ESPN Networks will repeat bowling to fill empty slots. These unscheduled fill shows are usually not reported to us or the listing service so we are unable to add them to our listings.

  4. How can I send a letter to a pro bowler?
    You can send letters to PBA members to:

          [Pro Bowler's Name]
          C/O Professional Bowling Association
          719 Second Avenue
          Suite 701
          Seattle, Washington 98104

  5. How can I obtain a video tape copy of a PBA or PWBA Telecast?
    We are unaware of anyone offering copies of telecasts. For many tournaments no official copy even exists! You maybe able to find out more information by contacting the PBA, or the station/cable channel that aired the show in question, directly.

  6. Why doesn't BallBeat have the information I'm looking for?
    We would like provide more information on the mens' AND womens' equipment however we rely on the Bowling Ball Manufacturers and the pros themselves to submit the BallBeat information to us.

    The Ball Manufacturers' Pro Tour Representatives and most of the pros are aware that we will publish the information and that fans do really want to see it. However, recently very little information trickles in about what the pros were throwing. We have published EVERYTHING that has been submitted by the pros or on their behalf.

    Please understand that is not trying to exclude anyone's information! Everyone is given equal opportunities to submit their information. Obliviously, we cannot include the information if it is not sent to us.

  7. Why doesn't regularly have stories on the PBA Tour?
    The new management at the PBA has been very uncooperative and will not provide anyone with information on their events.

    We would like to discuss the situation with the PBA management or press office but they don't have the courtesy to return telephone calls and reply to e-mails. This is a stark difference from how the PBA used to operate.

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