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Frequently Asked Questions

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-Equipment / Coaching:
  1. How can I find a good coach or pro shop?
    Look for the IBPSIA Logo at your local pro shops. You can find IBPSIA Member Pro Shops by visiting this page. A search engine for USBC Certified Coaches can be found at

  2. Can you recommend a good web site where I can buy (low-cost, cheap, etc.) bowling equipment?
    We suggest you only use a local IBPSIA Member Pro Shop. Your local pro shop is most familiar with the conditions in your area and can be made familiar with your game so he or she can properly recommend equipment that matches it.

  3. I am having a problem getting a good reaction from my ball!
    Since poor or undesired ball reaction can be related to a number of different things, it's best to discuss a reaction problem with 1) someone that can look at your ball, 2) someone that is familiar with your game, and 3) someone that can watch you throw a couple balls. We suggest you only use a local IBPSIA Member Pro Shop or a USBC Certified Coach for this kind of problem.

    Remember you can take advantage of It's filled with bowlers who thrive on helping each other out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  4. Can you help me choose the right ball?
    Since lane conditions vary so much from area to area and individual bowling styles can be so different, we do not make equipment recommendations via e-mail. You should speak with a local IBPSIA Member Pro Shop or a USBC Certified Coach for proper equipment recommendations.

    Remember you can take advantage of It's filled with bowlers who thrive on helping each other out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  5. I can't hook my ball, what do I do?
    The first thing you want to consider is accuracy is the number one key to high scores, not hook. Hook can look impressive, but remember, the goal is to knock down pins. Since learning to throw a hook shoot consistently is a difficult task, it's important to learn this style correctly. We recommend that you ask a USBC Certified Coach or IBPSIA Member Pro Shop to show you how and help you throw a couple shots.

    Remember you can take advantage of It's filled with bowlers who thrive on helping each other out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  6. How can I remove oil from my reactive resin ball?
    Since most of the manufacturers recommend against exposing a ball to temperatures over 130 degrees Fahrenheit, we suggest you avoid baking balls in ovens or leaving them in a car on a hot day.

    Many people use the water submersion method with great success. It's really quite simple. Fill a bucket, sink, or bathtub (whatever is deep enough to submerse your ball in) with hot water straight from the tap. Make sure the temperature is not in excess of 130 Fahrenheit. Add a few tablespoons of Simple Green* detergent or an ABC-approved dish soap. Put the ball in the water, grips facing down, on a ball ring (to maintain the air pockets inside the ball). Let it sit in the hot water for about 20 minutes. You should see the oil bubble out of the coverstock to the surface of the water. After it has been in the water for 20-30 minutes, take the ball out, wipe it off, and place it on a towel, grips down again. It should be wiped off, liberally every couple minutes the first half-hour. The longer you can let it sit at room temperature on the towel, the better.

    Others report using dishwashers with success, but, we tend to avoid this method since some dishwashers can reach pretty high temperatures.

    Never discount resurfacing your equipment, as a good resurfacing from a local pro shop also removes all the oil from the surface.

    *Note: Some claim Simple Green may contain toxic ingredient(s).

  7. What should I clean my bowling ball with?
    Many people use Simple Green* detergent (diluted 4 parts water to 1 part Simple Green). You can buy Simple Green at most home centers and supermarkets.

    Renew-It by Brunswick is another great ball cleaner that restores a ball to its original tackiness and removes all dirt and grime.

    For a list of USBC/ABC/WIBC/YABA approved and unapproved cleaners visit:

    *Note: Some claim Simple Green may contain toxic ingredient(s).

  8. What's the difference between coverstocks?
    Particle balls (also called "proactive" balls by Brunswick) contain particles in the ball's surface to act like snow studded tires. The particles help grip the lane more to create more friction. Particle balls have a shorter life than reactives and are difficult to resurface or adjust the surface on.

    Reactive covers have a higher coefficient of friction than earlier coverstocks. Reactives will not damage the lanes as much as Particle balls but will absorb oil faster than particle balls.

    New urethane coverstocks are seen less and less often now. Urethane provides a harder shell and less friction than reactives.

    Polyester coverstocks, also known as "plastics," are traditionally used as spare balls or balls for beginners since they have the lowest coefficient of friction.

  9. Can you help me find this ball I am looking for?
    No, we cannot assist you in finding a particular ball that you would like to purchase or have lost. Your best chance is to call several pro shops within your state.

    Remember you can take advantage of It's filled with bowlers who thrive on helping each other out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  10. How much practice is too much practice?
    Usually there is no such thing as practicing too much. However, if you are not using good techniques and you are not learning how to adjust to the conditions then the extra practice could be wasted. If your average is unchanged after all the extra practice or if its declining it can point to the need for outside help.

    We always suggest that a few lessons several times a year with a certified USBC or IBPSIA coach is the best way to spend your money. A qualified coach can recognize problems right away, refine your game, and teach you other skills that are necessary to achieve your goals. Its very important not to discount coaching or think of it as a weakness. All professional bowlers and leading amateur bowlers heavily rely on USABowling and IBPSIA professionals.

  11. Do you have a review or specifications on this ball?
    Currently, No. We are considering adding a ball specification or review section in the future. Until then we are unable to provide reviews.

    Remember you can take advantage of It's filled with bowlers who thrive on helping each other out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  12. Why doesn't BallBeat have the information I'm looking for?
    We would like provide more information on the mens' AND womens' equipment however we rely on the Bowling Ball Manufacturers and the pros themselves to submit the BallBeat information to us.

    The Ball Manufacturers' Pro Tour Representatives and most of the pros are aware that we will publish the information and that fans do really want to see it. However, recently very little information trickles in about what the pros were throwing. We have published EVERYTHING that has been submitted by the pros or on their behalf.

    Please understand that is not trying to exclude anyone's information! Everyone is given equal opportunities to submit their information. Obliviously, we cannot include the information if it is not sent to us.

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