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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What kind of chat program is this?
    It's an IRC Flash Chat Client that runs through most web browsers.

  2. What do I need to use the chat?
    The chat requires a browser that is Adobe Flash Enabled.
  3. Who is Ustream-Bot or BOPM and why is he scanning me?
    BOPM and Ustream-Bot are bots; not persons. BOPM and Ustream-Bot are scanning your system for open ports and proxy servers. These scans by these bots are not part of an attack, they're in fact an important security check.

    If BOPM or Ustream-Bot states you have an open port, open proxy, or an otherwise insecure computer you will need to install a firewall on your computer or reconfigure your proxy. Please see the Why do I need a Firewall? and What is an Open Port or Proxy? FAQ topics for more information.

  4. Why do I need a firewall?
    A firewall isolates your computer from the Internet and inspects each individual packet of data as it arrives inbound to or outbound from your computer to determine whether it should be allowed to pass or be blocked.

    You may ask yourself "why would anyone want to break into my computer? I don't have anything important". Actually you do, even a home computer stores user names and passwords for connecting to the Internet, personal email, possibly financial information and perhaps even credit card information. Even without these things, your computer can be used as a stepping stone by malicious users (often called 'crackers') to attack other computers. The worst part of this is that these further attacks will look like they are coming from you! There has been cases where innocent people have been investigated, convicted, and gone to prison because there was no evidence that anyone else besides them had access to the computer.

    If you are using a modern operating system you should enable it's firewall.

  5. What is an open port or proxy?
    Open ports could potentially allow someone to establish a connection to your computer allowing them to access or manipulate your files or place code on your computer such as a virus or trojan.

    Misconfigured proxies can allow someone to send email or Internet traffic through someone else's Internet connection to mask their actions. Usually misconfigured proxies are utilized for illegal activities or for sending spam. Most commonly, home users won't have a misconfigured proxy on their computer unless Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is used. If you are being told you have a misconfigured proxy it's most likely a problem at your ISP and you should contact them first. If you are logging in at work, using the corporate network, you should notify the IT Department that there is a misconfigured proxy so they can correct the problem. Be sure you have a good story for why you were chatting at work!

    In most other cases a firewall such as can close most open ports and further protect your system.

  6. How do I pick a nick name?
    Once the chat is fully loaded, enter the name you wish to use where it says "Enter nick:" Choose a unique name and then press the connect button.

    Avoid using a name that could offend anyone, looks or sounds like a staff member or volunteer, or could make someone believe you are someone you're not or have authority you don't have.

  7. Why does it keep changing my nick name?
    When a name is registered only the person who registered it can use it. The chat server will allow you to sign on with the name but will not allow you to continue to use it if you don't identify yourself as the owner of the name.

  8. How can I register my nick name?
    Just head over to Ustream and signup for a free account.

  9. Why should I register my nick name?
    Everyone should register their nick name so no one else can use it and try to impersonate you.

  10. Can I register more than one nick name?
    You may register additional nicknames but each Ustream account requires a unique email address.

  11. Why is every nick name I choose taken?
    Since there are many users of this IRC chat server many common names have already been taken by other users.

    You might want to try creating a more unique name or adding some numbers following your common name to prevent choosing a name already in use by another user.

  12. What is an Op?
    An op, short for operator, is the host for the channel. They have the power to kick and/or ban users and set the topic. Always follow their instructions and show respect to them to avoid their wrath.

  13. Why do some people have a green dot in front of their name?
    Those with the green dot in front of their name are operators.

  14. Why do some people have an & or @ in front of their name?
    Those with the & or @ in front of their name are operators.

  15. Where can I find out more about IRC chats?
    You can find basic information on Internet Relay chats here: WyldRyde IRC Network FAQ,

  16. Where can I find a list of all the commands?
    Here is a partial list of IRC Commands. Ask the op if you should need further assistance.

  17. Can I use an IRC client to join the chat?
    Yes, see our Chat for a complete listing of servers.

  18. Can you help me set up my IRC client?
    If you are unable to setup an IRC client to access the chat yourself we suggest you contact the provider of the client, ask a friend that has more experience with computers and IRC, or see How to setup an IRC client to connect and login to Ustream. We are unable to provide technical support for the chat via e-mail.

  19. May I run a bot?
    No. You may not operate a bot or script without prior permission from one the Administrators.

  20. What is a bot?
    A bot is not a person but rather a program. Bot is short for robot. They're considered robots because they're designed to perform the functions of a human and in many cases are mistaken as a human by new IRC users.

  21. Why do I get yelled at for using colored or larger text?
    Most IRC chatters prefer everyone use plain black text with a white background. Using lots of colors or colored text is considered immature and can also be very difficult to read.

  22. How do I get it to work with my Mac?
    Our chat client should work with most Mac compatible browsers. If you should have trouble, ensure you are running the latest version of your browser and have installed Adobe Flash.

  23. How do I get it to work with AOL?
    Our chat client should work with AOL's browser. Ensure you are running the latest version available at AOL Keyword: BROWSER.

  24. How do I get it to work with WebTV?
    Currently, our chat does not support WebTV and it's amazing your WebTV still works at all! Be thankful for that minor miracle! ;)

  25. Can you please help me get this to work?
    Sorry, we are unable to provide technical support for the chat via e-mail. Please ask a friend that has more experience with computers and IRC chats if you are unable to use the chat clients.

  26. What kind of behavior is not permitted?
    Like most online services we wish to maintain an enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening environment. To ensure these goals are reached we have enacted a set of Community Standards. So you fully understand what kind of behavior is not permitted, you will need to read the documents.

  27. Why aren't children permitted to join the community?
    We do not permit persons under 14 years of age so may fully comply with the Federal Trade Commission's guidelines which are intended to protect the privacy of children using the Internet.

  28. If children are not a part of the community why can't we swear?
    We prefer to keep our community in good taste so that it is not offensive to anyone.

  29. Why can't information about online pro shops be discussed?
    We suggest you only use a local IBPSIA Member Pro Shop. We are of the belief that your local pro shop is most familiar with the conditions in your area and can be made familiar with your game so they can properly recommend equipment that matches it. We do not believe online pro shops can provide this important advice and guidance and feel their approach to business is not good for the entire sport.

  30. What ever happened to Freedom of Speech? is a private service, and is entitled to set rules of conduct that it considers appropriate.

    Remember back to grade school: the Constitution and Bill of Rights were created to ensure that the government does not restrict or encroach on personal freedoms. Neither document restricts private organizations from setting their own policies.

  31. What are private messages?
    A private message is not e-mail. Private messages are one-to-one communications that can only be read by the recipient.

    To send someone a private message double click on their name and type your message. NOTE: Most IRC chatters dislike receiving a private message from someone they don't know. To avoid any argument always ask in the chat first before sending a private message.

  32. Why was I banned?
    Users are most often banned for violating the Community Standards.

    Usually members will recieve a warning to notify them of their temporary ban and when they can return. In some cases members might be banned permanently with or without any notice.

    We ban members only after careful deliberation and consideration and our decision to do so is final and is not up for discussion.

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