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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. May I submit or suggest a story?
    We welcome your story ideas and press releases! Please submit them to Content Suggestions.

  2. May I write a column?
    Currently, we are only offering volunteer (unpaid) columnist positions. If you are interested in writing for in a volunteer capacity please submit a writing sample and a resume or biography to Content Suggestions.

  3. Can you add a link to my web site?
    We currently do not participate in reciprocal linking to other sites directly from However, you are welcome to add your site to our sister site, A listing in the search engine is free and we do provide a lot of links on to

    You can also take advantage of the Classifieds section on Just be sure to review the classified forum posting restrictions before posting your advertisement.

  4. May I advertise on your web site?
    Yes! We accept ads from most business but we reserve the right to deny ads at our sole discretion. For example we will not accept ads for sites or business that sell bowling equipment or for sites or business that don't meet our ethical and moral standards. For more information please see our Advertising section.

  5. Why do you have advertisements on the web site?
    Web sites of this scale incur a substantial amount of expenses. The funds received from the advertisements is used to off set these expenses.

  6. Who owns is privately owned by two avid bowlers.

  7. May I use some of the content on your web site or from the newsletter in my web site or newsletter?
    In some cases we will grant permission to use our content in various forms of print. You must write and obtain written permission from a us before attempting to use any content.

  8. How did you design this web site?
    For proprietary reasons we do not disclose our methods or applications used to develop and maintain this site.

  9. Who is the Webmaster?
    Steve Mermelstein

  10. Can you design a web site for me?
    Sorry, Steve is focusing on growing his existing web sites.

  11. I couldn't load a page on the web site.
    It is possible the Internet is experiencing delays or we may have made a mistake. Yes we are human too. Please feel free to contact the Webmaster to report the problem.

  12. How many visitors does get?
    For proprietary reasons we do not publically release the actual number of unique visitors or "hits" the site receives. According to data from a leading Internet rating service is the Leading Independent Bowling News Web Site and one of the Top 5 Bowling Web Sites. In addition has more visitors than the next 3 bowling sites combined!

  13. May I get in touch with the owners or a columnist at
    Please see our Contact page for a listing of departments you may e-mail or write to.

    Please use the General Comments department to write to a specific columnist at

    For a variety of reasons we do not list telephone numbers on the web site at this time. If you wish to speak with us via telephone please e-mail us your telephone number and an explanation of why you would like to speak with us via telephone.

  14. Why doesn't offer a bowling chat?
    We do! Please see #BowlingFans Chat for information on how you can participate.

  15. May I contribute to this FAQ?
    If you find any errors or omissions in the FAQ, please e-mail us. We welcome your ideas or questions and answers.

  16. May I provide a link to on my web site?
    Sure! See Link To for HTML code that will allow you to link to us with special banners and buttons.

  17. Why doesn't get updated more often?
    All of's writers and staff are volunteers. They update the site as their busy schedules permit.

  18. Why do you make it so difficult to send's staff e-mail?
    It is not or intention to make it difficult to send us e-mail. We simply want to ensure that e-mails sent to us go to the appropriate person who can best answer your question. We also wish to avoid being asked common questions which already are answered in our FAQ. Asking us questions which are already answered on the site delay us from replying to e-mails which need replies.

    For general bowling questions (questions or comments not specifically about you can take advantage of It's filled with bowlers who thrive on helping each other out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  19. What are the other domain names that owns? is available through the following domains:

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