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Frequently Asked Questions

      Often people ask the same questions, so we compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Please find your question below and click on it to be shown the answer.


-General Bowling Related Questions:
  1. Where can I find definitions of bowling terms?
  2. Can you recommend a good program to do leagues' standings?
  3. How can I find some sponsors?
  4. Where can I find other bowling web sites?
  5. How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
  6. Where can I find bowling clip art and bowling graphics?
  7. Where can I find a bowling chat?
  8. Can you help mediate a problem with my league officers or my local association?
  9. Can you help mediate a problem with my bowling center's management?
  10. How much does it cost to open a bowling center?
  11. Can you help me purchase or open a bowling center?
  12. Can you provide me with venture capital or a loan?
  13. Can you help me design a bowling center that I am planning to build?
  14. Can you tell me where I can buy pinsetters and other equipment?
  15. Can you send me some lane condition profiles or programs?
  16. How do I calculate bowling handicaps?

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-Questions about Equipment / Coaching:
  1. How can I find a good coach or pro shop?
  2. Can you recommend a good web site where I can buy (low-cost, cheap, etc.) bowling equipment?
  3. I am having a problem getting a good reaction from my ball!
  4. Can you help me choose the right ball?
  5. I can't hook my ball, what do I do?
  6. How can I remove oil from my reactive resin ball?
  7. What should I clean my bowling ball with?
  8. What's the difference between coverstocks?
  9. Can you help me find this ball I am looking for?
  10. How much practice is too much practice?
  11. Do you have a review or specifications on this ball
  12. Why doesn't BallBeat have the information I'm looking for?

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-Questions about Pro Tours:
  1. How can I become a professional bowler?
  2. How can I chat with pro bowlers?
  3. When and where are bowling tournaments on TV?
  4. How can I send a letter to a pro bowler?
  5. How can I obtain a video tape copy of a PBA or PWBA Telecast?
  6. Why doesn't BallBeat have the information I'm looking for?
  7. Why doesn't regularly have stories on the PBA Tour?

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-Questions about Tournaments:
  1. Where can I learn more about the National Tournament?
  2. Does the Womens Nationals have a site?
  3. Where can I find results from USBC/ABC/WIBC/YABA/BPAA/USABowling/College Bowling USA Tournaments?
  4. Can you help mediate a problem I am having with tournament operators/officers?
  5. How can I ask a question about tournament rules?

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-Questions about the USBC/ABC/WIBC/YABA:
  1. How can I ask a question about a USBC, ABC, WIBC, or YABA bowling rules?
  2. Where can I find a copy of bowling's rules?
  3. Can I download a searchable copy of bowling's rules?
  4. Where can I find a list of approved ball cleaners?
  5. Under USBC/ABC/WIBC rules how many gripping holes may a ball have?
  6. Where can I find individual and team records?

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-Questions about
  1. May I submit or suggest a story?
  2. May I write a column?
  3. Can you add a link to my web site?
  4. May I advertise on your web site?
  5. Why do you have advertisements on the web site?
  6. Who owns
  7. May I use some of the content on your web site or from the newsletter in my web site or newsletter?
  8. How did you design this web site?
  9. Who is the Webmaster?
  10. Can you design a web site for me?
  11. I couldn't load a page on the web site.
  12. How many visitors does get?
  13. May I get in touch with the owners or a columnist at
  14. Why doesn't offer a bowling chat?
  15. May I contribute to this FAQ?
  16. May I provide a link to on my web site?
  17. Why doesn't get updated more often?
  18. Why do you make it so difficult to send's staff e-mail?
  19. What are the other domain names that owns?

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-Questions about Message Board:
      For answers to frequently asked questions about Message Board Community please see the Community Help/FAQ
  1. What does That Mean? Community/Chat Slang and Abbreviation Glossary
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-Questions about #BowlingFans Chat:
  1. What kind of chat program is this?
  2. What do I need to use the chat?
  3. Who is Globalz and why is he scanning me?
  4. Why do I need a firewall?
  5. What is an open port or proxy?
  6. How do I pick a nick name?
  7. Why does it keep changing my nick name?
  8. How can I register my nick name?
  9. Why should I register my nick name?
  10. Can I register more than one nick name?
  11. Why is every nick name I choose taken?
  12. Who is @WyldRyde?
  13. What is an Op?
  14. Why do some people have a green dot in front of their name?
  15. Why do some people have an @ in front of their name?
  16. Where can I find out more about IRC chats?
  17. Where can I find a list of all the commands?
  18. Can I use an IRC client to join the chat?
  19. Can you help me set up my IRC client?
  20. May I run a bot?
  21. What is a bot?
  22. Why do I get yelled at for using colored or larger text?
  23. How do I get it to work with my Mac?
  24. How do I get it to work with AOL?
  25. How do I get it to work with WebTV?
  26. Can you please help me get this to work?
  27. What kind of behavior is not permitted?
  28. Why aren't children permitted to join the community?
  29. If children are not a part of the community why can't we swear?
  30. Why can't information about online pro shops be discussed?
  31. What ever happened to Freedom of Speech?
  32. What are private messages?
  33. Why was I banned?
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