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Team USA Chat Log

Bowling's Team USA members joined bowlers on America Online's Grandstand Bowling Forum for an interactive chat on Tuesday, September 26, 2000. The audience was invited to submit thier questions and they were posed to the members to answer.

HOST GSTD SteveMWelcome to this special chat with Bowling's Team USA ....
As you know, our guests are here to talk about and
answer your questions regarding Team USA.

Tonights guests are:
Debbie Kuhn
Diandra Hyman
Missy Bellinder
Janette Piesczynski
Jolene Etem
Kassy Hyman

Please help us welcome them this evening!
HOST GSTD Diva:There will be a test on who's who later, so keep notes :)
HOST GSTD Bundy:clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
HOST GSTD Diva::::applause::::
HOST GSTD Diva:Before we start with the interrogation, err, questions, is there anything you'd like to say about yourselves
Debbie Kuhn:I'm happy to be here
Janette Piesczynski:thanks to everyone for coming!
Missy Bellinder:Thank you for coming
Jolene Etem:Once again, thank you for coming
HOST GSTD Bundy:Our first question comes from | dwk |, and he asks: What are the qualifications for becoming a team USA
Debbie Kuhn:you start by qualifying locally..thru state and Assn tourn from there, you go to your state finals and winning at the state finals sends you to the national finals if there are several entries in your state finals...they may send more people to national finals
HOST GSTD Bundy:what is the format at the national finals?
Debbie Kuhn:24 games of qualifying cut to top 32...32 games match play
HOST GSTD Bundy:and that's only qualifying lol
Debbie Kuhn:from that point...the top 5 are on the team
HOST GSTD Bundy:The top 5 are on the team, then they choose 4 more, correct?
Debbie Kuhn:then 4 more are selected by the national selection committee
HOST GSTD SteveM:Pokemonbowler writes, For the players who have been on the team more than one year, how did the coaching changes affect the team during the initial transition? GA
Janette Piesczynski:the coaching really hasn't been changed we still get to work with the best coaches in the world
HOST GSTD Diva:TeamUSA2001 asks, Team USA used to ask members to commit to 70 days each year for tournaments, training, etc.
Debbie Kuhn:it's amazing how much you learn
HOST GSTD Diva:Have you found that to be typical?
Janette Piesczynski:the coaches aren't judged on a level..they teach us what we need to know
Debbie Kuhn:not over the past few hasn't been that much time ga
HOST GSTD Bundy:how much time has it been lately? :)
Janette Piesczynski:depends on the number of tournaments there are that year
Debbie Kuhn:about a month total this year
HOST GSTD Bundy:ok, onward, HALO bb asks: How does your time on Team USA help you prepare for the professional ranks?
Janette Piesczynski:being on the team teaches you what you have to do to be the best you can it teaches you what you have to work on or how hard you have to work to be the best you want to be
HOST GSTD Bundy:Jolene, Missy, anything you would like to add ?
Missy Bellinder:You get top notch coaching and get a chance to compete with some of the best athletes
HOST GSTD Bundy:maybe speaking for college competition instead of PWBA competition
Jolene Etem:Well, I was going to say that it help builds a lot of self confidence in yourself and I think that has a lot to do with how far you will go professionally But that is only part of it. You also learn some versatility on the lanes which prepares you for any shot possible
HOST GSTD Bundy:this is true
HOST GSTD SteveM:TUSA2001 asks, Please tell us about the training you receive in Colorado Springs? I hear it is at the Olympic Training Center, is that correct?
Janette Piesczynski:that's correct
Debbie Kuhn:it's an amazing experience
Jolene Etem:The OTC had to be one of the best weeks of my life!!!
Janette Piesczynski:just to be at the training center with other Olympic athletes is amazing and that you belong with all the other sports
Debbie Kuhn:it's probably the one time in you really feel like you represent your country
HOST GSTD Bundy:What is it like there? What do you do in a day at the training center?
Jolene Etem:That's true - you walk away (at least I did) with a huge sense of pride
Janette Piesczynski:we bowl for about 3-4 hours a day and then we have classroom sessions at night about different parts of bowling
Missy Bellinder:It's so amazing at the USOC
Debbie Kuhn:spend the rest in classroom
Janette Piesczynski:such as mental game physical game or team play
Missy Bellinder:We worked a lot on Versatility
HOST GSTD Diva:Carrasqui asks, In how many countries have you competed as a team during this year?
Janette Piesczynski:this year..we have a team tournament in Puerto Rico in December. some of us are going to Costa Rica in October for the youth FIQ
Debbie Kuhn:an all baker format tourn in PR
HOST GSTD Bundy:and there was the Tournament of the Americas in Miami last month
Missy Bellinder:yep
HOST GSTD Bundy:which I was privileged enough to be able to attend saw some good bowling
Missy Bellinder:That tournament is a blast
Janette Piesczynski:and us winning medals!
HOST GSTD Bundy:LOL of course! :)
Missy Bellinder:yeah!!!
HOST GSTD Bundy:Loral 6 asks: What was your biggest motivation to try to make Team USA?
Janette Piesczynski:representing your country!
Missy Bellinder:being able to represent your country
Debbie Kuhn:mine was to have the chance to represent the US
Missy Bellinder:that is one of the best feelings in the world
Jolene Etem:representing the US
Debbie Kuhn:I can't think of a bigger honor
Janette Piesczynski:nothing better than wearing the red, white, and blue
HOST GSTD SteveM:TUSA2001 asks, Do you feel that the lane conditions you bowl on at Team USA Nationals is similar to what you bowl on internationally?
HOST GSTD Bundy:good question
Debbie Kuhn:I think they are close
HOST GSTD Diva:Halobb asks, In a year with fewer tournaments to bowl, what do you do to feel like a "team."
Janette Piesczynski:talk to each other, email each other, keep in touch otherwise
Debbie Kuhn:we keep in touch thru email phone calls..etc
Janette Piesczynski:or some of us bowl together in the WIBC's and such
Jolene Etem:email, hang out at other tournaments, phone calls
Missy Bellinder:mostly email
HOST GSTD Bundy:DEBOLOBO asks: With Fred Borden back at the "helm" do you think this is a MAJOR boost regarding seeing bowling as a future Olympic sport?
Debbie Kuhn:I hope so
Janette Piesczynski:me too!
Missy Bellinder:i would really like to see that happen
HOST GSTD Bundy:what do you think needs to be done to get us in the Olympics?
Debbie Kuhn:we need to viewed more as a sport instead of a game
Missy Bellinder:bowling needs to break through the stereotypes
HOST GSTD Bundy:you mean the "beer drinking, fat, smoking" stuff?
Jolene Etem:EXACTLY!!!
Missy Bellinder:yep
Debbie Kuhn:there you go
HOST GSTD Bundy:It's true, it's true :)
HOST GSTD SteveM:YanksFanJP asks: This is one of the youngest women's teams in years. Do you feel this is an advantage or a disadvantage?
Debbie Kuhn:lol
Janette Piesczynski:advantage
Missy Bellinder:advantage
Janette Piesczynski:most of us have bowled with each other in some way...we can help each other
HOST GSTD Diva:dwk asks, are any of you planning on careers in the PWBA?
Missy Bellinder:yes i am not for a while though after college
Janette Piesczynski:i am going out on tour next year personally
Debbie Kuhn:I'm not...too much time away from hubby for me
HOST GSTD Bundy:TUSA2001 asks: There are many things that can interfere with practice time such as jobs, school, etc. How do you all find time to practice, and how often do you practice?
Janette Piesczynski:you always find sometime to practice..even if it's an hour or so
Missy Bellinder:good time management skills
Debbie Kuhn:I practice 5 days a week after work
Janette Piesczynski:i practice about 4 times a week
Missy Bellinder:i practice about 4
Jolene Etem:Yeah, I need to work on the time management, but you make yourself practice, even for short periods of time
Debbie Kuhn:I work 10 min from a center and just go straight there and get in an hour or so
Missy Bellinder:I'm really sorry but i have to go bowl league so I'll see you all later
HOST GSTD SteveM:I dwk I asks, Where is your favorite house outside the states?
HOST GSTD SteveM:thank you for coming Missy!
Janette Piesczynski:bye missy
Jolene Etem:bye missy
Debbie Kuhn:see ya missy
HOST GSTD SteveM:Good luck tonight :)
HOST GSTD Bundy:Bye bye Missy
Janette Piesczynski:personally when i was in japan, i like the bowling center there
Debbie Kuhn:liked Winnipeg
HOST GSTD Diva:dwk asks, Is TEAM USA ever on TV if not where may i watch them?
Online Host:Missy Bellinder has left the room.
Janette Piesczynski:it's really not on TV at any time
Debbie Kuhn:not really
HOST GSTD Bundy:do you know if there are ay webcasts planned, such as said for the PBA in the future?
Janette Piesczynski:i haven't heard any
HOST GSTD Bundy:that maybe they would televise the tourneys over the WWW?
Jolene Etem:Not that I know of
Debbie Kuhn:the PWBA started that last year..
HOST GSTD SteveM:Its hard to webcast sports when so few people have broadband internet access.
HOST GSTD Bundy:Loral6 asks: Do you consider being a part of Team USA your greatest bowling achievement to date?
Janette Piesczynski:most definitely
Debbie Kuhn:yes
Jolene Etem:It definitely is my best achievement to date
HOST GSTD SteveM:Skipper777 asks, In the classroom training sessions, what is discussed?
Janette Piesczynski:mental game, physical game, lane play, team play all aspects of the game
Jolene Etem:Mental game, lane versatility, team play
Debbie Kuhn:mental play...lane play
HOST GSTD Diva:Debolobo asks, Don't you think it would be beneficial for Team USA to do some type of touring throughout the US to promote Team USA? Many juniors in our area would LOVE to see you all in action!
Janette Piesczynski:it would be beneficial, but costly considering we are all over the us
Debbie Kuhn:we'd love to do those things but
Janette Piesczynski:and difficult with everyone's schedules
Debbie Kuhn:budget only allows so much
HOST GSTD Bundy:Loral6 asks: Do you have a standard practice routine?
Janette Piesczynski:working on things I'm having trouble with and lots of spare shooting
Jolene Etem:If I'm not working on specific mechanics, I try to get lined up with all my equip. on all areas of the lane
Debbie Kuhn:when I practice...I work on only one or two things for the entire time..and always shoot spares
Jolene Etem:spare shots!!!
HOST GSTD SteveM:Chiparama asks, Do you feel that physical practice is more important than mental practice
Janette Piesczynski:i think they are about equal
Debbie Kuhn:both are very important
Online Host:Kassy Hyman has entered the room.
Jolene Etem:both need to be just as strong
HOST GSTD SteveM:Welcome Kassy!
Debbie Kuhn:hey kas
Kassy Hyman:HELLO HELLO!!!!
HOST GSTD Diva:TeamUSA2001 asks, My state's Team USA finals was held this past weekend
Kassy Hyman:how's it goin?
HOST GSTD Diva:and not one female showed up! What do you think Team USA can do to better promote the program?
HOST GSTD Bundy:Doing great :)
Debbie Kuhn:I think it's not only a TUSA promotion, but local promotion as well
HOST GSTD Diva:Welcome Kassy!
Janette Piesczynski:i agree with Debbie Kuhn
Debbie Kuhn:We have the same problem in MD
Kassy Hyman:thanks!
HOST GSTD Bundy:Squire816 asks:For those bowling for colleges, how soon do you think the Women Collegiate program will get the necessary number of schools participating to be recognized by NCAA, and how much of an impact, if any, will it have on amateur bowling?
HOST GSTD Diva:Wow, great question, George.
Janette Piesczynski:i haven't bowled college in 4 years
HOST GSTD Bundy:well I can give you my opinion from the men's college perspective
Kassy Hyman:it depends on the other sports at their school. they need another sport (mens) to go ncaa also
Debbie Kuhn:although I'm not in college...I wish there had been this opportunity when I was
Kassy Hyman:some are in the trial process of ncaa status...
Kassy Hyman:I'm trying to get the best amateurs at our finals
Kassy Hyman:we are now inviting the top amateur finishers from the queens, masters, jr. masters in Akron, jr team USA and also the collegiate all American teams, rookies, and bowlers of the year ga
HOST GSTD SteveM:Loral6 asks, It seems that different members go to compete in different is that decided as far as who goes to which tourney?
Janette Piesczynski:the coaching staff picks the people going to the tournaments
Debbie Kuhn:we keep in touch with the coaches and they decide who goes to which events
HOST GSTD Diva:Debolobo asks, If Bowling would become an Olympic sport, do you feel the professionals should be allowed to participate as in tennis, basketball, and some other sports?
Kassy Hyman:no way
Jolene Etem:No, I think that the Olympics is for amateurs only, so no professionals should be competing
HOST GSTD Bundy:why not?
Kassy Hyman:that is one huge controversy here
Debbie Kuhn:no...I don't agree with professionals in the Olympics
HOST GSTD Bundy:doesn't it seem like it's all about money nowadays?
Kassy Hyman:i have heard that if we do make it into the Olympics....we'd bring only one representative from each country. man and woman...
HOST GSTD Diva:As a follow up question, how do you justify amateurs making money in this sport?
Kassy Hyman:yes, that's also another good thing about the pros in there....the best should go. we'd have a trial process
Kassy Hyman:with them to decide who goes....
Janette Piesczynski:what do you mean about amateurs making money?
HOST GSTD Diva:Many top amateurs make more money than some of the pros
Debbie Kuhn:good for them
Janette Piesczynski:bowling the's a choice you have to make to either be pro or amateur
HOST GSTD Bundy:Do you find it strange that bowling is the only sport where amateurs can make this kind of money?
Janette Piesczynski:and about getting back in the it slowly to prevent injury
Janette Piesczynski:it is strange, but i guess that's a good part about our sport
Janette Piesczynski:you can be either pro or amateur and earn a living
Kassy Hyman:i agree totally
HOST GSTD Bundy:PALO65 asks: After an injury and a few months off, what do you think is the best way to get back into it?
Kassy Hyman:visualization
Janette Piesczynski:reworking slowly to prevent reinury
Kassy Hyman:i had to take a month off in April due to a torn ligament in my right thumb
Debbie Kuhn:take it slowly...don't overdue...
Kassy Hyman:visualizing and going through the motions in your home is just as good as practicing
Jolene Etem:visualization and mental practice
HOST GSTD SteveM:Skipper777 asks, What is the best one-line of advice you can give to a bowler? (example - my mom always said: "Make your spares, the strikes will come")
Janette Piesczynski:practice makes perfect!
Kassy Hyman:hey debo...i'm with ya....i'm not goin on tour
Kassy Hyman:practice makes improvement
Janette Piesczynski:winning a professional title is incentive to go..i am!
Kassy Hyman:shes in class
HOST GSTD Diva:Our very own Rerack writes, Uh Oh, here it is...the dreaded "What is your average?" question
HOST GSTD Bundy:Diandra is almost here
Janette Piesczynski:230
Debbie Kuhn:still have to pay the taxes
Kassy Hyman:212....had league tonight (708) GO ME!!
HOST GSTD Bundy:go you!
Kassy Hyman:lol
HOST GSTD Diva:Go Kassy!
Jolene Etem:Uh . . .205
HOST GSTD Bundy:and there she is :)
Kassy Hyman:high five!
HOST GSTD Bundy:Welcome Diandra
Jolene Etem:I'm a late bloomer this season
Kassy Hyman:well hello there lil one
Debbie Kuhn:hey di
Diandra Hyman::) I apologize for my tardiness... Diandra just got home from class :)
Janette Piesczynski:hi di
Diandra Hyman:Thanks.. so, what did i miss??
Kassy Hyman:just as long as you learned something....i'll MAYBE forgive you
Diandra Hyman:I always learn lots. (??)
HOST GSTD Bundy:YanksFanJP asks: What was each of your proudest moments while competing for Team USA?
Jolene Etem:When I left the sour apple during qualifying
Jolene Etem:j/k
Debbie Kuhn:Pan AM Games
HOST GSTD Bundy:haha
Kassy Hyman:uh...i'm gonna be mushy
Janette Piesczynski:winning the pan am gold medals and winning the 97 us amateur title
Kassy Hyman:winning gold with DH usker in Miami tournament of America doubles last year :) hehe
Diandra Hyman:My proudest moment was when my sister and I finally found a team we could both be on :)
HOST GSTD Bundy:aw,. how sweet :)
Debbie Kuhn:;)
Kassy Hyman:yeah! that too... (oops)ga
HOST GSTD Diva:Folks, I'm gonna call it a night. Thank you to our guests, and keep the questions coming :)
HOST GSTD Diva:You're in good hands with Steve and Bundy here
Online Host:HOST GSTD Diva has left the room.
HOST GSTD SteveM:BowlingFansDotCom asks, who has been most influential in improving your game and helping you make TeamUSA?
Janette Piesczynski:Michael Neumann
Jolene Etem:without a doubt, my mom
Diandra Hyman:Norman Vincent Peale
Debbie Kuhn:my husband
Kassy Hyman:Pat Henry mentally/ Gordon Vadakin independently and gramma too!!!
Diandra Hyman:gramma of course!
Kassy Hyman:lol
Diandra Hyman:we wouldn't be on this team without gramma
Kassy Hyman:no way!
HOST GSTD Bundy:who are Norman Vincent Peale, Mike Neumann and Gordon Vadakin for those that don't know
Diandra Hyman:Norman Vincent Peale is a Inspirational/Motivational writer/speaker
Kassy Hyman:Gordon is the head bowling coach at Wichita state university
Janette Piesczynski:Michael Neumann used to be one of the best amateur bowlers in the us
Diandra Hyman:i recommend his books
Kassy Hyman:also, John Maxwell is also another great motivational speaker
Kassy Hyman:me too...both
Debbie Kuhn:My husband is Bernie
HOST GSTD SteveM:PAL 065 asks, what adjustments can I make, when I am not getting a good ball reaction, no matter what ball I try?
Janette Piesczynski:always go to the basics and work from there
Debbie Kuhn:changing your hand position.
Kassy Hyman:you may want to adjust your speed....slow it down to get a better reaction in the back end if the ball still doesn't react, get a more aggressive ball
HOST GSTD Bundy:YanksFanJP asks: what is the best thing a bowler can do to prepare for trying out for the team?
Diandra Hyman:practice!
Kassy Hyman:practice SPARES
Janette Piesczynski:work hard and practice
Diandra Hyman:its quality, not quantity
Jolene Etem:practice! practice! practice!
Debbie Kuhn:don't practice on the house conditions
Jolene Etem:prep your mental game
HOST GSTD SteveM:Skipper777 asks, Except for making Team USA, what is your best (or favorite) bowling accomplishment?
Diandra Hyman:Winning a Collegiate Champions with my Huskers
Debbie Kuhn:98 am championship
Janette Piesczynski: winning the team WIBC title and ACUI title breaking the records
Jolene Etem:Besides Team USA, Las Vegas Jr Invt'l Champ
Janette Piesczynski:association of college union international (major college tournament)
HOST GSTD Bundy:I have a question of my own -- The first time you made the team, did it hit you right then or did you not really appreciate it until a few days later? and what was the reaction like
Janette Piesczynski:for me, it was a few days was like i was living a dream
Diandra Hyman:didn't hit me that I won this year until about a month ago...
Jolene Etem:It hit me when they announced the team, and then played the national anthem
Janette Piesczynski:no cream of the crop here!!!
Jolene Etem:It instantly brought tears to my eyes and then I was on Cloud 9 for a few weeks
Kassy Hyman:it didn't hit me until my head stopped frying out....about two days later. the zone was still there bagger -- I was impressed...ROFL
HOST GSTD Bundy:the finals are in December right?
Janette Piesczynski:yes
Kassy Hyman:Dec 10-15
HOST GSTD Bundy:at the stadium in Reno?
Jolene Etem:yes
HOST GSTD Bundy:What, if anything, are you doing to get prepared to go at it again?
Kassy Hyman:I belive Linda Barnes is a new member of our selection committee....FYI
Diandra Hyman:practicing a ton... working with my coaches at school day in and day out
Janette Piesczynski:i will not be trying out for the team again this year
Kassy Hyman:now that i don't have school anymore....practicing just about every day is sort of a ritual for me.
HOST GSTD Bundy:NoSoup911 asks: What are some practicing tips that you could share with us?
Janette Piesczynski:practice things that are difficult
Diandra Hyman:stay focused.. its really easy to become distracted at practice...
Janette Piesczynski:shoot spares!
Kassy Hyman:there is a thing called taping your launch angle. if you have a piece of white thumb tape, place a piece on
Diandra Hyman:or two pieces... then you can hear it "rumble
Diandra Hyman:rumble if you hit it
Kassy Hyman:lets say...the 12th board at the arrows. and place another on the 17th board at the dots...
Debbie Kuhn:Practice areas of the lane that are out of your comfort zone
Kassy Hyman:hit both. that helps with accuracy. you can always change the placement of the tape
Debbie Kuhn:try different releases
Jolene Etem:use a ball that is not right for the condition, make yourself get lined up, and try to string a few strikes
HOST GSTD Bundy:Do you know of any good books that would be good for a bowler to read? (my question) :)
Diandra Hyman:The Mental Game
Debbie Kuhn:Life is not a game of Perfect
Kassy Hyman:that book is incredible....
Janette Piesczynski:don't sweat the small stuff
HOST GSTD Bundy:I've read "The Inner Game of Tennis" works for bowling too
Diandra Hyman:yes.
Debbie Kuhn:oh yeah...the small stuff
Jolene Etem:Yeah, "the inner game of tennis" really helped my mental game
Kassy Hyman:success through a positive mental attitude
Janette Piesczynski:how about the bible? lol
Debbie Kuhn:lol
HOST GSTD Bundy:OK, well I guess on that note we will wrap this up :)
I want to thank all of our Team USA members for stopping by and taking time out of their busy schedules to join us
Janette Piesczynski:it was my pleasure
Kassy Hyman:you're very welcome
Jolene Etem:my please and thank you all for coming
Diandra Hyman:Anytime! I'm just sorry i couldn't be here sooner
HOST GSTD Bundy:As a reminder, the log of this chat will be available in teh Grandstand's Bowling Library, as well as on some time tomorrow
Debbie Kuhn:thanks everyone...
HOST GSTD SteveM:Thanks for coming everyone!!
HOST GSTD Bundy:and stay tuned for our next celebrity chat

Please note: the log has been edited for content, to reduce its length, and all audience's comments have been removed.

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