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PWBA Rookie Chat Log

Shannon Rondeau, Tiffany Stanbrough, and Marcia Kamrowski joined bowlers on America Online's Grandstand Bowling Forum for an interactive chat on Thursday December 9, 1999. The audience was invited to submit thier questions and they were posed to the PWBA members to answer.

GSTDSteveM: Welcome to this special chat with PWBA Rookie of the Year contenders
GSTDSteveM: Shannon Rondeau, Tiffany Stanbrough, and Marcia Kamrowski ....
GSTDSteveM: As you know, they are here to talk about and
GSTDSteveM: answer your questions regarding the PWBA tour.
GSTDSteveM: Questions will be answered in the ordered they've
GSTDSteveM: been received.
GSTDSteveM: *** Our guests will not be able to answer questions
GSTDSteveM: asked in the room. ***
GSTDSteveM: Please help me welcome Shannon, Tiffany, and Marcia this evening!
GSTDHammer: :::applause::::
PWBAGrl: Hi everyone, Tiffany Stanbrough here...
Mk300: Hello everyone, this is Marcia....
Roc2Pocket300: hello this is Shannon
GSTDHammer: OK, ladies, first question, we'll make it easy :)
GSTDHammer: How do the veterans on tour treat the newcomers?
PWBAGrl: I have gotten very good feeling from everyone on tour
Roc2Pocket300: Great they really make us feel that we belong
Mk300: I think they have been very friendly and open to me personally and have found one or two who are always there
Mk300: for some advice
GSTDHammer: When you guys are done, if you remember to type ga or / we'll know to move on
GSTDHammer: :)
GSTDSteveM: WheelerSoCal asks, What shot gives you the most trouble, and how do you handle it?
Roc2Pocket300: I feel the most difficult shot for me is when there is so much oil that the ball doesn't move
Mk300: I don't know if there is one particular shot that gives me the most trounble, but staying patient and
Roc2Pocket300: I handle this by slowing down and choosing a ball that rolls sooner
Mk300: shots is the best way to read your ball and overcome your trouble ga
PWBAGrl: When I have to play out
GSTDHammer: GSTDMaul asks What was the most suprising thing you found about life as a PWBA Tour player?
Roc2Pocket300: the most surprising thing to me is how everyone is so friendly they treat you and put you on a whole new level
PWBAGrl: I expect everyone to be as friendly and open because of the level of competition
Mk300: Definitely the emotional tolls my performance had on me ga
GSTDSteveM: Shawlalala asks, What was the greatest surprise for you coming out on tour your first season? ga
PWBAGrl: I have to say making the show with so many talented bowlers on tour.
Roc2Pocket300: how organized you have to be with your packing and hotel orangments.
Roc2Pocket300: nothing to really do with bowling all the behind the scene works
Mk300: i agree with shannon as well ga
GSTDHammer: DerekB would you guys adjust from
GSTDHammer: synthetic lanes to wood my next tournament is on wood and I might neeed a little help
Roc2Pocket300: I never really make adjustments according to what type of surface I'm on I just watch how my ball reacts
Roc2Pocket300: and go from there!
PWBAGrl: It basically depends on the oil patern put down, it varies from week to week
Mk300: I find wood lanes to sometimes play a little drier than synthetic lanes ga
Roc2Pocket300: really the only difference I find is in the approches
GSTDSteveM: Squire816 asks, What do you do between rounds to stay focused after a poor round? Or a very
GSTDSteveM: good round? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I like to go back to my room and relax and maybe take a nap
PWBAGrl: try to keep focused, have a relaxing lunch.....and alot of regrouping if the block is bad
Mk300: After a bad round i like to take a nap and start all over again....i also like to have a game plan to figure
Mk300: out why things didn't go well earlier ga
Roc2Pocket300: then I like to have a quiet time just by myself and get ready for the next one
Roc2Pocket300: it start all over. a new round is, a new round!
GSTDHammer: We'll humor some of the gentleman...Are you single?? ga
GSTDRage: lol
PWBAGrl: yes, I am single,ga
Mk300: single as always...:)
GSTDSteveM: WheelerSoCal asks, How are the amenities of life on tour, like food and such, do you get
GSTDSteveM: much Real food? And of course laundry, clothes, and such? ga
Roc2Pocket300: sorry yes I am
Mk300: I have to say I find it very hard to eat well on tour....I like to have a nice meal, but they always seemed to
PWBAGrl: I drop that laundry off.....and home cooked meal is a rare occasion....
Mk300: be packed with calories
PWBAGrl: it can get pretty hectic...
Mk300: as for laundry.....drop it off! ga
Roc2Pocket300: they are okay you really have to take care of yourself out there and if you can make time to go to the store
Roc2Pocket300: and get things it makes it a lot easier.
GSTDHammer: George Freeman asks:
GSTDHammer: If the PBA tour should go defunct, what impact, if any, do you think it would have on the PWBA?
Roc2Pocket300: I think that it would be a terrible thing fo rthe men
Mk300: that is a very hard question to answer seeing as they are seperate entities ga
PWBAGrl: I hope that is not the case...and to be honest, I dont know what the impact would be.
Roc2Pocket300: but i don't think that it would have a negative impact on our tour.
GSTDSteveM: KR822 asks, How long did it take to develop the necessary ability to compete on the PWBA
GSTDSteveM: tour? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I have only been bowling for 4 short years
GSTDRage: Four years?!
Roc2Pocket300: but with the proper coaching and influences
PWBAGrl: I have been bowling since I was 8 yrs old
Roc2Pocket300: I have come a long way.
Mk300: I have been bowling for as long as I can remember, but only competitively for about 5-6 years
PWBAGrl: mostly came up through the juniors programs
GSTDHammer: Shawlalala asks: DO the ball reps play as significant a role as they appear to on the PBA tour?
Roc2Pocket300: yes they certainly do
PWBAGrl: Yes they do, a second pair of eyes never hurt
Mk300: I think the balls reps are very helpful, unfortunately there aren't as many on the pwba tour as on the pba tour
Roc2Pocket300: some days I don't know what i would do if I didn't have them to help me when I'm struggling
GSTDSteveM: Squire816 asks, What would you do to educate people on how difficult it is to be successful
GSTDSteveM: on Tour? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I really tink that you have to experience the tour life to really grasp how hard it is.
Mk300: I think so many people just see the numbers and think it wouldn't be that difficult, but it is more than just
Mk300: bowling it is your lifestyle and everything that influences it ga
PWBAGrl: I certainly would encourage them to attend as many events as possible and learn the technical side of bowling
PWBAGrl: ball reaction, lane conditions and how to adjust to the different situations
GSTDRage: What do you think of the suggestion that support
GSTDRage: for the pro tours (PBA and PWBA) should come from ABC and WIBC?
Roc2Pocket300: I think that is a great Idea the more support the better off we are!
Mk300: I think it is a great idea....i don't think league or amateur bowling events can be what they are without the
PWBAGrl: They need to support the pro tours because they are the elite group
Mk300: tours
GSTDHammer: Debolobo writes: Who, in your estimation, is the strongest player on tour?
Mk300: that is a tough question
PWBAGrl: yes that is a tough one,
Roc2Pocket300: I feel that there isn't one that stands out by herself we all have our strong points.
GSTDSteveM: Squire816 asks, What do you say to people who think bowling is not a legitimate sport? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I think their crazy
Mk300: I would like to see them do what we do year round and then ask the same
Roc2Pocket300: this is just as mentally tuff and physically demanding as the next sport.
PWBAGrl: If they could experience the level of competition, they would prob have a different opinion
GSTDRage: MityQuackr asks, Would a battle of the similar sexes help the sport, similar to what Billie Jean King did for
GSTDRage: ladies tennis?
Mk300: Well from what I understand they have done that already with the respective bowlers of the year ga
Roc2Pocket300: I'm not sure but i think that it would be fun to participate in. :)
PWBAGrl: Sure any event that would draw attention to the sport in a positive way would be good, and fun
GSTDHammer: Steemer300 asks, Did you feel any intimidation, bowling against people you have looked up to? ga
PWBAGrl: oh yes!!!! It was very difficult at first
PWBAGrl: because I used to watch so many of them at such a young age
Roc2Pocket300: I did at first but it didn't take long to see they were just people that make mistakes just like I do.
Mk300: Some women can be intimidating, but you have to believe that you can compete at the same level
Roc2Pocket300: I agree with marcia
Mk300: thanks shannon
GSTDSteveM: KR822 asks, What piece of advice, or instruction that you've received had the biggest impact
GSTDSteveM: on your development as a bowler?
Mk300: i don't know of one specific thing, it is like all the little things and applying them personally
Roc2Pocket300: to be patient my time will come.
GSTDRage: DEELOUTZJR writes, What are you going to do for 3 months until the tour starts up again?
PWBAGrl: The best advice came from so many people.....and all had an impact on my development.
Roc2Pocket300: good one! :)
Mk300: not past this week
PWBAGrl: practice, practice, work some and practice more
GSTDHammer: George Freeman asks: If you were the PWBA Tour Director, what would be the first thing you would change?
PWBAGrl: I think this break is too long...:)
Roc2Pocket300: I would change the way they introduce us and make it a little more exciting.
Mk300: well of course that is a very tough question, I think our media directior does a pretty good job....right john
PWBAGrl: I agree with Shannon also
GSTDSteveM: Shawlalala asks, What do you average at home - on your local house condition? ga
Roc2Pocket300: yes he does right BRAD!! LOL
Roc2Pocket300: I average 229 at home
PWBAGrl: around 230 or so
Mk300: My league average was 216 in 98
Roc2Pocket300: ao you can see the tour conditions are a lot harder.
Roc2Pocket300: no inflated averagesa t
Mk300: you girls are pretty good
PWBAGrl: you have to adapt to so many conditions on tour
GSTDRage: John T NJ writes: What would you do to better promote the women's tour? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I would start with signing sessions and maybe clinics
PWBAGrl: Stronger sponsors, stronger player promotion....starting with local press and clinics
Mk300: I think this is a great idea, something to let people know how many talented players there are that don't make
Mk300: the show every week
Roc2Pocket300: I think that it would be great if we all had pictures to sign and give away.
Mk300: great idea shannon
Roc2Pocket300: thank you marc.
GSTDHammer: BowlerKave asks What do you think about a 175 bowler bowling in the Queens? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I think that would be great i think if we had larger fields it would help our sport grow.
Mk300: I think it is great for a bowler of that average to come out and see the competition and learn a little about
PWBAGrl: I think it would be an awesome experience...go for it!!!
Mk300: what we do and have some fun as well
GSTDSteveM: DEBOLOBO asks, Do you think the competition in your local areas/states helped you in
GSTDSteveM: preparation for the tour? ga
Mk300: that is hard to say....local tournaments can't prepare you for the conditions you see on tour
PWBAGrl: That were everybody has to start....
PWBAGrl: you get your first taste of someone going for you jugular....
Mk300: it definitely helps with the competitive drive and endurance
Roc2Pocket300: That is a difficult question, but yes I think that helped as well as traveling around the nation to find
Roc2Pocket300: larger events to bowl.
PWBAGrl: and prepares you for the higher level of competition...and having to maintain a steady average
GSTDRage: GSTDMaul asks: Who got you started throwing bowling balls? ga
Mk300: My first ball? I begged my parents to let me join a league after I saw them do it every week
PWBAGrl: my dad....he really encouraged me and taught me all the first things I needed to know...he was a good coach
Roc2Pocket300: I started when I went in and met my brother for lunch and I saw 3 really cute guys and decided that I should
Roc2Pocket300: come back the next week and so that's how I started bowling
GSTDHammer: YanksFan writes:
GSTDHammer: Now that your rookie year is over, what is the one thing you know now that you
GSTDHammer: wish you knew before the year started?
Mk300: full of great to be more patient...i also wish i had known a little more about my equipme
Roc2Pocket300: really nothing the experience that I got just from bowling out there, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else
Mk300: nt, it became overwhelming learning so much in one year
PWBAGrl: adapting to the pace
Roc2Pocket300: experience is priceless
Roc2Pocket300: ga
GSTDSteveM: WheelerSoCal asks, What would you say is the biggest problem in bowling, or the tour,
GSTDSteveM: today, and how would you fix it? ga
Mk300: agread ga
Mk300: The amount of respect bowling is too hard to fix easily...i think it starts with league shots being to
Mk300: easy, but if you make it tough, you lose bowlers
Roc2Pocket300: I feel that we don't have enough respect for the sport
PWBAGrl: I dont think most people know the bowlers well enough...
Mk300: also the money that we compete is like what comes first..the chicken or the egg
PWBAGrl: respect factor of the sport
Roc2Pocket300: I think the only way to cahnge that is to do the best we can as presnting our selfs as proffesionals at all
Roc2Pocket300: times
GSTDRage: MityQuackr asks: Do you feel as though there are too many high tech bowling balls on the market and all it
GSTDRage: does is confuse the average bowler? ga
Roc2Pocket300: yes I would have to agree.
PWBAGrl: I think it certainly can, there is so much technology out there
Mk300: well of course, but that is also what seperates the average bowler fromt the professional....knowing!!!
PWBAGrl: it can be confusing to a newer bowler, what equipment is right for them and their stype
PWBAGrl: style
GSTDHammer: BowlerKave asks Are any of you going to bowl in Reno at the Nationals? ga
PWBAGrl: yes, I will be there
Mk300: Of course!
Roc2Pocket300: yes I will be there.
GSTDSteveM: Shawlalala asks, Do you think there are balls on the market today that should be banned? ga
GSTDHammer: We've got about another 15 minutes, so get your questions in
Roc2Pocket300: no I don't it's all what you find works for you/
Mk300: no, i can't think of long as they are available to everyone
PWBAGrl: not as long as they meet the specifications and are certified balls...
GSTDRage: GSTDMaul asks: Where do you see the ladies' tour in 5 years? ga
Mk300: hopefully stronger than ever ga
Roc2Pocket300: I'm not sure I hope it's booming
PWBAGrl: lets hope its rocking...:)
Roc2Pocket300: I hope we 3 can help it get to be sstrong
GSTDHammer: Kbog writes: What does the schedule look like for 2000. I heard
GSTDHammer: somewhere the first tournament is not until April. ga
Roc2Pocket300: yeah not until april and then it looks like we are non stop.
Mk300: alot more tournaments starting later in the year....which means longer swings, which isn't a bad thing
Roc2Pocket300: but I think that it's going to be great.
PWBAGrl: Yes, that is still along time off. but the first swing will be a long one
GSTDSteveM: DEBOLOBO asks, What made you decide to go professional rather than remaining an
GSTDSteveM: amateur? ga
PWBAGrl: Mine was sudden decision
Mk300: women can't make a living as an amatuer bowler, and there is nothing else i would rather do!
PWBAGrl: just decided to go for it....was pretty spur of the moment
Roc2Pocket300: For me it was an opportunity with a sponsorship that I couldn't ture down and it has been a dream of mine
Roc2Pocket300: since I started 4 years ago.
PWBAGrl: something I have alway dreamed of doing
GSTDRage: DerekB1057 writes: Is the shooout format going to happen next year too? ga
Mk300: As long as the tv time stays for one hour
PWBAGrl: Yes, I think it is going to be the same
Roc2Pocket300: I really am not sure what they have in store for us.
GSTDHammer: John your PR dude asks: Which one of you will win a title first??
GSTDRage: lol
Mk300: ME
Roc2Pocket300: me of course!!!
PWBAGrl: Me!!!! LOL
Roc2Pocket300: sorry marcia.
Roc2Pocket300: :)
Roc2Pocket300: LOL
Mk300: I answered first so i think i win!
GSTDSteveM: Squire816 asks, What would have been your profession if you didn't become a pro bowler?
GSTDHammer: good call,
Roc2Pocket300: save the best for last!! LOL
Mk300: probably a teacher....that is what I do when we have time off
PWBAGrl: probably still in school deciding what to be
PWBAGrl: :)
PWBAGrl: alot of nurses in the family....
Roc2Pocket300: I was studying ferensics
GSTDRage: John PRDude writes: What goals have each of you set for next year? ga
PWBAGrl: first title......would be nice
Mk300: to make cuts more consistently and a show or two
Roc2Pocket300: to be able to walk away from every tournamet knowing i did the very best that I could,
Mk300: wow, am i impressed with that answer!
Roc2Pocket300: and to cash and be a multiple title winner next season.
Roc2Pocket300: ga
GSTDHammer: Yanks Fan asks: What's it like traveling the country week to week? ga
Roc2Pocket300: it is the best job in the world.
PWBAGrl: It fantastic....I really love the traveling
Roc2Pocket300: nothing else like it.
Mk300: hard and exhausting come to mind first....but then exciting and spontaneous do too
PWBAGrl: you get to see so much and meet great people
GSTDSteveM: DerekB1057 asks, Do you ladies throw a different ball for your spares? If yes, why? ga
PWBAGrl: oh yes.....plastic for spares only
PWBAGrl: for me
Mk300: yes....a plastic ball. to take away the differences in lane conditions that we see every week
Roc2Pocket300: yes I like to take as much lane out of play and i think that by using a spare I don't have to deal with the
Roc2Pocket300: condition I just go straight at them.
GSTDRage: DerekB1057 asks Is there going to be a PWBA telecast at the national bowling stadium? ga
Roc2Pocket300: I believe so.
PWBAGrl: Yes, the Queens event will be
Mk300: i would assume the wibc queens will be televised from there
GSTDHammer: GSTDMaul (being extremely verbose) asks:
GSTDHammer: Hypothetical, lady player out of high school has
GSTDHammer: tremendous talent, would you suggest she go out on tour? Or go to college to get a degree, then try the tour?
GSTDHammer: (Last few questions folks)
PWBAGrl: go to college first and get something to fall back on...
GSTDRage: Plastic spare balls, plastic credit cards. I bet there's plastic squeeze bottles of Tabasco, too ;)
Roc2Pocket300: I think that the collegiate programs are so strong right now that I would advise them to go to college the
Roc2Pocket300: tour isn't going any where.
Mk300: unlike our other rookies I went to college first....i wasn't as talented as these ladies out of high school...
Roc2Pocket300: thank you marcia!
Mk300: but i loved college and i am glad i have my degree to fall back on....i would recomend it to everyone
GSTDSteveM: Shawlalala asks, What is the funniest thing to happen to you while on the road
GSTDSteveM: travelling? ga
Mk300: i don't know about traveling, but tiffany doing flips ranks high on my list....ha ha
PWBAGrl: I locked Marcia's keys in her car the second week
Mk300: that wasn't funny tiff!
Roc2Pocket300: I was following dede davidson to the next city and she hit a squirle that flew about 30 ft in the air .
Mk300: for those of you who don't know, tiffanys flips end around the arrows!
PWBAGrl: Yes, I fall down
PWBAGrl: almost every week
PWBAGrl: ga
Roc2Pocket300: every week eh tif.
Roc2Pocket300: ga
Mk300: i am just joking with you!!!!
Roc2Pocket300: me too!! :)
PWBAGrl: :)
GSTDRage: John PRDude asks: Which town was your favorite this year and why? ga
Mk300: I always love vegas
Roc2Pocket300: my favorite was terra haute because i made some great friends there, and it was my best finish.
PWBAGrl: the whole state of Illinois
PWBAGrl: :)
Mk300: otherwise i liked the cities where the fans were great like lancaster
Roc2Pocket300: good one tif
PWBAGrl: really all the places were great
PWBAGrl: :)
GSTDSteveM: Shawlalala asks, Speaking of college - did any of you play for a college? and if so, which
GSTDSteveM: one? ga
Mk300: I did. for the University of FLorida
PWBAGrl: no, I didnt go throught the college ranks
Roc2Pocket300: I just played softball in college.
GSTDHammer: We'd like to thank Marcia, Shannon, and Tiffany for stopping by tonight
GSTDHammer: Ladies, is there anything you'd like to say in closing?
Mk300: YES
PWBAGrl: Everyone has been great....keep an eye out for us on tour in 2000!!!!!!
Roc2Pocket300: thank you for all visiting our sight and being a part of this chat I had a great time tonight and i hope you
Roc2Pocket300: all enjoyed it. hope to see you all around.
Mk300: I really enjoyed this and would like to thank everyone for coming in and asking us questions
Roc2Pocket300: ga
GSTDHammer: Thanks to the Rookies, and thanks to John for helping us set this up!
Mk300: I hope everyone continues to support our tour...thank you very much!
GSTDSteveM: Thank you Ladies! :)
GSTDRage: Thank you ladies! :D
PWBAGrl: Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions....good night everyone.
Mk300: Your Welcome....anytime
PWBAGrl: Thanks again!!!!!
Mk300: Goodnight, it is a bit later here!
GSTDHammer: Night, Marcia!
PWBAGrl: Good nite!

Please note: the log has been edited for content, to reduce its length, and all audience's comments have been removed.

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