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Parker Bohn III Chat Log

Touring PBA Pro Parker Bohn III joined bowlers on America Online Grandstand Bowling Forum for an interactive chat on Wednesday, October 20, 2000. The audience was invited to submit their questions and they were posed to the members to answer.

HOST GSTD SteveMWelcome to this special chat with Parker Bohn III

As you know, Parker is here to talk about and
answer your questions regarding his life on the
the PBA tour and his new book.

Please help us welcome Parker this evening!
HOST GSTD Bundy:clapclapclapclapclapclapclap
Parker Bohn III:thank you
HOST GSTD SteveM:{S applause
HOST GSTD Diva:***applause***
HOST GSTD Bundy:How are you tonight?
Parker Bohn III:doing just fine....just returned from Friday's for dinner
chicken caesar salad
HOST GSTD Bundy:sounds delicious :)

Okay if we're all ready, let's get started

The first question comes from pbaman75: How do i lower my backswing and get more revs on the ball?
Parker Bohn III:pbaman75....hold your ball lower in your starting stance
to obtain more revs.....lifting more deliberately with your fingers rotating through the shot
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next Question...Pokemonbowler asks, what is the new book about?
Parker Bohn III:the new book starts with the history of the sport and continues with "everything" you need to know to improve your game
spare shooting
strike lines.....starting stance....youth, women and seniors are all addressed
HOST GSTD Bundy:What inspired you to write this book, Parker?
Parker Bohn III:I was approached by many players both right and left handed and welcomed the opportunity to hopefully help them achieve higher levels within their own game
HOST GSTD Bundy:awesome! :)
Parker Bohn III:I share many of my own assets that I feel have helped me to achieve my success over the past years
HOST GSTD Bundy:Is the book geared at any one type or age of bowler?
Parker Bohn III:I truly believe there is something in there for EVERYONE
HOST GSTD Bundy:Burlbowl asks:What spare leave on a good hit (if any) upsets you the most and why?
Parker Bohn III:even myself
I should have used some of mine own advice on last night's telecast
a 7 - 10 split
realistically, I don't have a chance to fill the frame.
HOST GSTD Bundy:okay, it's good to know it's not just me :)
When you leave something like that, how do you try to react mentally in a long tournament format?
Parker Bohn III:I know when I leave a 3 - 7 I have a better than 50/50 chance of making it ....just not this week
accept it and move....over that many games it is bound to happen
there is no sense it letting it affect your next will only hurt you in the long run
HOST GSTD Bundy:The next question is from Disptony: What do you think the new ownership of the PBA will do for the professional side of the sport to improve it? Do you think the prize fund will go any higher?
Parker Bohn III:I believe there are doing what they can to make us the superstars that we are....
I definitely think you will see the prize funds rise in the next few years...give it time.
the new commissioner and president are certainly excited about their involvement with the PBA and I believe we will see new things
HOST GSTD Bundy:How have the touring players reacted to the change?
Parker Bohn III:looking forward to it
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next question is from Knight6040: I'm returning to bowling after a 5 year absence. Synthetic lanes are everywhere. What can I expect from them
Parker Bohn III:you can expect more consistency
HOST GSTD Bundy:When you walk into a synthetic house as opposed to a wood house, is there anything different
Parker Bohn III:if it appears that your ball isn't hooking as much as it did on wood, this may be true....keep this in mind
HOST GSTD Bundy:in the way you think the tournament will go lane-condition wise?
Parker Bohn III:I feel the oil will stay on the lane longer, it doesn't absorb into synthetic, does into wood
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next question is from Halo bb: How do you like the new 3-day format, and do you think it favors the more in-shape players?
Parker Bohn III:I believe you will certainly see different players this fall....we have one more morning block in this format
Parker Bohn III:I don't particularly feel it will favor the ins-shape players....I feel it will favor those who make better shots overall
HOST GSTD Bundy:How do you think it will affect you personally?
Parker Bohn III:I personally like the better shot making aspect...not bowling 24 games of match play in 24 hours
HOST GSTD Bundy:understandable :)
Parker Bohn III:so far so good....
feel very rushed with the new format
no time for certain players to give up....
HOST GSTD Bundy:The next question is from dwk...I like to use a skid/snap ball what type do you like? and also what do you think of the Brunswick battlezone bullet?
Parker Bohn III:I think it is a good ball....gets down the lane, you need to have hook down lane
I personally like equipment that skids and rolls strong not necessarily "snap"
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next question is from Disptony: What is the estimated cost to sponsor a bowler for the entire fall tour covering all expenses?
Parker Bohn III:approx....$1000 per week
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next up is YanksFanJP: How long did it take you to get comfortable with the PBA tour environment?
Parker Bohn III:a few weeks
HOST GSTD Bundy:hehe
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next question is from DaBowler 2003: What happened LAST NIGHT ? WHAT KIND OF BALL WERE YOU THROWING?

kind of blunt, eh?
Parker Bohn III:I used a MONSTER and I believe my ball was picking up too much of a roll in the mid part of the lane coupled with...I could have made better shots
HOST GSTD Bundy:Now that Carolier Lanes installed synthetics, did you see them play any differently than they had in past Johnny Petraglia Opens?
Parker Bohn III:definitely yes....ball never hooked early....and I made the finals :)
HOST GSTD Bundy:heh heh :)

PokemonBowler asks: How do you balance family and tour life?
Parker Bohn III:Very carefully....I try to spend as much quality time with my family when the tour is off
HOST GSTD Bundy:Burlbowl asks: I throw about 18 to 19 miles an hour and wish to slow down to get more turn on the ball...but when I do this my arm swing goes "rubbery". Any hints or ideas?
Parker Bohn III:hold the ball lower and make sure you push it straight out in front of you and letting it swing from your shoulder...getting rid of that rubbery feeling
HOST GSTD Bundy:This is a change, but BowlinBabe860 asks Parker a favor... i caddied for Jeff Lizzi, and could you please tell him that i said good luck in the next tournament and I expect to see you and him on the next coverage from ESPN in Erie, PA. Oh, and thank you for the advice that gave me on ten pins at the pro am, it really helped me!!!!
Parker Bohn III:glad to hear it helped....I hope we are both on the show also
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next Q comes from Sonny and Jan...As a 61 year old senior male bowler, lately I have been leaving alot of ten pins, do you think I should switch from a 16 lb ball to a 15 lb? Any advise? I am looking forward to getting your new book
Parker Bohn III:I certainly believe you should go to a lighter ball....14 or 15 to your local pro shop....this is addressed in the book
HOST GSTD Bundy:Next question is from Burlbowl: This may be a bad question to ask [LOL] - do you ever throw anything else other than Brunswick (obviously, you don't while on tour) ?
Parker Bohn III:no....

DaBowler asks: How would you go about getting sponsored?
Parker Bohn III:ask friends and family who know your desires to become a pro...let them know what you are aspiring to do and give them estimates on the necessary dollars
HOST GSTD Bundy:Is there anything you would recommend to an aspiring touring pro as far as practice goes?
Parker Bohn III:practice on as many different conditions and is VERY VERY VERY VERY important to fill frames
this was evident last night
HOST GSTD Bundy:no kidding lol

Cb81073 asks: Are you coming to Michigan any time soon?
Parker Bohn III:in a week
HOST GSTD Bundy:PAL O65 asks:I respect your bowling, and think that you have been one of the more consistent pros over the years. You had been at around 11 titles for some time, it took a while for the next. My question is, is there any one thing (equipment, mental approach, what have you) that changed in you, for you to bring your level of play,to an even higher level, where you, have been winning even more now, (25 titles) in recent years?
Parker Bohn III:after I won my 11 th title I made about 13 shows before I won again everyone on tour that makes TV goes through sometype of drought such as this
this year it is Chris Barnes 8 shows 0 titles ...could end this week and then he could win 2, 3 or 4 in a row
HOST GSTD Bundy:look at Walter Ray Williams in the last 2 weeks, right?
Parker Bohn III:I currently have bowled on 80 telecasts including last night with 24 titles trust me .....I will keep taking my chances
HOST GSTD Bundy:ESRBowler asks: Seemed like you had a lot of trouble last night on the Telecast? was there any difference from the lanes during the week and last night?
Parker Bohn III:lanes were a little tighter to start but broke down in a different way...and you only have 10 frames ....goes quick
HOST GSTD Bundy:Pokemonbowler asks: Pokemonbowler asks: Do your sons bowl? And would you want a life on Tour for them? and P.S. - Michael says hi to Parker IV and Evan :)
Parker Bohn III:I want them to do whatever makes them happy....Michael I will tell them hello for you
HOST GSTD Bundy:BowlingFansCom asks: What is the funniest or weirdest thing you have seen while you have been touring?

cool question :)
Parker Bohn III:good question
as a matter of fact it happened in Erie when Derek Williams had the first 6 strikes in a row and the seventh shot hit the edge of lane 1, jumped over gutter and rolled down the cat walk hit the door in the back and then the door closed
HOST GSTD Bundy:haha, now that's funny :)
HOST GSTD SteveM:lol
HOST GSTD Diva:oops
Parker Bohn III:now that is what you call "Return the ball on lane 1"
HOST GSTD Diva:hee hee
Parker Bohn III:after 2 more strikes he could have strike out in the 10th for 270 literally throwing one shot "OUT THE DOOR"
HOST GSTD Bundy:how long did it take them to find the ball in the parking lot?
Parker Bohn III:a minute
HOST GSTD Bundy:CoolLuvr4U asks: what is the qualifications you need to meet to be on the pro tour?
Parker Bohn III:visit the PBA site...they have made some changes with the new ownership.... best to just visit
HOST GSTD Bundy:that's right, has it

Simus Seven asks: What type of mental advice could you give to a struggling bowler who has been in a major slump as of late?
Parker Bohn III:try to focus on the positive....walk away from your game for a week and regroup
I would also suggest practicing first, this may be where it is at
HOST GSTD Bundy:PAL O65 asks: Bowling so many games, how do you stay focused, to make quality shots, over a long tournament?
Parker Bohn III:regardless of how many games there are in an event...I try to make the best possible shot each and every time
HOST GSTD Bundy:BowlingFansCom asks: BowlingFansCom asks, You and your mother are very involved in different charities, could you tell us about some of them?
Parker Bohn III:Children's Tournament of Champions....a handicap organization that puts on sporting events for physically challenged children ages 3 -21
HOST GSTD Diva:Great tournament at Showboat
HOST GSTD Bundy:I would like to see more of a mix of LPBA Matched with the PBA and Another Sr. PBA with the PBA. We need more mixed tournaments...your opinion?
Parker Bohn III:I believe there should be one event each year, one with the ladies and one with the seniors every now and then would keep them special
HOST GSTD Bundy:Okay, one last question...from YanksFanJP: Considering the players on tour compete against each other each week, how do the players get along off the lanes?
Parker Bohn III:players get along fine there are groups of players that hang out together off the lanes
HOST GSTD Bundy:Thank you Parker...we want to thank Parker Bohn for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us

Everyone give him a nice round of applause...clapclapclapclapclapclapclap
Parker Bohn III:my pleasure
look forward to seeing everyone out on tour
HOST GSTD SteveM:Thanks Parker!
HOST GSTD Diva:*** clapping ****
HOST GSTD Bundy:Parker, good luck on the rest of the fall swing and we hope to see you on TV again real soon! HOST GSTD Rerack: [bowing to Parker]
HOST GSTD Diva:Thanks Leslie and Parker!
HOST GSTD Bundy:It has been a pleasure

Please note: the log has been edited for content, to reduce its length, and all audience's comments have been removed.

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