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-Track Canandaigua Open

  • Brunswick - Rick Benoit wrote:
          We had 3 Brunswick staffers and 1 Revolution staffer on the show.

          Finishing sixth was Steve Jaros using a Brunswick Danger Zone HPC with the pin below and outside the ring finger with the CG kicked out and an extra hole past his axis.

          Danny Wiseman finished fourth using the Revolution Rebel ECX the layout was leverage with a 1:30 twist. For those of you that do not know the Rebel is a new technology core that provides tremendous versatility in ball reaction. The most exciting thing about this core to me is the ability to use pins closer to the bowlers track which helps the ball clear the front and middle of the lane easier and the by using the elliptical shape core we can control the amount of flare to match the look we want down lane. We can take it from zero flare to over 4 inches of flare and still have the pin in a position to clear the front and middle of the lane easier.

          Finishing third was Chris Barnes using two balls, the first game Chris used a Brunswick Monster with the pin above and just right of the middle finger there was no extra hole and around 2 ounces of top weight after drilling. This measures out to be 5 1/2 inches from Chris's axis point. This ball gave Chris his best look on the TV pair during practice. We knew the lanes would break down and the go to ball when this happened was a Brunswick D2Z with the same layout. The purpose of the layouts where to get the ball to stand up off of the dry to the right and roll forward instead of sideways down lane. Even though the balls looked like they were covering a lot of boards Chris was not trying to circle the lane. The pattern was much shorter than what we have been bowling on for the last couple of years on tour 33 feet to be exact. What we saw on the show was a little different than what the bowlers competed on all week. The shape of the pattern was the same but the ball pushed through the middle much easier. During qualifying it was not possible to get the ball down the lane nearly as easy one similarity was that the bowlers had to keep their elbow in line with the swing and be careful not to grab the ball at the bottom of the swing either of which was going to cause the ball to run away Brooklyn. Controlling the amount of hook on the back end was a big key to strategy this week.

          Winning the title was Walter Ray Williams Jr. using a Brunswick Danger Zone HPC Walter had used this ball almost exclusively all week. The pin was just to right of his ring finger with no extra hole. The ball had about 1 1/2 ounce of top weight after drilling. This layout had the pin 4 7/8 inches from Walter's axis point. The HPC is a proactive coverstock with reaction that fits in between the HPD and the HPH. The C in HPC is for control, it provides a very predictable reaction instead of the skid snap reaction of a reactive ball. With the slickness of today's oils this is becoming more and more important. Other balls may look more impressive because they turn the corner harder but they are much more sensitive to the oil. The HPC is a wonderful way to control the lane while providing more than enough power down lane. The key is matching the cover with the surface. In this case we used the trizact pads to 10 microns and polished the ball to clear the front part of the lane easier.

  • Columbia 300 - Chad Murphy wrote:
          Patrick Healey used an Extreme Chaos. The ball was the best choice for him because it was also the ball he used later in the day during match play. The layout is real simple. Pin located just under five inches from his axis under his ring finger. CG located 31/2 inches with a medium sized hole. With the pattern being very short, (32 feet) this ball made the lane a little smoother. The Right lane gave him a little more trouble and it was a great move for Walter to make him finish on that lane. Pat bowled great all week and continued on the telecast. He felt a lot of pressure searching for that first title. He handled it great and I would venture to say that it's only a matter of time.

  • Ebonite International - Del Ballard wrote:
          Ryan Shafer was using the 2 piece Stinger with a 5 1/4 inch pin with hole on axis. Pin above the fingers.

  • Storm - Hank Boomershine wrote:
          Storm was represented by Lonnie Waliczek. He was throwing a Storm Super Power. Pin was 4 3/4" from his axis and the CG was 5 1/2" from his axis. The surface was 800 grit wet sand, polished with Storm Extra Shine.

  • Track - Billy Yinger wrote:
          Dave Arnold used a Silencer, shined with Clean n Sheen, it looked like this;
           O  O
    The pin is 4 1/2 from his axis and the cg is 5. I guess it hooked a little too much, huh ??!!!

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