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Volume 2, Issue 26, The 78th Edition

By Angel Zobel-Rodriguez

      It's that time of year again. It's time to trade in the visions of turkeys on the lanes for a turkey on a silver platter, so in honor of Turkey Day, here's my Thanksgiving Column.

      I'm thankful for memories of the PBA in SoCal and to have actually been at the last national professional bowling event this millenium in the most-populous state in the country. With the ACDelco out of bowling, Cal Bowl has canceled its January stop, so for now, I'm thankful for being front and center for the telecast back in June to witness it in person.

      I'm STILL thankful for any bowling on TV. With the men on hiatus until January, and the PWBA off until April, I'll have to look on ESPN2 for things I might not normally seek out--World Cup, Eliminators, and the like. Hey, if I look long enough, there's that Nickelodeon Rugrats episode....

      I'm thankful to keep learning more about this game, and most importantly knowing that no matter how much I learn about bowling, I will never learn it all.

      I'm thankful that the same few bowling balls I was throwing last year are still with me this year. When I finally do punch up something new, I won't know what to do with myself.

      I'm thankful that my son is as avid a bowling fan as I am. While he's not bowling in a league right now, he's got the bug badly enough to finish his homework in a record pace in order to hoot and holler at the TV when the PBA comes on.

      I'm thankful for a family that appreciates my time spent bowling is cheaper than therapy.

      I'm thankful my average is holding steady. And better, my low games are fewer and further between. If I can shore up the bottom, my average can stay afloat awhile longer.

      I'm thankful that I don't get motion sickness easily. With the new spare ball craze, it's hard to imagine that someday Dramamine might be de rigeur for some folks as Advil is now.

      I'm thankful for games like duckpins and candlepins so I can remember when a 100 game looked good.

      I'm thankful that the ABC, WIBC and Mixed Doubles are all in more western states this year. I'm also doubly thankful to have survived the white out on the way home from Syracuse. I'll take the threat of a sandstorm over a blizzard anyday. There was a reason I moved to SoCal in the first place.

      I'm thankful I've learned to speak up during team photo shoots. With people ranging from 4'10" to well over a foot taller, I've learned to "Just say no" to the tallest to shortest lineup. We pay for it, we pose how we want, and thanks, but no thanks, I don't need to see another ski-slope-looking lineup.

      I'm thankful I have the time to devote to bowling. From writing, to promoting, to talking with pros, back home to being a director for my local association, I get to live bowling. And this year, I got my first paying gig as a copy editor for something bowling related. I should have framed that check, but honestly, I cashed it.

      I'm thankful to travel with people who know this is still just a game. We can bowl great, or poorly, and we still have to get up the next morning, so we might as well just have fun and enjoy the company.

      I'm thankful to bowl out-of-town tournaments with someone who knows how to organize a group and get a great deal on hotel rooms. People like Jackie make going on these trips possible.

      I'm thankful to be part of Kegler's Connection and the Bowling Forum. Not only do I get to promote bowling, but I get to do it with people I adore. It doesn't seem like work if you can have this much fun.

      I'm thankful I was quoted in Bowler's Journal this year. It was only two lines, but they quoted me, and more importantly, spelled my name correctly.

      And of course, I'm thankful for my readers, it's been another year, so with any luck there are now three of you. Happy Holidays, and may you have a bounty of turkeys both on the lanes and on the dinner table.

Gotta Split,


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