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Volume 3, Issue 6, The 110th Edition
By Angel Zobel-Rodriguez

It's that time of year again, don't eat too much turkey, and enjoy the sales.

I'm thankful for a family that devotes as much time to this sport as I do.

I'm thankful for friends that I've met through this sport across this country and beyond its borders.

I'm thankful for the Internet and email, or else my phone bills would be astronomical calling these same bowling friends.

I'm thankful that for now, my 10-year-old son hasn't beaten me--yet. Next year this time, I probably won't be able to say that.

I'm thankful for televised bowling, and especially thankful for whoever invented eight-man telecasts.

I'm thankful I was able to participate in my first WIBC convention this year. I was also relieved when it was over.

I'm thankful that people actually ask my opinions about this sport, and they share theirs with me, even when we disagree.

I'm thankful I'm still learning after all these years.

I'm thankful that learning allowed me to shoot my second 700....a 732 in my city tournament.

I'm thankful they never made a Pokemon bowling ball before my son outgrew the fad.

I'm thankful for being able to spend a week at both a PBA event and the US Open watching friends and covering my sport. I'm especially thankful that I didn't jinx anyone I was watching this year.

I'm thankful I can write about a sport I love.

I'm thankful that for yet another year, a bowling center in my association didn't close.

I'm thankful for a television show that makes bowling a part of life rather than mocking it or preaching about it.

I'm thankful for a league president who makes my job as secretary easy.

I'm even more thankful for the great secretaries I've learned from.

I'm thankful that no one in the neighboring WBA association wants to certify lanes at 7:30 in the morning, and even more thankful that the ABC inspectors from mine ask me go "over the hill" to help inspect there.

I'm thankful for the children I coach. They remind me each week that it's really just a game.

I'm thankful that is nearly a year old; it's a labor of love I'm proud of.

I'm thankful of the time that others volunteer that help me get the job done.

I'm thankful I didn't buy AMF stock when people said, "it can't go any lower."

I'm thankful for all the well-meaning advice, even if I know it's wrong for me.

I'm thankful for bowling a "sport condition" league this summer. I'm even more thankful that I'm not bowling one this winter.

I'm thankful that for at least another year, there's a daytime travel league for me to bowl.

I'm thankful for the arsenal I have, but also for knowing that it's "not the arrow, it's the Indian."

I'm thankful for my highest game ever, in city tournament, no less--and even more thankful that I made the 10 pin after the front 9.

I'm thankful that I cashed for the first time in a national tournament--WIBC, and later this year, won my first city tournament title in singles.

I'm thankful that I'm healthy, and can compete in this sport as many different ways as I do.

As always, I am thankful for my three readers. Now that my mom is online, maybe I can finally make that four.

And finally, I'm thankful there will be another bowler in this family sometime in March.

Thank you for reading.

Gotta Split,


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