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Volume 2, Issue 51, The 103th Edition
By Angel Zobel-Rodriguez

      Back at the WIBC convention in Reno last spring, it was announced that this fall, all WIBC sanction cards would be processed and mailed out from national headquarters. While many local delegates were very concerned about losing that personal touch with their members by presenting the cards directly to the bowlers, I listened with great interest. And quite honestly, after I got home in May, I forgot about it. Until now.

      My travel league floored September 5. While bowlers were muttering about the new dues increase, the secretary mentioned that sanction cards would come from nationals this year. That led to more muttering. Some wondered how long it would take to receive the cards with the big crush of thousands of league sanction cards being handled by one office.

      Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail less than two weeks later to find my new WIBC sanction card. I was more than surprised, I was impressed. I'm assuming that it took the secretary a day or two to handle the paperwork, and knowing that the mail doesn't move on Sundays, nationals definitely delivered a timely product. But more than that, they delivered information about the national organization's services, something that very few bowlers comprehend. While new bowlers write their checks for sanction fees to the local association, many bowlers know very little about the national organization. This mailing from WIBC may change that.

      Unless you're a seasoned WIBC tournament veteran, it's easy not to be sure just what WIBC is or does. With our dues going up this year, local association members in my league meeting were quick to blame state and national associations and that the local sanction fee wasn't raised a dime. While that's true in one sense, apparently people are quick to forget that our local did want to raise dues, but rescinded that idea when the state got their raise and more importantly, the same people who were saying it was "national's fault" were ALSO the same people who voted for the national increase as delegates in Reno.

      Along with the plastic card (which unlike the paper card of previous years will no doubt survive a trip through the washer), a brochure lists literally every national award available to WIBC bowlers. No more wondering what average you have to be under to qualify for a 500 pin or a whether you get a pin or a patch for some of the other awards. Armed with that knowledge a bowler can tell a secretary they're due for an award, so the opportunity isn't overlooked by a new or distracted secretary. A letter from President Joyce Deitch thanked me for joining, and another insert mentioned the upcoming Frames and Lanes "magazine." While I'm not exactly sure what they can accomplish in only eight pages per issue, at least it's a tangible benefit of membership--and a quarterly reminder of what I paid dues for.

      Instead of being afraid of losing control, local associations can relax. WIBC is doing a great job of promoting itself, and in the process, eliminating one of the most time-consuming aspects for local association secretaries. Let them do the work. It'll give the local associations more time to give that personal touch for more important things like league meetings and presenting those awards.

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