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-Review of Bowling: The Handbook of Bowling Psychology

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-Non-airing of the PBA on CBS
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-The Telecast that Almost Wasn't
-Instant Replay Blues
-The Trouble with Tiered Membership
-Fundraising Ideas
-AMF Gives Pro Staff Pink Slips
-Supporting BVL
-Serving Real Food at Centers
-Death of a Web Site
-Gifts for the Bowler
-Team Togs
-Giving Thanks
-Bowling with TI
-Comparing Tour Sponsorship Deals
-Comparing Tour Telecasts
-Age and Experience
-Bowling Hurt
-Bowling as the Butt of Jokes
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-Internet Builds Bowling Friendships
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-Trying Not to be a Jinx
-Becoming a Bowling Writer
-Learning Lane Conditions the Hard Way
-A Union of Sorts
-A Bowler is Born
-Las Vegas and Merchandising
-Summer Suggestions
-Just Go Bowling
-Consolidation to the Extreme
-The PBA Gains a New Fan
-How to Stop Bowling's Slide
-Random Thoughts
-Righty-Lefty Debate
-Why Bowling?

About The Author:
      Angel Zobel-Rodriguez is the president of her local youth bowling association, 2nd VP (Publicity) for her local women's bowling association, a league secretary, a bowling writer (writing both Kegler's Connection and The Right Approach), youth bowling coach and the youth program coordinator, and all-around bowling enthusiast. She's working toward a career in bowling promotion.

      To her credit, she holds high series/game of 732/277, and a high book of 191 (definitely not a pro bowler). 2000 was her breakthrough year as she cashed with her scores from WIBC in Reno and went on to win the local city Singles title. She started bowling at 18 when her little brother, needing handicap, asked her to join (thinking that was a good thing). Fifteen seasons later, she's still a student of the game. Her husband Mario bowls as well, and her son Michael's goal is to caddy for the PBA. March 2001 brought the birth of the newest bowler in the family, Zoe Gabrielle--she has a little while before she bowls.

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