, The site for the fans, by the fans.... Advertising Rate Card: offers advertising opportunities to help you succeed on the Internet. We offer a complete online advertising solution to help you build customized programs to meet your business objectives, to manage your campaign to optimize performance, and to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Leaderboard Ads

      Leaderboard advertisements are rotated on each page throughout, and, including the home pages.

Leaderboard (728x90) or Banner (468x60)


LeaderboardTotal Cost Per Ad:
One Month$100
Two Months$175.00
Three Months$250.00

Permissible Leaderboard Specifications

Skyscraper Ads

      Wide Skyscraper advertisements are rotated on each page throughout, and, including the home pages.

Wide Skyscraper (160x600) or Skyscraper (120x600)


Skyscraper AdTotal Cost Per Ad
One Month$150.00
Two Months$275.00
Three Months$400.00

Permissible Wide Skyscraper Specifications

Additional Information

      Like to sign up? Have additional questions? Please contact's Business Office.

Advertising Policies

  • We require any contractor to provide full payment for desired plan before any ads will be displayed on the web site.
  • All prices are for ready to use ads that do not need additional work or need design.
  • All advertisements are subject to approval by
  • All information provided is subject to change or revision by at any time.
  • This rate card is provided to you solely to facilitate discussions. It is not intended to create nor shall it be deemed to create a legally binding or enforceable agreement, offer or the like of any type or nature and neither party shall have any legal obligation whatsoever pursuant to this document.
  • In addition to the information provided here, advertising on is subject to our General format and editorial requirements and our Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Ads Been Approved? Ready To Start?

      Contact our Business Office to learn how to submit your ads to us. Once they're approved by our staff you can submit payment to us.

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