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Tom Blasco's Expert Bowling Tips

-12 Keys To Personal Bowling Success

08/13/2005 - By Tom Blasco

Achievement Keys--------Consistency and Excellence---------Sport and Life.
  1. Models of Excellence: Use positive role models. Quality Achievers-living blueprints, inspiration, I like you - sharing; association; positive sensory observation; what we think about, see, hear, draw strength from past successes for confidence and fuels your fire for desire, dedication and determination.

  2. Positive Sensory Observations: What you see or hear is what you get.

  3. Sensory Goal Vision: Emotion provoking - trophies, hearing, names, TV, best of all players.

  4. Commitment to Excellence. Mastery of skills. Commitment to the shot you are making. Being in the NOW.

  5. Mastery of Fundaments: Adapt to change and conditions builds confidence; advantage over competition. Don't think about how to do a performance - only do performances.

  6. Develop and Use Successful Performance Strategies: Adapt to conditions; select the proper equipment; look for one break; review strategy - get the intelligent and strategic edge.

  7. Use of Mental Rehearsal: Before, during and after competition. Map out. See, hear and feel yourself in competition; minimize distractions to NO distractions. Sense motion; target and feel motion to reach goals. Defuse all negatives.

  8. Positive Use of Adrenaline. Nervousness is Anxiety. Relaxed to Perform Well; used to training athletes; Positive Adrenaline high; body mimics anxiety. Brain sharpens senses; quickens body response and lubricates joints for smooth flowing motion. Not knowing causes fear of failure. Learn to relax and use adrenaline. Listlessness and flat, get ready for peak performance.

  9. The AWE Factor: Never look up to or at competition. The legend, the star, the champion - he is you, no different.

  10. The Burning Desire to Win: Practice, play or competition, perform better each time out. Winning is a by-product. Winning reinforces winning, more improvement.

  11. Translate Failure to Success and Mistakes to Opportunities: No thing such as failure, why performed poorly and channel to correcting failure. Don't repeat.

  12. Love of Your Sport. Competition is a game; not life; maintain the desire to learn, improve, excel, win and have fun.

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