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9/3/2000 - By George Freeman
     There is a tournament going on in my hometown this weekend that draws bowlers from all over the country. I was sitting in the pro shop last night when two bowlers with long faces came in. They informed us that they had flown in from Michigan, and that while they arrived on time, their equipment had not. In fact, their equipment, as of last night, is still waiting to be found somewhere. This gave me the idea to take time to talk about precautions you can take to lessen the blow if you ever find yourself without your equipment at a tournament.

1. Take your bowling shoes in your carryon baggage. This may sound odd, but it is good practice. This will assure you that no matter what happens, you will have your own bowling shoes to bowl with. Stability starts from the ground up, having shoes you know will at least allow you to get to the foul line with some confidence.

2. Keep your drilling measurements with you. Having your drilling specs in your wallet will allow you to get new equipment if worse came to worse, and still have a general feel with the ball. It will also save the pro shop guy a lot of time by not having to measure you to try to get you into a ball that feels good.

3. If possible, ship your equipment beforehand. Some people like to ship their bowling balls ahead of time, so they are waiting for them when you get there. Most hotels will gladly hold your belongings until you arrive to check in. Of course, this isn't to say that they won't lose your equipment either, but it is an option some bowlers like to use, especially if they don't want to go over the two-piece luggage rule most airlines have these days.

     Noone wants to go to the baggage claim and find out that their equipment decided that Florida sounded like more fun than Cincinnati, but sometimes these things happen. Following these tips can make a bad situation palatable at best.

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