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-Don't Sweat It...Never Give Up!
08/11/2001 - By George Freeman
      If you've been a tournament bowler for any amount of time, there have been tournaments where you were mathematically eliminated from any chance of cashing.  This is not a good feeling, and we all know it.  At a regional this past weekend, I saw a fellow player average about 145 for the first five games, then started goofing around.  Throwing the ball with his opposite hand, throwing it unnaturally hard, basically not trying to score at all.  This is of course his prerogative, but there are better ways to manage your tournament games when you don't have a chance left.

      If you get into a situation like this (and you will, because we've all been there), use the frames or games you have left to work on something specific on your game.  Work on your pushaway, or your timing, or anything you felt you needed for the tournament you are now out of.  It is not a good idea to display the antics I described in the above paragraph.  Not only does it not benefit you, you become a distraction to those players that are still in the thick of the competition.  How you handle yourself when things are not going well is more important than when you are bowling well.  Many players, when things start going badly, like after a bad frame or two, go into a kind of funk.  Instead of putting it behind them and moving on, they dwell on the frame they did badly in.  This often leads to another bad frame, and so on.  Working on something constructive while things are going badly will condition your brain to not go into a panic attack when the first bad frame comes along.

      Bottom line is, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Use all your games wisely, and there will be fewer bad tournaments for you to experience.

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