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George Freeman's Expert Bowling Tips

-Keeping A Clear Head
4/28/2000 - By George Freeman
     In any type of bowling competition, there are always comments from other players. They range from playful and funny to downright nasty. Sometimes a bowler is not doing well, and has to put all the other players down in order to make themselves feel good. I've watched this type of negative behavior take other bowlers right out of their games. They think too much about what the person is saying, or get so annoyed at the person that they lose sight of what their job is: knock down pins. Keeping a clear head will allow you to focus on the job at hand.

     Think of your mind as a pool of water. When you look into the water, you see your reflection. The water is still, the mind is clear. Now imagine a pebble representing some kind of negative thought. When the pebble is dropped into the water, it causes ripples, which distort your reflection. Too many pebbles in the water, and you can see yourself anymore. Same goes with bowling, if you keep your mind clear of the negative stuff, you'll have a clear picture.

     When someone is acting out or being obnoxious, let whatever they are saying go in one ear and out the other. What they are doing is not your concern. Don't dwell on what they say, or even pay any credence to it. More often than not, they want to take other people out of their game so that they will not bowl as well. Don't let them get you!!!

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