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      February 12, 2001:

-Beware Of That Attachment

02/12/2001 - By Steve Mermelstein
      Several of the bowling industries' biggest names, including some employees of the PBA and several ball manufacturers have been caught sending out viruses! Actually they have been infected with a strain of the VBS/SST worm virus after opening an e-mail attachment they believed was a picture of Anna Kournikova.

The VBS/SST worm is similar to the Love Bug, which infected many computer users last year. The worm is distributed by sending itself to all e-mails listed in the address book of an infected user's e-mail program. The e-mails may appear to be, to the untrained eye, an ordinary e-mail with a picture attached. The e-mails are reported to have a subject line of "Here you have ;o)" with the e-mail reading "Hi: Check This!" among other variants.

      Be especially wary of any file attachments that contain the extension ".vbs", which is a scripting file that is often used by these types of worms. As always take caution when downloading attachments by confirming they were actually sent to you by the sender and then checking the attachment with a recently updated anti-virus program before opening. Some attachments maybe fun, but today downloading one maybe as dangerous as leaving your front door unlocked or your keys in your car's ignition.

      More information and removal instructions for this worm can be found at:

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