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-Thank You George
      I'm the mother of a young bowler in Jacksonville, FL. We were in Satellite Beach, Florida last weekend for a Loschetter Scholarship tournament, and had the pleasure of meeting George Freeman. My son has only been bowling for 3 years, and is averaging 161 in his league, so he was in the lower division of the tournament. George was talking to some of the kids in the upper division who are friends of my son David. The kids explained that George was a professional bowler and wrote for your web site.

      George was very kind and made sure he was included in the conversation, and even slapped David's hand when he got a spare or strike, just like the other kids. That made David feel pretty good that a pro bowler took the time to notice him. I've been reading through your web site and I have to say that it is very impressive, I love the stories and the tips from everyone, David has read all of George's tips.

      Please tell him that he made David's day. Thanks again, I'll be visiting your site often.
Kathy Travers 

-Open Letter to the ABC
      My name is Robert Knight, and I am a bowler from Camberley, Surrey in England, with a 190-195 book average. I am writing in order to express my utter disgust with the contemptible manner with which your organization treats international bowlers.

      I have recently returned from Reno where I have been appalled at the way I was treated as a result of being a non-US bowler with no ABC sanctioned average.

      In March of this year I bowled the ABC Nationals in Albuquerque, as I have done for the previous two years in Reno and Syracuse, and during this event was approached by a friend and asked if I would like to bowl the Festival of Bowling in Reno in November this year. Being a handicap tournament I was a little concerned at having no ABC sanctioned average, and took the following precautionary steps to make sure I was not being entered in this event at scratch.

1) I approached the ABC registration desk at Albuquerque, and asked whether it would be possible to use a non-ABC sanctioned average to enter this event. After querying this with another person at this counter, I was told that this would indeed be possible, providing I could present a verified average from a BTBA (British Tenpin Bowling Association) sanctioned league. This average for the 2000 season is 193.4.

2) In addition to this, I also made sure that when I arrived in Reno for the Festival, I had also brought with me my previous 3 ABC National score sheets. For your information, my average at the Nationals to date is 193.7, which is consistent with my verified UK average. You can imagine my surprise therefore, when I arrived in Reno to discover I had travelled some 5,500 miles, and spent in excess of $3,500, only to have these averages thrown out, and be forced to bowl what is essentially a fun tournament at scratch.

      As you are no doubt very aware, ABC membership has been on a steady decline since the 1960's, so I would have thought that any publicity your organization could gain from having international entrants to tournaments (especially the smaller events such as the Festival, which is a fledgling event and could do with all the positive publicity it can get) would have been jumped at.

      The attitude displayed by your organization towards non-ABC sanctioned bowlers is appalling when you compare it to the dedicated and enthusiastic team of organizers running the Festival. David Biber, the Tournament Manager, and the rest of his staff bent over backwards in order to try to accommodate me for this event, but admitted that their hands were tied by yourselves in what they could do. They even went as far as contacting yourselves during the event to try to work something out, but were informed that no flexibility would be possible on this matter.

      Whilst I appreciate that you have rules to prevent sandbaggers entering these events, given the small nature of the prize fund, I would have appreciated any chance, no matter how small, to attempt to cash in this event. I would even have gone as far as splitting the difference between my verified average and 220, purely to gain some level of handicap for the Tournament. Given that I have bowled at the National Bowling Stadium before (in the Nationals in 1998), I am well aware as to how challenging the conditions there can be, and do not feel that I am capable of averaging 220 at this venue. As a result of this knowledge, if I had known I was to be entered at 220, I certainly would not have entered this Tournament.

      I can only reiterate that I am disgusted at the way your organization has behaved in respect of this issue of handicap, and you can rest assured I will not be bowling this event in the future, if this is the manner in which you treat members of other international bowling organizations. Whilst I have already committed myself to next years' ABC Nationals event in Reno, I am now also seriously reconsidering my level of commitment to this event as a result of this appalling attitude.
Robert Knight 

-A Response To Jim Rome's Recent Comments
      As an avid bowler, a professional instructor and a member of the Professional Bowlers Association I'm really tired of you dimwitted, ignorant sports announcers and media that always have something negative to say about bowling. Maybe this is by virtue of your position or status, but you obviously have no clue about men's or women's bowling and it's environment as it is played today. Your feeble attempt to down play the sport of bowling only shows, with consistency, your lack of knowledge of what is required to be a professional bowler. It further substantiates, you obviously don't know what a work ethic is become you don't have one, except to ridicule or provide sarcastic remarks about something you know nothing about and someone that has a passion or a desire to excel at a particular endeavor that you have no interest in. You probably don't know why the young freshman from Indiana University was doing what he was doing -- he might be there on a bowling scholarship. The fact he has 10 perfecto's, shows he's doing something right -- considering he's probably in his late teens or early twenties and players have been in the game/sport for their entire lives without any. The fact he has a declared "work ethic" is above reproach in itself. And more importantly, you don't know whether he drinks or smokes -- he might not do either. Maybe his dreams and aspirations are to be a professional bowler or tournament player after he graduates -- so what's wrong with that. People like you were, and are still the primary reason that bowling has an image problem because you still make references from yesterdays game -- to the game of today.
Tom Blasco 

-Keep Digging!
      Great article on and COPPA. This might go a little further than that though. Both and are posting standing sheets for YABA which include center address, bowler name, and date/time bowled. This is also in violation of COPPA. As an attorney and a bowler...just thought you might want to pursue that!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for having BallBeat. It's great to hear more about the equipment used in the tournaments! Keep up the good work, hope more reps respond with info.


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