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Subs wanted for Fall 2014 virtual league

by on Aug.26, 2014, under League News

The sign-up period for the Fall 2014 virtual league has closed, but the league always needs subs, so, if you’re considering joining the league, check the FAQ file, then sign up on this page, which will also have more information.

We hope to see you in the league. 🙂

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Winter 2013 Week 7 virtual league results & standings

by on Mar.04, 2013, under Standings

The leading team moved a bit more comfortably in the lead, and one of the bowlers had a dual milestone. Find out what happened after the break…
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Teams for Fall 2011 virtual league

by on Aug.21, 2011, under League News

It gives me great pleasure to announce the teams for the Fall 2011 virtual league. Besides the team averages, I’ll include the individual entering averages in parentheses next to each bowler’s name.

Team 1

champ (176)
Dennis Michael (210)
sk8shorty01 (234)
Trocky (125)

Team average: 745

Team 2

B Fury (231)
d_j_s (206)
helloyo53 (178)
poohritz (139)

Team average: 754

Team 3

Joe Bowler (229)
slaterracing (178)
TominNJ (142)
Upriser (206)

Team average: 755

Team 4

beefers1 (152)
jwill (180)
Kelly (204)
One Pin Standing (221)

Team average: 757

Team 5

cloppbeast (155)
jbungard (219)
renoeNVybowler (180)
Rocket (203)

Team average: 757

Team 6

dgordon0408 (162)
Gemfire (203)
MikeHL (184)
VampyreBowler (218)

Team average: 767

Team 7

Charlie98 (184)
ebon betta (164)
trekguy (217)
wklstoy (201)

Team average: 766

Team 8

fredboost (200)
Michael (164)
RichL (185)
Vic44 (216)

Team average: 765

Team 9

JW123 (165)
Matrix900 (214)
metguy (200)
Richie V. (187)

Team average: 766

Team 10

B-Hammer (168)
Domokun (199)
Norm3v (214)
ryanfeia (189)

Team average: 770

Team 11

Dilbuck (196)
General Pounder (212)
ijohn83 (189)
tbill (169)

Team average: 766

Team 12

Dave800 (193)
nythesuperior (170)
RingingTENpin (212)
Tim Gerard (190)

Team average: 765

Team 13

broncoman19 (173)
molankuma (190)
RocketJR (212)
slowdown (193)

Team average: 768

Team 14

6_ball_man (193)
lakredrai (211)
lebowski120669 (191)
Michael – Great Dane (174)

Team average: 769

I’ll be sending an email message to the league alerting everyone to this post, and will send out the forum PMs introducing the team members soon. Best wishes to all of our bowlers this season. 😀

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Teams for Winter 2011 virtual league

by on Jan.02, 2011, under League News

Below are the team rosters for the Winter 2011 virtual league season. Unlike the fall league, I’ve also added each team’s starting average:

Team 1

Taylor S.

Average: 911

Team 2

Joe Bowler
Russ I.

Average: 936

Team 3

ebon betta
Jazlar Von Steich

Average: 945

Team 4

General Pounder

Average: 949

Team 5


Average: 947

Team 6

Tim Gerard

Average: 951

Team 7

Smooth Stroker

Average: 951

Team 8

B Fury
Richie V.

Average: 948

Team 9

Dennis Michael

Average: 953

Team 10


Average: 959

The team introduction PM threads will be sent out soon. Teams should feel free to start their public forum threads, as well.

Good luck to everyone! 😀

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BowlingCommunity Mixed Virtual League Rulebook

by on Dec.23, 2009, under League News

The BowlingCommunity mixed virtual league is intended to be, first and foremost, a fun affair. There is no prize fund, no minimum average, and no pressure. If that sounds like your cup of tea, read on.

League Summary

The league will be open to any member of the BowlingCommunity forums. It will be an unsanctioned handicapped league, and will run for approximately 12-16 weeks. The schedule will be set once signups have completed. Teams will consist of somewhere between 3 and 5 bowlers, again depending on the number of bowlers that sign up. Teams will be assigned based on entering average, to keep the field as level as possible. Scores will be submitted by each bowler threweekly.


Teams will consist of 3 to 5 bowlers, based on the number of bowlers that sign up (we will attempt to have no vacancies). Teams will also get a private thread in the BowlingCommunity forums that only they can see/post in.

Virtual Bowling

Bowlers have 2 options for tracking their scores. The first is to use the scores from a league. If a bowler is in multiple leagues, a single league should be chosen for consistency’s sake. The second option would be to use open bowling scores. If this option is chosen, the bowler should make an effort to bowl in the same center, on the same day, for their score submissions.

If a bowler cannot bowl at their usual time (either they miss league, or can’t make their regular center on their regular day), the bowler may roll-off at another time that week, and submit that score. The bowler should still try to bowl at their regular center, under similar conditions. For instance, if a bowler is submitting scores from a sport league, they should not roll off on a house pattern. If the bowler can’t rolloff, a vacant score will be taken (TBD, bowler average – 10?)

For the purposes of score submission, weeks will run from Monday through Sunday. The submission deadline will be the following Monday at noon, PST. So, for the league week that runs January 4th through the 10th, scores would be due on January 11th, at noon. The 3 games should be entered and submitted using the score submission form here.


Handicap will be calculated as 90% of the difference between the averages of the 2 teams bowling. We will use a 7 point system – 2 points per game, and 1 point for series.


The first week of bowling will be January 4th through the 10th, with scores being due on the 11th. Schedule length will be determined by the number of teams, which will be dependent on number of entries. The schedule will likely be somewhere between 12-16 weeks long. It will consist of each team bowling every other team the same number of times (once or twice), followed by a position round. Since one bowler’s scores may be posted publicly before an opponent bowls, matchups will not be made public at the start of the season. Instead, after all scores have been collected for the week, a recap will be posted to this site and to the BowlingCommunity forums, including the team matchups for the previous week.

If you’d like to join the league, please visit the signup page.

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