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Kegler's Connection

   December 11, 2000

  Grandstand News:
      1. Welcome Notes
      2. Tip of the Week
  PBA/PWBA News:
      3. Davidson Wins National Resident Pro in Reno
      4. Couch Voted BWAA Bowler of the Month for November
      5. YABA Top Stars
      6. Bowler's Pride Pins Return to ABC
      7. 2001 Annual Meeting Proposed Amendments Available Online
  Team USA News:
      8. USA Sweeps Men's and Women's Titles
  Miscellaneous News:
      9. Stock Watch
      10. And Finally

1. Welcome Notes
Welcome to another edition of Kegler's Connection. We're trying a new format in order to allow readers to find what they want to read faster. Please let us know what you think of it.

In this edition, George Freeman talks about versatility, Team USA sweeps the World Tenpin Team Cup, and we offer regional PBA news from Reno.

2. Tip of the Week

This week George talks about versatility.

Ever hear of a "one-house bowler"? Someone who can bowl really well in one bowling center, but as soon as they go somewhere else, their scores suffer tremendously? 99% of the time, this comes from a lack of versatility. Bowlers bowl in the same bowling center day after day, week after week, and most bowling centers do not vary the oil pattern at all during the season. Therefore, bowlers get used to bowling the same way every time, and never have a need to try anything new. When they go to another bowling center for any kind of event, more often than not they try to play the same part of the lane that they do in their home center. Many times, this results in some bad scores, because their home center has made them lazy, and they are not used to trying other avenues of playing the game. How does one avoid being a "one-house bowler"? Well, here are some quick tips:

Practice in other bowling centers. Every bowling center plays differently, lane surface, age, temperature, etc. All these things effect how the lanes play. If you live in an area that has more than one bowling center within a reasonable driving distance, it would be greatly beneficial to practice at least once a week in each bowling center. Not only will this give you a broader base of experience to draw on, bowling on different bowling approaches will help you when you go to tournaments that have different surface approaches.

Play more than one line. When you go to practice, especially if you live in an area where you do not have many bowling centers within driving distance, it is important to not get locked in to one area of the lane. If the normal house shot demands you play third arrow. Practice a few games playing the gutter, then practice a few games playing second arrow, etc. Don't worry about scores, you don't practice to try to score as high as you can, you practice to try to get better so that when it IS time to bowl for score, you have as many tools to draw on as possible. The best players in the world can get onto any surface, any condition--oil, dry, wet/dry--and be competitive no matter what.

Being versatile, especially in today's game, is invaluable to being successful. You may not become a superstar overnight, but you'll be taking steps in the right direction.

Till next time,

George Freeman

3. Davidson Wins National Resident Pro in Reno

The Northwest Region earned bragging rights this week as Bob Davidson won the National Resident Pro Championship in Reno. With his win, Davidson earns a spot in the Tournament of Champions tournament. Each of the seven regions send players, and the players compete as regional "teams" by points and as individuals.

For more information, visit:

4. Couch Voted BWAA Bowler of the Month for November

December 4, 2000 -- Jason Couch was voted Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Month for November by a select panel of the organization, BWAA President Dan Glus announced today.

Couch, the 31-year-old left-hander from Clermont, Fla., became the first man in Professional Bowlers Association history to successfully defend his (Brunswick World) Tournament of Champions title in Lake Zurich, Ill. It was his eighth career victory.

Baltimore's Danny Wiseman, who also captured his eighth PBA win at the Columbia 300 Open in Austin, Tex., was runner-up in the balloting.

Visit BWAA's web site at:

5. YABA Top Stars

As the year draws to a close, YABA bowlers are still putting in numbers to put them in the 2000 record books.

Read about junior bowler honor scores at:

6. Bowler's Pride Pins Return to ABC

In an effort to add even more prestige to the tradition of the ABC Championships Tournament, the ABC introduced the "Bowler's Pride Awards" at the 2000 tournament in Albuquerque.

After receiving a warm reception in their inaugural year, the "Bowler's Pride Awards" returns for its second year at the 2001 Championships Tournament in Reno.

Read more about the Bowler's Pride award:

7. 2001 Annual Meeting Proposed Amendments Available Online

WIBC has posted the 2001 proposed amendments for the 2001 annual meeting in Florida. Delegates will want to know them as they'll be voting on them, but every WIBC bowler should become acquainted with the amendments so they can let their association delegates know their opinions on the issues.

The amendments can be found at:

8. USA Sweeps Men's and Women's Titles

Both the men's and women's sides of Team USA won the Baker-style World Tenpin Team Cup tournament held in Puerto Rico last week. Members are now moving on to Reno for the USA Bowling Championships

For the stats and scores from Puerto Rico, visit:

Up-to-date information on the 2000 USA Bowling Championships can be found at:

9. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) .06 at15:54 ET on 12/08/00
Brunswick (BC) 17.4375 at16:03 ET on 12/08/00

10. And Finally

Thanks for reading Kegler's Connection. We're getting ready for our year-end double issue. Send us your story ideas and press releases to [email protected].

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