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Kegler's Connection

   July 27, 2001

 Kegler's Connection News:
       1. Welcome Notes
       2. Tip of the Week
       3. Tish Johnson Joins Millionaire's Club
       4. Pederson and Kelly to Cover 2001-'02 PBA Tour
       5. PBA Announces Senior Stops for Fall
       6. PWBA Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open
       7. Telecast Schedule
       8. YABA Stars
       9. ABC: "The Check's in the Mail"
       10. WIBC Tournament Results Official
       11. Youth Bowlers Shoot Dueling 300s
 Miscellaneous News:
       12. New Book Turns Bowling Balls into Art
       13. Stock Watch
       14. And Finally
1. Welcome Notes

Welcome to the latest edition of Kegler's Connection.  In this issue, you'll learn who'll be in the broadcast booth for the PBA telecasts, read about the PWBA's third millionaire, and George talks about managing practice time.
2. Tip of the Week

This week, George discusses Managing practice time

In 99% of leagues across the country, league bowlers are allowed anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of practice time, or shadow balls.  Different centers and different leagues have a variety of ways of doing practice.  Some centers are traditional "shadow ball" practice, where there are no pins reset during practice, but for the most part pins are allowed to be reset during practice.  Either way, here are some different ways to attack practice time.

One of the growing fads in leagues is for players to trip the foul line if they do not get a strike. While this is good to keep a full rack of pins so players can go for the pocket, bowlers do not "test the waters" by throwing the ball over each portion of the lane.  Take some time to throw shots at the 7 pin (for right handers) or 10 pin (for the lefties).  This will give you an idea of what the middle of the lane is like for when you leave a cross-alley spare.  One common mistake league bowlers make is they take so much time throwing shots into the pocket that when they do leave a cross-alley spare, they miss it due to the unexpected amount of oil (or lack thereof) in the middle of the lane.  If they had practiced those shots during practice, they would have had a heads up to the situation.

It's also a good idea to take a few shots on the same lane before changing lanes.  Changing lanes every shot is fine, but if the lanes are moderately different, it will be less confusing if you threw more than one shot on the same lane to figure it out.  Also, pay attention to the approaches, before the lanes even come on for practice, walk up without the ball in your hand and just slide your foot up to the foul line in each portion of the lane.  This will give you advance warning of any foreign substances, or any varying characteristics unique to the pair of lanes you are on.

Going into league practice with a game plan is as important to your game plan during league competition. Be prepared, and you will see a positive effect on your game.

Till next week,

George Freeman.

Need help with your Physical & Mental Game? Discuss it with's Volunteers and other knowledgeable bowlers at:
3. Tish Johnson Joins Millionaire's Club

LEXINGTON, Ky.--Tish Johnson, Northridge, Calif., became the third female professional bowler to top the $1 million mark in career earnings Thursday, July 19, 2001.

Johnson, who became pro bowling's new "Ironwoman" in June when she competed in her 201st consecutive tournament in Ft. Worth, Texas, follows Aleta Sill, Dearborn, Mich., and Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., into the PWBA's Million Dollar Club. The 39-year-old lefthander guaranteed herself another place in bowling history by finishing fifth in the $75,000 Lady Ebonite Kentucky Classic and winning $3,000 to raise her career total to $1,001,965. An additional $1,100 in TV incentive money pushed the figure to
$1,003,065. Johnson entered the Lady Ebonite Kentucky Classic-her 205th consecutive tournament--$1,035 shy of the million-dollar mark.

"I wanted to be the first millionaire, but it wasn't meant to be," Johnson said. "It feels good to be over the hump; I seem a little more relaxed, not as pressured or uptight.

"I love this sport, and my goal has always been to get or keep people involved in it one way or another. I think it's all about inspiring someone else to bowl, whether it's working with youth bowlers, giving some fans a few tips after a TV show, signing an autograph, or earning a million dollars. For that reason, I think breaking the million-dollar barrier is a great thing."

For more on Johnson's feat, visit
4. Pederson and Kelly to Cover 2001-'02 PBA Tour

The PBA's long-awaited decision on who would preside in the broadcast booth has been made.  Fan favorite Randy Pederson will join announcer Jim Kelly to cover the 20 ESPN broadcasts that begin in September.

Read the article at:

Share your opinions on the PBA's choice at:
5.  PBA Announces Senior Stops For Fall

PBA seniors will compete in three events this fall including events in North Carolina, Michigan, and Indiana.  

For the whole story, visit:
6.  PWBA Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open

Carol Gianotti-Block of Australia positioned herself to defend her title by taking the top-seeded position for Thursday night's TV finals of the $60,000 Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open at Terre Haute Bowling Center.

Gianotti-Block withstood a charge by sister Aussie Cara Honeychurch in the final round of match play Wednesday night, holding Honeychurch at bay by 39 pins after 42 games of competition.  Joining Gianotti-Block and Honeychurch on Monday's telecast are Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J.; Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev.; and Dede Davidson, Las Vegas.

The action will be broadcast on ESPN2 on Monday, July 30, at 9 pm ET.  Anyone rolling a 300 game during the TV finals will receive a $50,000 bonus, courtesy of Travelodge Hotels Inc.

Cheer on your favorite PWBA pro at:
7. Telecast Schedule

Mini Eliminator, ESPN, Sunday, July 29, 12:30 pm ET.

PWBA Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open, ESPN2, (tape delay) Monday, July 30, 9 pm ET.

The PWBA then goes on hiatus until September.  The PBA National Tour will resume live telecasts on September 18, 2001.

Keep up to date on every bowling telecast by visiting:
8. YABA Stars

Another two weeks' worth of YABA honor scores are ready to be celebrated.  For another amazing story of youth bowling, check out the story "Youth Bowlers Shoot Dueling 300s" which appears later in this newsletter.

To find honor-score bowlers from your area, visit:

Congratulate the bowlers at:
9. ABC: The Check's in the Mail

ABC has announced that checks were printed and hit the U.S. mail this week.  So even if they have to wait all summer for their IRS refund, bowlers who cashed in Reno will get their checks sometime this week.

Congratulate your friends or do a little bragging about your ABC Championships finish at
10. WIBC Tournament Results Official

The results from Florida are finally official.  Not the presidential ballots, but the 2001 WIBC Tournament results.  For low-to-cash and finding personal results, click on:
11. Youth Bowlers Shoot Dueling 300s

Neil Foresto, 16, Commack, N.Y., and Alex Cavagnaro, 17, North Massapequa, N.Y., are believed to hold the record as the first youth bowlers to bowl a 300-300 tie.  The record was set in match play at AMF Commack Veteran's Lanes in Commack, N.Y., on June 25 in the Junior King of the Hill Scholarship League.

Read more about their accomplishments at:

And share your congratulations with them by visiting:
12. New Book Turns Bowling Balls into Art

Folk artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda have compiled a photographic collection of over 80 bowling balls in a new book entitled "On the Ball." Artists from around the world turned bowling balls into a variety of artistic pieces.

For a review of the book and ordering information, visit:
13. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) 0.08 on 07/26/01 at 14:47 EDT.
Brunswick (BC) 22.52 on 07/26/01 at 16:01 EDT.

Confirm all data with your broker or financial advisor before trading.
14. And Finally

Send story ideas, press releases, and suggestions for future bowling tips to: [email protected]

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