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Kegler's Connection

   January 21, 2001

  Grandstand News:
      1. Welcome Notes
      2. Tip of the Week
  PBA/PWBA News:
      3. PBA Silicon Valley Open Final Five Airs Sunday
      4. Telecast Schedule
      5. Fans Vote for Who Bowls the Battle at Little Creek
      6. Aleta Sill Web Site Debuts
  Eliminator/High Roller News:
      7. Storm International Eliminator Results
      8. High Roller Ready to Roll
  FIQ News:
      9. FIQ World Senior Open Results
  Hollywood News:
      10. Date Set for Bowling Episode of Malcolm in the Middle
  Miscellaneous News:
      11. Stock Watch
      12. And Finally

1. Welcome Notes

Welcome to this week's edition of Kegler's Connection. In this issue, you'll learn who made Sunday's PBA telecast, you'll read that Aleta Sill's website is now online, you'll get the web addresses for the Las Vegas megabuck tournaments, and George offers tips on team bowling.

2. Tip of the Week

This week George talks about working together as a team.

Team bowling can be a challenge. We come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. Many times, a team's success in league or tournaments do not come from each individual's ability as much as their ability to come together as a team. Working together for a common goal, or teamwork, is essential for success in team bowling. Here are some tips for making your team a better team.

1. Support, don't criticize. Everyone wants to do well to support the team's cause, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. People get into slumps, or have bad games. It's important for the other team members to know that that bowler is doing their best, and probably feels bad enough already. Getting onto him or criticizing him isn't going to make it better. In fact, it could make it worse, because it could cause animosity and take the bowler even further away from what he or she is trying to accomplish. Instead, offer some encouraging words, like, "Hey, you'll get it, don't worry," or "Hang in there." This will let the bowler know that you're on his side. Knowing the other team members are behind you rather than criticizing every shot you make helps the psyche tremendously, and will allow effort to be put into shot making.

2. Don't try to be coach if they don't want you to be one. Let's face it, having a second pair of eyes behind you is very helpful, sometimes a teammate will see something a bowler is doing out of their normal routine. Now, this is tricky territory, because all bowlers are different Some bowlers want help in finding out what they are doing wrong, some bowlers don't want unsolicited advice. This is where knowing your teammates and their personalities come into play. This can only be achieved with experience bowling together, but the rule of thumb is that if a bowler doesn't want advice, don't offer it unasked for. Personally, as long as I know my teammates are not fooling around and trying their best, I will not try to help them if they are doing poorly. They know their games better than I know their games, but if one of them comes up to me and asks, "What am I doing wrong?" I'll usually suggest something if I see they are not throwing the ball like they usually do, or I'll suggest another way to play the lanes. But no matter what, I'll wait until I am asked before offering help. That's one way to do it, but of course there are others, depending on the type of people who are on your team, that approach may or may not work.

Hopefully these tips will help you work together as a team. Just remember: You're a team. No one does it all by himself (or herself). You need a good team to be successful in team bowling. Good luck to you all.

Till next time,
George Freeman

3. PBA Silicon Valley Open Final Five Airs Sunday

Appearing on Sunday's telecast (see listing below) and competing for the $19,000 first place will be

1. Jason Couch
2. Mike Aulby
3. Dennis Horan
4. Chris Hayden
5. Justin Hromek

4. Telecast Schedule

ESPN, Sunday, January 21, 12:30 pm ET, live, Silicon Valley Open
ESPN, Sunday, January 28, 2 pm ET, The Orleans Casino Open

For more bowling telecasts visit:

5. Fans Vote for Who Bowls the Battle at Little Creek

PBA fans who want to determine the 32nd player in the all-match-play Battle at Little Creek have until Valentine's Day to vote for which player gets the nod. Most of the players were selected to bowl the tournament on a points system, but the race for the last slot is between Marshall Holman, Joe Ciccone, Mike Aulby, Randy Pederson, David Ozio, Eric Forkel, and Mark Roth.

To vote scroll down to the poll at the bottom of the page at:

6. Aleta Sill Web Site Debuts

Aleta Sill joins the ranks of the pros with their own web sites. Bios, career highlights, pictures and more can be found at:

7. Storm International Eliminator Results

Adam Colton of Florida beat Dave Guinden to win the 2001 Storm International Eliminator and the $100,000 first place. Guinden pockets $50,000 for second.

Read all about the winners of the sweepers and more at:

8. High Roller Ready to Roll

If football fans are deep in Super Bowl discussion, it must be time for the High Roller in Las Vegas.

For information on sweepers and round-by-round results, visit:

9. FIQ World Senior Open Results

Thanks to players like Kevin Dornberger and Mark Jensen, the United States had a strong showing in the inaugural Federation Internationale des Quilleurs World Senior Open which concluded Jan. 13 in Reno.

For the entire story, visit:

And for complete results, visit:

10. Date Set for Bowling Episode of "Malcolm in the Middle"

It's not an April Fool's joke, but mark your calendars or set your VCRs for Sunday, April 1st, at 8:30 pm (please check local listings) for the recently filmed episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

11. Stock Watch

AMF (AMBW) .24 at 15:36 EST on 01/12/01
Brunswick (BC) 19.3125 at 16:00 EST on 01/12/01

12. And Finally

We'll be in Las Vegas next week during the Orleans Casino Open.

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